Useful Client Acquisition Strategies For Digital Agencies

New Client Acquisition

Clients are the most important aspect of any business. A business can only run with regular in-flow of clients. Getting more clients and referring them is the key to a successful digital agency business.

Get Your Clients to Refer

Make a list of all satisfied clients you have. Write an email to them, requesting them to refer your services to other clients. If you have 10 satisfied clients, then you can at least expect 3-4 new leads with this simple technique. You can even provide discounts and extra services to clients upon successful acquisition of referrals.

Build Partnerships

Many agencies are willing to pass on the work that they are not able to complete or they do not have the bandwidth to do so. This can help you get additional business. Reach out to other agencies and make them aware of your services. This will help you acquire more work that your team can handle.

Regular Follow Ups

Client follow ups is another important technique to win more clients. Reach out to clients who have worked with you earlier and follow up with them. Follow-up with prospects and give free services in the first instance. This will help you build positive relationships with clients.

Business Networking

One of the most effective ways to get clients for your digital agency is to participate in events and network with entrepreneurs. Meet as many people as you can and talk about their business plans. Getting to know more about the prospects will help you win businesses.

Blogging For Generating Leads

Creating a blog that showcases the expertise of your digital agency is very important A blog is a helpful way to reach out to prospects. The content on the blog should be interactive and should get the users to take action – like filling up a contact form. The blog content should be such that it should give useful information and insights about digital marketing so that prospects find it an interesting read.

Guest Blogging

This is a useful technique to get more clients for a digital agency. Posting interesting articles related to your niche. Posting interesting articles related to your niche on third party websites can help you get relevant leads on you website. One can make a list of websites with a high page rank and pitch for guest posting ideas.. Publishing quality posts on relevant sites can bring you high quality leads for your digital agency.

Sales Team

Generating leads is just one of the aspects of the business. Having sales experts to convert those leads into customers is essential. The team should be highly motivated and should have great communication skills to be able to convert leads into clients.

Managing Productivity

Improving the turnaround time of projects is a very useful way to improve reputation and acquire more business. This also helps in retaining the existing business. Using online tools like Invoicera help in improving productivity and delivering projects faster. The tools also helps in sending out invoices on time and getting paid quicker. The recurring billing feature can be used to retain clients through monthly billing.

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