The web browser-based applications have now become a necessity for business accounting departments and accounting companies. The client portal creates an encrypted connection between your computer and ShareFile servers utilizing SSL.

The sensitive information no longer needs to be emailed now. Get an enhanced security with an easy and quick transfer of data files to send via email like Quickbooks. The specific company information, data and applications are made available to clients, partners, and customers with the effective use of the client portals.

Client portals help in doing away with the need for sending out sensitive client information over e-mails. Most businesses nowadays prefer a client portal for their payables process. Documents can be uploaded, saved and reviewed in a more collaborative and secure environment.

This gives them access to important information on a periodic basis.

Client portal

A client portal is very simple to use. The client can simply login with their username and password to review all kinds of financial information that includes:

  1. Financial documents such as invoices, estimates and purchase orders
  2. Financial statements and tax returns
  3. Making payments online

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Here are some key advantages of getting a client portal for managing your clients effectively:

client portal 2

  1. The client can easily upload important financial documents onto client  portal, as and when required.  
  2. No need to organize meetings to discuss or communicate important issues faced by the client. The portal provides a messaging system to solve queries can communicate in a timely manner.
  3. With a client portal in place, a business can easily achieve the optimum number of billable hours for the business. Since a client portal reduces communication with the client, one can focus on other activities and business development.
  4. A client portal makes the client servicing  processes, much more cost effective and efficient.
  5. A client portal has the ability to build secure pages for each client.
  6. A client portal provides an opportunity to completely customize the experience for the users. This goes a long way in enhancing the user experience.
  7. A client portal makes project management extremely simple. It helps in collaborative project management for the client by creating client groups related to the project.
  8. The client portal is a cloud based solution and the clients can easily access them from anytime, anywhere.
  9. The client portals simplify all client information in one place. The client can easily access any of that information.
  10. The client portals come up with the very latest security to protect the integrity of the company’s information and data.
  11. The client portal improves the efficiency and increases visibility.
  12. Client portals are helpful in managing can scaling up the customer relationship management process.
  13. The use of the client portals leads to the guaranteed access to the right information to different access levels and site permissions.
  14. Client portals make the process of client servicing quick and productive.

Client Portal 3

Choose an Invoicing solution like Invoicera to  develop a customized client portal for your invoicing requirements.

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Invoicera provides complete strategy and development of your personalized client portal for better business results.

Here are some of the key features of a client portal from Invoicera.

  1. Complete and secure document management
  2. Manage all your clients and vendors with ease
  3. Simplified account management and cost cutting
  4. Instant generation of financial reports for better financial management
  5. A portal strategy that is customized for your business requirements
  6. Complete and simplified document management

Develop a customized client portal for invoicing requirements. REQUEST A FREE DEMO