What makes you feel worried?  Is it late payments and unanswered invoices? Look on to the past when you’ve to struggle to send out invoices to the customers. Even sometimes the paperwork piling up and cash flow problems lead you to hassle. Change your invoicing worries and the mistakes with opting a better solution.

Many times invoices are not generated as they are expected by the system. The problem comes up with human errors. Look ahead for many such problems:

  • – Many businesses repeatedly send invoices that have little errors that make them inaccurate
  • – The unprofessional look of invoices in a word doc or excel sheet does not cover important details like terms and conditions, company address etc.
  • – Managing a large number of invoices becomes a big problem
  • – Invoices do not reach clients on time
  • – No notification that the client pays up on time
  • – The paper handling processes are slow, inefficient and expensive
  • – Lack of proper reporting
  • – No notification regarding communication of client disputes
  • – Lack of proper approval management to access, retrieve and store issues through a system
  • – Lack of expense management
  • – Lack of custom workflow management
  • – Lack of being paid in different currency combinations and multiple languages of choice
  • – Delayed payments become really tactical due to inefficient, poor, slow and error-prone maintenance

billing software small business

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By now we’ve identified few issues by many of our customers. You can easily solve the above challenges before they become a headache. Take a look at the below solutions to prevent them from becoming a more issue.

Here are few ways that make invoicing less painful with Invoicera:

1) Fast and easy payment options:

  • – Easy online payments
  • – Over 25 payment gateways supporting multiple currencies worldwide


2) Management of staff:

  • – Track time and tasks allocated to staff
  • – Manage staff roles, sections, and permissions


3) Account receivable and payable management:

Online invoicing software for Small Business Owners 2017

  • Online invoicing software for Small Business Owners 2017

    – Simplified payment process: can receive advance payments, issue credit notes and easily record offline payments

  • – Complete B2B communication
  • – Reduces errors and disputes


4) Portal for clients and vendors:

  • – Manage buyers and vendors from a single dashboard
  • – Ensures the productivity goals of vendor/client portal
  • – Paperless systems of storing all information
  • – Easy access to the information in the proper format

client portals

5)  Improve and automate processes:

  • – Automate invoice scheduling and relax
  • – Create recurring invoices and retain clients
  • – Automate late fee and payment reminders to get paid quicker
  • – Automation ensures better resource utilization and cost cutting

recurring billing

6) Improved document management:

  • – Manage all client estimates and purchase orders with ease
  • – Ensure all B2B documents are managed efficiently

invoice management

7) The accuracy of cash flow:

  • – With automatic currency conversions, you can easily track your currency gains and losses
  • – Know your cash flow in local currency and take better business decisions

accuracy of cash flow

8) Reduce tax burden:

  • – Detailed tax reports for understanding the tax burden on business finances
  • – Future cash flow can be analyzed for on-time payment of taxes

9) Bespoke Invoicing as per your business process:

  • – Customized invoicing solutions, according to specific business requirements.
  • – Add functionality requirements and improve business productivity.

10) Customized Templates:

  • – Customize your invoice template according to the language of your choice.
  • – Add multiple additional fields according to business requirements.

customized templates

11) Simplified expenses:

  • – New expenses can be assigned to vendors/clients/projects.
  • – Expenses can be recorded, as and when they occur.
  • – A list of expenses from an Excel file can be easily imported.


12) Manage Your Subscription Business:

  • Subscription billing helps in sending bills to customers on a periodic basis, improving the productivity of the invoicing process.
  • -This helps in retaining long term clients.


With this in mind:

Choose the right tool like invoicing software to speed up your business processes.  Get improved cash flow, faster invoicing and easy payment in a blink of choices. Look for the best of the time-saving features such as bill payments, automated features, expense, and financial reports here. You have definite choices to collect payment through proper channels.


Invoicera online invoicing software helps small business to automate the process of online billing. The SaaS-based solution that best suits all the business requirements.

Some of the features that Invoicera highlights are:

  • – Track your cash flow
  • – Receive and make payments
  • – Customized templates
  • – Capture all the invoices and estimates to display in the portal.
  • – Invoice clients in the language and currency of your choice