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  • Aug 22, 2014
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Investment in cloud based service has doubled since 2009 wherein 50% plus of cloud investments are for applications. This has resulted in more than 25% of the software market becoming SaaS based. And a majority of them are CRMs. The top 5 players are featured below:


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Salesforce popularized the SaaS CRM market and is one of the largest provider of SaaS based CRM in the world. Salesforce has matured to compete with giants such as SAP and Oracle. Salesforce also has one of the best app store with numerous integration options. Salesforce scores high on providing support and has all possible routes opened to its customers at no extra fee. The dashboard is real-time and everything on it is in sync with each other. You get tips on each page that are extremely helpful to all categories of users. If you are not mindful about the price but mindful about the features that this SaaS based CRM has to offer, then there should not be any second thoughts.




SugarCRM is implemented by over 1.5 million individuals in about 120 countries and 26 languages. SugarCRM blends straightforward simplicity, mobility, and social aspects for its customers. The CRM comes with an App. The CRM acts as a knowledge creation and dispensing platform wherein employees can keep themselves up to date with the changes in the organization. SugarCRM aides in creation of employee profiles to mimic the setup of a social forums where employees can participate and share project progresses. SugarCRM lacks on competitor tracking tools and the ability to create and send e-mail marketing campaigns. However you can hope this will be solved in the near future. On the whole SugarCRM is a great cloud CRM at really affordable prices.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Microsoft Dynamics CRM was made available to the public in April 2008. The CRM encompases sales, marketing and service modules. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is available on mobile as well. The CRM integrates with Sharepoint and Outlook providing you with features, for instance, offline data access and increased content storage capacity. As Microsoft continues to progress in information technology, Microsoft Dynamics CRM users get to gain tremendously in terms of addons and integrations with new systems. On top of this, Microsoft commits to 99.9% uptime SLA. According to Gartner, Microsoft Dynamics CRM was the 4th most popular CRM after Oracle, SAP and in 2013.


Oracle RightNow


RightNow Technologies was acquired by Oracle in 2011 due to Oracle’s plans to foray into mid-market CRM solution. The deal was approximately $1.5 billion. The acquistion shrunk the tri-competition between Oracle, and Rightnow to and Oracle. The novelty about this CRM is its heavy focus on CX (customer experience). This approach reflects in their products – RightNow Web Experience, RightNow Social Experience, Contact Center Experience, and, RightNow Engage. The CRM cognomen seems to provide them with an upper hand in attracting customer. Notably, RightNow Technologies has been at the forefront of studying consumer behaviour and hence its products revolve around these. It now is among the top 5 CRMs in the world.


Oracle CRM on Demand


Oracle CRM on Demand competes with the likes of Sugar CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM,, etc; which means Oracle CRM on Demand has already been making serious vibrations in the CRM battlefield. As enterprise markets are being choked, the Oracle CRM targets small and midsize customer segments. Primarily derived from Siebel On Demand after Siebel Systems was acquired by Oracle, this is a SaaS based product and comes packed with various alternatives of deployment. Oracle CRM on Demand does not just stop at marketing, sales and services suites but extends to related offerings. Extra emphasis is given to intelligence gathering and interpretation wherein advanced analytics is employed.


An important part of the sales cycle is taken care of when you have an invoicing system that coherently integrates with your CRMs. Invoicera fulfills all your invoicing requirements whereby it automates a multitude of your activities estimation, invoicing and task management.


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