The Nine Different Kinds Of Business Invoice

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  • Dec 16, 2016
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There is no dearth of industry verticals in today’s time. All kinds of businesses carry on business transactions on a daily basis. These transactions are carried out using business invoices. Invoicing varies from industry to industry for sending out precise business  invoice for the goods and services sold.

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 Commercial Invoices

These are different from normal invoices used by businesses for regular transactions. The invoice is raised when goods are being shipped from one country to the other. This invoice acts as a proof of the transaction for custom authorities. This kind of invoice also carries invoice details like the contact addresses of the buyer and the seller. One has to also add the complete description and pricing of the goods being sold. A commercial invoice must have the signature of the authorized person carrying out the transaction and the country from which the goods are being dispatched.

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Utility Invoice

We all use utility services like water, electricity and mobile phone etc. This business invoice shows the due amount for the services rendered for the particular period. This is the amount that is payable to the service provider of the utility. It also mentions the date on which the invoice becomes due. It clearly mentions the late fee that is chargeable in case the invoice is not cleared on or before the due date. The pricing of services is usually fixed or varies according to the slabs provided by the service provider. It also includes the details of the payments made for the previous invoice.

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Value/Milestone Based Invoice

This is an invoice that is based on the project work done/milestone achieved. This kind of business invoice is devoid of the time taken or the hours worked. If a certain part of the project is completed or a certain target is achieved, then this is the kind of invoice that is raised. This kind of invoice is largely dependent on the type of expectations the client has from the project. The billing is done according to the terms and conditions mentioned in the project.

Normal Invoice

This is a basic business invoice used for different kinds of business transactions. All the details of the products/services mentioned when creating an invoice. One must also mention the terms and conditions of the invoice along with the reference of the purchase order number. Adding the invoice number and due date are also essential. The basic invoice is the most commonly used invoice for all kinds of business verticals.

Time Billing Invoice

The business invoice is most commonly used by freelancers and other service providers like lawyers, photographers, consultants and digital agencies. Detailed reports of the hours worked are attached with the invoice. These invoices carry the hourly rate along with the nature of the service provided.

Pending Invoice

Invoices for which a part of the payment has been made and part of it is yet to be made are called pending invoices. A pending invoice shows that amount which is yet to be paid by the client.

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Recurring Billing Invoice

There are some goods and services which are sold in fixed quantity on a periodic basis. These include services of digital agencies or publications who charge for monthly retainers and subscriptions. Services like house rentals are also included in these kind of services.

Credit Invoice

This is business invoice issued by the vendor for adjustment of pricing in case of a last minute discount. A credit invoice is issued for the difference in the pricing of the goods added to the invoice and the price actually charged during settlement. This kind of an invoice can also be issued when some goods are returned by the client.

Debit Invoice

A debit invoice is the reverse of a credit invoice and is issued by the client while returning any goods to the supplier.

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