Every business needs to save time and improve productivity. Time is the key for achieving business innovation and thereby business success. Using the right cloud based tools for business, helps in getting the desired level of efficiency in business processes and get better return on invested resources. Here are some ways in which Invoicera helps businesses save time and improve efficiency.

Send Automated Payment Reminders

A healthy cash flow is extremely important for business success. Surplus cash can always be used for expansion and growth for a business, while a shortage of cash can make it challenging for a business to survive. 1 or more late paying client can add to the stress on payments as well as resources. Following up with a late paying client reduces the efficiency of the system in a big way. Invoicera helps in setting up due dates and automated reminders to help save time and effort in payment follow-ups.

Time Management

Invoice Scheduling

Sending of invoices in a timely manner is really important for every business. Timely invoices ensure faster processing and timely payments. Invoicera is a unique Invoicing solution that helps in easy scheduling of invoices to clients. This way the business can send out invoices as and when required without losing out on precious time.

Time Tracking

Invoicera is an integrated time tracking and billing software. The solution provides business owners to track the hours worked by employees and manage their productivity. Timesheets can be directly converted into invoices and one can save a lot of precious time. Invoicera helps in accurately billing for hours and ensuring that the business gets the right payments for the services delivered.

Online Payments

Simplifying payments and reducing the payment cycle is essential for every business. Invoicera provides a host of payment gateway options to receive payments from clients. Invoices are sent online and the client gets the payment option on the invoice itself. Payments can be made online immediately with the help of a simple process.  This not just saves time, but also improves the payment cycle for clients.

Subscription Billing and Auto Billing

Manual creation and sending of invoices can be a big waste of time in case one has to create invoices of the same amount. Invoicera provides the option of creating recurring invoices and thereby automating the invoicing process. This helps save time and effort in sending repetitive invoices manually. This also helps in retaining businesses for longer and getting paid quicker for the services. Invoicera helps in creating auto-bill profiles to for automatic system of invoicing and payments.

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Recurring Expenses

Invoicera helps in simplified, time saving method for creating and managing expenses. The tool helps in creating recurring expenses that can be recorded on a periodic basis. This saves time in the expense management process in the organization.

Import Expenses

Invoicera, helps in saving precious time and resources used for adding expenses manually. The solution provides easy expense reports using an Excel or a CSV file. Managing business finances better is a must for every business and expenses are an important aspect of this process. Easy importing of expenses helps improve business productivity in a big way.

Simplified Financial Analysis

Financial analysis is the core of business financial management.  Invoicera provides a host of reports for analysing business finances and taking corrective action. This helps in easy analysis of sales, revenue, outstanding, payments and taxes etc. These reports can be generated at the click of a button and save precious time for financial management.Know more about how make time tracking easy for employees.