It’s been found in a study that around 20% of businesses face failure in the first year, around 33% by the second year and around only 50% of businesses are able to continue till the fifth year.

Therefore, you must know some business survival tips for your small business survival in tough times.

In the market, competition, recession, and other factors like the non-adaptive motion towards upcoming technology can affect your business negatively. In such tough business circumstances, a promising business strategy comes into play to show you light towards your journey.

Having considered such critical situations, we have prepared a list of 12 business survival tips for your business.

So, calm your nerves and read them one by one for your better understanding.

12 business survival tips for your business:

1. Pay attention to your finances

The best way to keep your company afloat in tough times is to pay attention to your finances. You mustn’t bank on your accountants or bookkeepers completely to make financial reports, as it is also your responsibility.

To make your business survive, you must have a deep understanding of your financial reports. You must know how your business runs, and the best way to do so is to see your finances with an eagle eye.

The more familiar you are with these financial reports, the easier it will be for you to spot the ways to improve your business.

These reports let you know where you can make some cuts for your business survival.

2. Don’t be Idle


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Doing nothing means inching towards the closure of your business. But, if you keep on searching for new avenues, then you might find a new project or win some new clients, which will give your confidence a boost.

Moreover, you must remember that you are the head member of your business family, if you stop doing anything, then all your employees will lose faith, which means your business can be on the verge of closure.

Even if you don’t find new clients or projects, be happy and energetic to motivate your employees and preserve an air of positivity in your workplace.

When your employees feel that all is okay in your business, then they will stay with you much longer, thus you can retain them.

Retaining employees is a very big challenge for small businesses as 13% of small businesses have issues in recruiting and retaining employees, according to a study.

To overcome this challenge, investing in their professional development is crucial. Providing your employees with access to the finest business online courses can enhance their skills, expand their knowledge, and boost their confidence. This not only helps them perform better in their current roles but also prepares them for future growth opportunities within your organization.

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3. Save Time & Money

13% of small businesses are unable to manage their time properly found in a research report. Wasting time on trivial things prevent businessmen from conceiving a great idea for their business and doing other important tasks.

Therefore, you must start saving your time and money as much as you can. Let’s take an example:

Your accountant spends too much time by going to every employee who worked on a particular project for project expense details, putting that on paper, making a draft bill, checking it properly, and when finding it right, sending it to the customer/client.

However, if you have invoicing software for small businesses, then you can get your whole invoicing process customized as per your business requirements and convenience.

Doing so, not only you will save a tremendous amount of time, but you will also save money spent on ink, pen, paper, postage, and the like.

The time and money saved can be used in something feasible to take your business out of such a complicated vertex.

4. Try something new


If what you are doing is unable to give you the expected results, then try something new and different. Remember that doing something new is like painting your business wall with creativity.

You’d better step out of your comfort zone. So, take advantage of this and do something different to know whether it works or not.

It may happen that your experiment or risk can set you apart from your business rivalries, and you create something incredible that can take your business to your intended level.


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5. See the positive side of tough times

Although tough times make small business survival extremely difficult, you should remember that every coin has two sides, thus pay heed to the positive side of tough times.

In such times, many businessmen become nervous and pack their bags and baggage to leave the market, thus making it impossible for you to take try out new avenues and business models

Try to bank your investments and policies to avoid any crash crunch. In order to stride through such adverse times, try to resort to the traditional method of community outreach to spread the word out

Such times also force us to innovate and renew our business model and look out for the things which can be improved. Take tough times as an opportunity to reflect back and emerge as a better firm.

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6. Keep existing customers happy at any cost

The best business survival step in tough times is to not lose your existing customers at any cost. Your customer service must be immune to such hard times.

In such situations, your loyal and existing customers are targeted by your competitors. In short, it is your test to show how well you can manage your customers by communicating, engaging, and last but not least fulfilling their current expectations.

7. Have some cash available


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According to some research, it came to the surface that 33% of small businesses have cash flow/ capital issues.

In periods of crisis, you must be assured that you can take advantage of fleeting opportunities by having some cash reserve. Always maintain a minimum cash reserve ratio from your returns for such time. While setting up a business, always procure insurance policies beforehand as they come in handy. Back up your business with reliable sponsors and investors and don’t forget to frequently review your finances

Apart from that, have some savings and liquidating stock holdings for future use. If you can ask your family members for that, then don’t step back from doing so.

As a small business owner, you must have access to cash or a way to get funds to survive in tough times. And, remember that there is no substitute for cash.

8. Avoid negative people and thoughts

There is a proverb in English ‘if you lay down with dogs you get up with fleas. This time, you need to be strong, and if anything like negative thoughts or people fill your mind with negativity, then avoid such people or thoughts.

You should better start spending time with positive people, which will bring a positive attitude to your life. Attending seminars, having online training, reading inspiring stories, and the like can work wonders for you.

And, always keep in mind that your positive attitude is your best companion at such times.

9. Invest in the business

One of the best survival tips is that you’d better start investing in your business. It’s wise to get your website upgraded, train your employees, buy new technology, and so on.

Doing something exciting will make your workplace atmosphere exciting and energetic. It means that you will not lose enthusiasm, thus raising your employees’ confidence.

10. Partner with your local area business

If you have a lack of customers, then make other businesses’ customers your own customers. Let’s have an example to make it crystal-clear:

If you run a restaurant business, have a tie-up with a local function organizer in your area. Put up your food stall in their function to promote your restaurant cuisine and make some money from their customers.

By doing this, you can have more customers and your restaurant cuisines can reach out to more people, thus helping you have some earnings in such tough times to keep your business afloat.

11. Meet those having similar experiences

Having someone who has gone through the same experience can guide you best for your business survival. All you have to do is, to be honest with them, tell them the exact problem, and what you need.

They will not take your problem, but advice from them and knowing their experience will give you some motivation and zeal to face such business challenges.

12. Put your whole journey on paper

Many businessmen often feel terrified of such business challenges come from a recession, unbearable competition, and the like, but they forget that this is the most valuable period for them.

Putting all on paper: the challenges you faced, how you overcame them, who supported you, what didn’t help you, what you needed, how much time a particular problem took, and the likes will prepare you for the next battle.

Moreover, whenever you feel devoid of hope or a positive attitude in the future, read your whole business survival journey to convert your negativity into positivity.


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Let’s sum up

In this blog, we put before you 12 business survival tips for your business. We also used some stats and examples for your confusion-free understanding.

You can make your business survive in tough times by trying something new, paying attention to your finances, spending time with positive people, avoiding doing nothing, saving, and the like.

We also told you how billing software for small businesses can help you save your precious time and money, which can be invested in something feasible for your business survival and growth in such tough circumstances.

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