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If you ever wonder why your employees are not liking it the way it is, then this one’s for you…..
You try insanely to keep them interested, pour your heart over, but there’s no positive. They are really hard to please. No wonder, it has started affecting your business as well. Now, what to do? How to please your dear workers?

Well, it’s not that hard as you think. It’s real simple. Remember, occasional extras (like an eat-out after a meeting) do help a bit, but do not entirely serve the purpose. Read the following pointers to make your employees admire the place they work:


Organize – The key to run any organization is to be organized. Keeping the workplace tidy is what an organizer should do. People do not like to work in a disorganized or untidy environment. Although, it’s hard to keep a track of the information and other official documents and stuff, still you should play your part in organizing everything in the office.

While you keep your workplace organized, you must also consider taking care of the office supplies, time management, infrastructure, electricity, and other general stuff.

Make them Comfortable – Comfort is the secret to happiness. Designing a comfy environment makes it easy for the workers to concentrate, co-operate, co-ordinate and be more productive. Today, business managers think smart and use innovatove and less expensive methods to keep the employee’s interest. Though, comfortable official environment demands much more than just a comfortable desk and chair. It incorporates good ambience, ventilation, air conditioning, and heating.

Make them participate – Your employees would just love the idea of participating in official activities. It’s a great way to acknowledge the daily efforts being put in by them. You may consider having a fun session every week, or you might just choose them for the council each month.

Turn the workplace into a community – Turning it into a community could be a marvelous idea. This would encourage openness and clear communication at workplaces. Helping others will become a habit.

Consider your workplace a community, and services the core of the community. Now, there are two kinds of services, one that says “Give and take”, and the other that suggests “selfless approach”. Of course, the latter is more effective. What really brings people together is selflessness and generosity. That’s the kind of scenario you must create to make it a win-win situation for both the parties.

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