Running a freelance business is considered to be one of the top profitable ideas for startups these days. However, you may find numerous challenges to run it successfully in this competitive environment. As a startup, you need to be backed by a very well networked and highly organized workflow management system.


Here we have discussed 30 tips so that you can execute the same easily.

1.Create a task schedule:  Creating a task schedule is very helpful in utilizing your time in a proper way and delivering client projects on time.

2.Stay in Touch with your clients:  Talking or chatting with your clients helps you gauge his level of satisfaction and also understand the kind of work he may be looking for.

3.Adhere to deadlines:  If you have committed a certain timeline to a client, you must ensure that you adhere to it. This way, your client will surely spread a positive word about you.

4.Create an internet profile:  Make a list of all online sites that can help you find work. Create your profile on these sites and add your portfolio to them.

5.A website: Creating a profile on freelancing sites is good enough to begin with. But, to grow as a freelancer, one must create a simple website and showcase one’s skills there.

6.Network with other freelancers:  As a freelancer, you must stay in touch with other freelancers and improve your business prospects. Sharing leads and resources can be helpful to you and your freelancer friends.

7.Keep going working:  There may be times when there is more work than you can handle and there may be times when you have absolutely no work. You need to be keep putting in effort to bid for more projects and keep the work flowing in.

8.Use online tools and resources: Using the right tools and resources, online can help you improve efficiency and improve your earning capacity.


9.Add a late fee to your invoices:  Timely payments are the key to running a successful freelance business. Using online tools like Invoicera help you with features like late fee.

10.Create an hourly rate: As a freelancer you need to set an hourly rate for your services. You must calculate this rate accurately and charge the clients what your services are worth.

11.Keep your workplace clean:  A clean workplace helps you keep a cool head and come up with better ideas.

12.Track your time: Using an appropriate time tracking software to track the time spent on tasks, is essential to bill your clients accurately.

13.Maintain a list of contacts: Keeping a list of contacts helps you get in touch with them easily. You can also send regular e-mailers to promote your services.

14.Create a Paypal Account:  Having a paypal account helps you receive online payments with ease.

15.Follow up for payments: Following up for payments on a regular basis helps in timely realisations.

16.Send work reports: Sending detailed work reports help your client understand the work you have done and give appropriate feedback.

17.Prioritize:  It is extremely important to prioritize your tasks and complete the ones that are more important, first.

18.Have a social presence:  Having a presence on social media helps you promote your services on a regular basis and interact with potential clients as well.   

19.Collaborate:  Collaboration can do wonders for your freelancing business. It helps you pick up larger projects and complete them with the help of other freelancers.

20.Save for the future: Saving money for times when you may not have enough projects can be really helpful.

21.Give loyalty benefits: Go out of the way to help clients who give you regular business. Give them discounts whenever you can and keep them happy, and glued to your services.

22.Keep personal work separate:  As a freelancer you are working from home, this should not distract you from being focused on your professional commitments.

23.Keep a time for fitness:  Working out on a regular basis helps you stay fit and stay productive. Make this a habit.

24.Stay motivated:  Keeping yourself motivated is very helpful in staying afloat and growing your business.

25.Client feedback is important:  Seeking feedback from clients and working on your weaknesses help you become more confident and grow as a professional.

26.Quote accurately: Sending accurate estimates of the project you are working on, helps you get paid according to your worth.

27.Specialize: You need to be a specialist of at least one or two skill sets and business verticals to find regular work.

28.Review your work:  Always review your work before sending it to the client. This helps you in improving its quality and minimizing mistakes.

29.Purchase orders:  Insist on purchase orders before starting a project.

30.Control your expenses:  Expense control is a very important aspect of earning more profits out of your freelance business.

billing software

The right strategies for managing your freelance business will definitely go a long way in helping you achieve success. Perseverance is an essential factor and one has to stay motivated to keep the business flowing.

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