Client Retention is one of the most important aspects of every business. Becoming pro-active with clients and making sure that each business is retained, is very important for every business owner. One, must at the same time – ensure that each client is a profitable one. Here are some key reasons why clients leave:

client retention strategies

  1. Dissatisfaction with the services
  2. Better features of competitors
  3. Reduced comfort level

Here are some essential strategies to improve the rate of customer retention for your business

Communicate Clearly

Clear communication builds a foundation for better customer relations. A service level agreement is a useful way for the client to understand what all is going to be provided in terms of goods and services. The agreement also includes the time-frame and the cost of services. Keeping a tab on the work-in-progress for each client project and ensuring quality delivery of each ask is important. When you keep all of your communication transparent, there will be lesser chances of a dispute and more chances of retaining the client.

Build Trust

Showcasing the expertise of the business helps you build trust with your clients. If your clients trust you they will not leave you. Talk about your expertise in providing quality products and services, with your clients. When you act as a consultant and a guide to your clients, the relationship automatically strengthens and stays for longer.  

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Simplify Processes

Simplifying the process of providing services to clients is a very useful client retention strategy. Many businesses automate business processes and retain clients for longer. Tools like Invoicera help in automating the invoicing and payments process, making it really simple for clients. Creating standard processes and maintaining checks and balances so they are being followed as desired.

Go Out Of The Way To Help Clients

Going that extra mile to help your clients, will help you build great one-on-one relationships with them. This can be really helpful in getting the clients to stick around for longer.

Client Feedback Process  

Regular feedback forms and surveys are helpful in gauging the satisfaction level of the client. This also helps in mapping the expectation level of the clients, vis-a-vis the current service levels. Customer feedback forms must be thoroughly analysed to understand the pain areas and work on them to ensure that these are resolved at the earliest.

Do-Not Get Complacent

At times business owners tend to get complacent with their existing clients. Making sure that you activate these clients with regular meetings and communications is essential. This helps in maintaining the business relationship for longer. You can also find upselling and cross selling opportunities to improve the revenue for each of the clients.

Be Thankful

Thanking the client and sending out gifts to them, can be a useful way to build relationships that are beyond pure business. Understanding the client on a personal level would give you an edge over your competitors as far your business relationship is concerned. Sending out personalized e-mail messages and gifts on special occasions is a useful strategy for client retention.

Using and online invoicing solution like Invoicera, can truly help in improving client retention for the business.

a. Use recurring and auto bill profiles for simplifies invoicing process

b. Attach work reports to invoices for higher client satisfaction

c. A smooth invoicing process for smooth invoicing errors and disputes