Why Switch To A Customized Billing Software?

A customized billing software is advantageous for both, business as well as customers. It enhances the productivity of the billing process many times over, reducing unnecessary processes and man hours. Customizing helps in significant reduction in invoice exceptions and invoice disputes, improving the overall efficiency of the system.

The invoicing challenges reduce efficiency and add unnecessary costs. Implementing an automated billing system is easier than ever.  Make your billing process effective with quick results.

Overcome these invoicing challenges with the adoption of the customized billing software solutions.

  • – Payments and approvals take longer time than ever.
  • – Lack of visibility into invoice and payment data.
  • – The traditional ERP systems are time consuming with limited functionality.
  • – Increased customer anger with inaccurate billing tends you to check for better solutions.
  • – Spreadsheets are inadequate and prevent one from understanding at the detailed level. Also, the financial reports appear to be more complicated.

Choose a customized billing software to help manage your requirement as per your existing invoicing process.  

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The customized billing software enables sending of detailed invoices and statements to customers to easily understand their consumption of goods and services better. This is especially useful in case of utilities and telecom services.

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Understanding Customer Usage Automated billing system also allows utilities to bill customers by dividing them into stratum on the basis of the usage. This helps in charging a higher rate for those users who use more and so on. An automated process also allows for analyzing the past bills of the customers in case of any complaints and enables quick response. Another advantage for utilities is to analyze and gauge meter reading exceptions and inform the customer about an unwanted increase in the readings.


Improved Productivity with Custom workflow management An automated billing system that is self-sufficient, helps in having the optimum level of employees for the billing process and helps in focusing on the core business. Online payments and automated transfers help in reducing time and effort to handle checks from customers. Customized work-flow systems and hosted solutions help businesses do away with paper work completely. The automated billing systems are developed according to business requirements to create the desired efficiencies within processes.


Meeting Business Requirements Features like invoice verification, tax verification and customized language support help in providing solutions that are required for specific business requirements. Many online businesses also require the calculation of advertising costs on the ad space chosen and automatically billing the client for the same. These systems also enable the business to assign projects to staff and track their progress.


Detailed Reports A custom work-flow solution provides detailed reports of invoices, outstanding and payments for better understanding and analysis of the financial status of the company at various points in time. These can also be customized to specific business requirements to understand the impact of price or tax changes in the future.


Integrations with Legacy Systems The customized billing software integrate with existing ERP and CRM solutions to improve the economies of enterprise business processes. These solutions also integrate with e-commerce platforms like Magento to help businesses bill directly to their e-commerce customers.

integrate with legacy systems

Receive Payments Globally The business can take advantage of automatic reconciliations and thus reduced time and effort to resolve disputes if any. Faster approval processes and automatic payment reminders can be set up to keep client outstanding to a minimum level. Features like error tolerance and price tolerance help in improving the accuracy of documents and processes.


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