Stripe Payment Gateway Integrated with Invoicera

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  • Jul 27, 2016
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Invoicera has made your payment process more smooth and secure with amazing features of Stripe payment Gateway.

So, now speed-up to financial transactions with Stripe gateway!

Here is how stripe helps in hassle-free payment processing:

Making online payments through Stripe is a good option as it provides easy integrations, recurring billing, credit card storage and support for international payments. Your account with Invoicera will help you focus on important aspects instead of just paying attention to your payments only.

Some notable features of Stripe:

The stripe team helps to meet the business need and requirements through secure, simple and cost-effective processing services. Here are the features for the solution you want:

  — Easy integrations

  — Multiple Credit card option

  — Recurring billing

  — Credit card storage

  — Support for international payments

  — Automatically handle payments

  — Failed transaction management can automatically be accessed

 How to start?

 You’ll need to sign up for a Stripe account by clicking on the Get Started button. If you already have a Stripe account and are ready to connect it to your Invoicera account, take the following steps:

  — Login to your Invoicera account.

  — Click on the “settings” option.

  — Go to the “payment gateways” option and

  — Select your Stripe option in that.

  — Choose Live or Test Mode.

  — Once you open up the Stripe option, it will ask you for PublishableKey & SecretKey.

  — After entering the information, click on the save button and now you have successfully completed your Stripe payment gateway setup.



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