Managing more than one business at the same time can be nerve wrenching. Businesses dread the horror of managing them. We have often seen accountants and manager juggling between invoicing and cash flow management for multiple businesses the company handles. It is a lot more confusing and struggling.

While we claim to make your invoicing experience smooth, it is our another milestone to ensure your invoicing experience is away from all the hassles. We’re introducing an all-new Multi-business feature to let you handle all your different business verticals in the same account under different dashboards.

Most companies handling many business verticals at once are facing challenges you will relate to. Let us look at the common challenges businesses are prone to:


  • Struggled invoice management

Managing multiple invoices are tedious, and when you are asked to handle invoices for different verticals it becomes even more cumbersome.


  • Scattered Client Communications

Handling entire clients communication in one place for different verticals can be hazardous when one mistake can take a toll on your entire business. Miscommunication of documents and invoices can leave a very negative impact on your business.


  • Confused teams with lapsed communications

Signing in differently for each business can leave employees confused. It can also lead to higher chances of committing mistakes and errors while the entire course of activities.


  • Indisciplined expense management

Separately managing multiple businesses with different accounts is frustrating. Juggling between separate accounts for invoices of different verticals can leave your employees frustrated and processes delayed.

You related to most of the business problems. Didn’t you? We empathize you. Therefore, here is a solution you were waiting for.

A whole new Multi-business feature in Invoicera. Now, add all your different business verticals in the same account with different dashboards. And, you can simply switch dashboards to manage different accounts.


You’re just one step away from setting up the revolutionary multi-business account for your business.


  • Add Multiple Business

Add different businesses in the same account and easily switch dashboards to create invoices and track cash flow.


  • Globally Manage Multiple Clients

Manage all your different clients from all around the globe in the same accounts under different dashboards. It is quick, simple and convenient.



How exciting it is to handle all your business activities in one place. We promised on making invoicing convenient for you and here we are crossing steps each day to ensure your business conveniently and upgrade intelligently.

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