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Invoice Software Customization for Textile Industry

Working in a big industry is a cumbersome task itself. The hierarchies you follow differ, so does the processes. Two enterprises might be working on similar product lines, but the way they carry out their business activities may vary.


In-house functioning of an enterprise is unique to its environment and asking for solutions that cater your unique problems is not a crime. Shying away or adjusting to solutions lead to degrading results.


You must be wondering these are our words. But to your very surprise, it is not us who are saying this but one of our reputed clients from India explained during our one on one sessions.


Well, as we have said already, your wish is our command. Our one-on-one sessions were quite extensive and helped us learn our client’s problems elaborately.


Here are a few snippets from what we were told:


  1. Invoices that could be used as gate pass within the three branch factories.
  2. An invoice template that was as short as a postcard.
  3. Printing bulk invoices at the same time.
  4. Creating invoices in more than one languages.
  5. Need for dynamic numbers for invoices.
  6. Need for dynamic reports for analysis.


With all the needs in our list, we went forward in our labs of invoicing software to creating a perfect self-hosted solution of online invoice software. With days of mapping the perfect solutions, we finally started on our journey of codings and creating the live invoice software.


Here is the breakdown of creating the custom invoice software in 4 just months:


  1. Multi-lingual invoices:

    As Hindi is one of the prominent language used in the country, our industrialist friend wanted invoices to be created in Hindi for its workers. Hindi is easily read, understood and accepted in the country. Invoices created in Hindi would provide staff higher clarity onto what products and services they were dealing with.

    Moreover, these invoices were to be used as gate pass by the in-house staff than just invoicing clients for payments. With multilingual feature the same invoice can now be created in English and Hindi at the same time.


  1. Creating an invoice template as short as a postcard:

    Fitting down all the information of an A4 size invoice to a postcard invoice wasn’t really a walk on the flowers. Making sure the invoice had all the relevant information yet readable was one of our major concerns. It was easily fulfilled by working on right fonts, placements and management from the backend.  

  2. Bulk-invoice printing:

    We know you must be wondering “what is with bulk printing?” “what kind of customization are we talking about here?” clearing up all the air! Bulk printing with online invoice software involved printing 10 invoices (Copies) on a single sheet of paper. We had to customize printing options and amend current styles.

  3. Options to create dynamic invoice numbers:

    Generally, you’re bound to find and create invoices with ascending number series. But, what is customization if you cannot change and get processes fit as per your choices. Our client was keen to get invoice numbers customized with alphabetical prefix and suffix. Changes were made and adapted. Another feather in the cap of customization was achieved.

  4. Dynamic Reports for analysis:

    When you’re getting the entire invoice software customized, common reports might not work for you. Knowing the fact, we helped our client understand this need and then get customized reports for analysis. These reports were capable of getting auto-generated for analysis and forecasts.

  5. Custom tax management:


    As India has a different set of taxes and policies, it was important to address them and then add them in the invoice software. Custom taxes were added such as GST, etc. and the entire invoice management tool was set to integrate in the current environment of the company.

It took us around 4 months to completely customize the auto invoice software for our client from textile industry in India. It was filled with breakers initially, but sessions of brainstorming and days of application resulted in the perfect solution that all of us were expecting.





While there are number of benefits we can list here, but one of the core benefits of customized invoice software is that it is your enabler to automate your manual processes online while following hierarchies you have been always working with.


Some of the most relevant benefits of an auto invoice software customized are:


  1. Bespoke invoicing
  2. Self-hosted invoice software
  3. Integration with current ERP and CRM system.
  4. custom workflow management
  5. Receiving payments globally
  6. Time & Productivity reports
  7. Data backup and 3-layered Security




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Planning to host an online invoice software in your own environment?


Tell us about all your requirements and get a custom billing software in your own environment, easily.


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Your wish is our command!

Invoicera has been associated with clients in over 60 countries from the past 13 years. Each ocean that we cross we find people from different diversities and needs. Helping them business better has always been in our cores. Different languages, policies, and laws; they way they business diversifies too.

One such incident came across us when we were dealing with clients overseas. Our Spain based client was looking for solutions that were customized to their needs.

Unlike many other countries, Spain has a different set of rules and regulations related to tax policies and charges. Setting up an entire self-hosted custom invoice software for our valuable client was the call of the hour.

It took us around 6 months to completely customize an entire custom invoice software for them. Have look at all the customizations we did for them and help them host an entirely new customized software for their business.

Invoicera transformed into Spanish

While we offer a multi-language feature for invoices already, setting up an entire invoice software in a particular language other than English seemed a bit of a task. It took us 3 months to successfully create an entire invoice software for our beloved client in Spanish. An entire team of language translator was hired to complete the task successfully. The will to create happy clients globally led us to work hard on every aspect of creating perfection.


Password protected XML files

As a company in Spain, you need to submit tax files to the government. Different countries, different laws!  So one of the other requirements that our client wanted was to have XML files that were completely password protected. Such files would be only shared with the government with a unique passcode. As said your wish our command, we made sure to give our clients easily created XML flies that would be sent to the government easily.

Read AboutKeyboard Shortcut & Password Protected Invoice PDF

Customized reports as per business needs.

Apart from just expense reports, the business also required other customized reports for their business. An option to generate reports automatically is working successfully with them. Manual processes have been reduced and quality is playing its game.


Self-hosted app

An entirely self-hosted business software customized as per company’s environment was what we promised our clients. Delivering the same successfully in 6 months was our accomplishment of the goal, set.

Easily integrated laws and taxes.

Do you know? Tax application in Spain is a bit different from other countries. Taxes are not only added but deducted as well. Unlike many other countries where we only add taxes, Spain has a different set of policies where you also subtract taxes from your invoices. Not many online invoice software support this, but at Invoicera we changed the entire set up for our client and created a whole new set up for our clients. The new custom business invoices are now sent accurately as per tax and laws.

We promised our Spanish friend to accomplish for them a fully functional custom invoice software in not more than 6 months. We stood by what we said and boom! A billing software completely customized for the business was set up. We had to start it from scratch and build it completely. A few breakers in the starting but, a convenient subscription billing software supporting subscription billing was created effectively.

You must be wondering what took us 6 months in the creation of the software. Creating an invoice software in Spanish required a manual translator and entirely coded version of the app. Such changes were time worthy processes and required a lot of attention. Gladly, the results were worth all the efforts and time put in.

How custom invoicing software helps your business?

Many companies these days are opting for a completely self-hosted custom billing software. It is becoming a crucial need for all. It lets you have a self-hosted entirely customised in-house billing software which is ready to integrate with your environment. DO NOT RENOVATE, JUST INTEGRATE! Here is a complete list of what a custom invoice software has to offer you:

  • Bespoke invoicing
  • Complete control with self-hosted solutions
  • Automated Payments
  • Integration with legacy systems
  • Invoice for multiple business units
  • Complete B2B communication
  • Improve productivity with custom workflow management
  • Receiving payments globally
  • Time & Productivity reports
  • Data backup and 3-layered Security

Just like your Spanish friend you can get a completely custom invoice software too. Connect with us on call or simply mail us. Our team would be delighted to work with you. Tell us about all your requirements and get a custom billing software in your own environment, easily.

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online invoice software

5 Invoice Mistakes You Should Avoid

You just delivered your work and now the good part comes: sending the invoice and getting paid! Guess what, you need to be careful in this phase as well, otherwise you risk not getting paid or damaging your reputation with your client, which could affect future orders.

Below you will find 5 common mistakes businesses and freelancers alike make when creating and sending their invoices to clients.


1. Not double checking the email address

If you want to get paid you need to make sure that your client will actually receive the invoice. Always double check the email address you are using, otherwise you risk sendin it to someone else. This mistake is important because it will be hard to detect. You might hit “send” and never realize that the email address was incorrect. If you have a busy schedule, several weeks will probably pass by before you remember that the invoice was never paid. Even if you manage to contact the client and get paid it will create a really bad image, one of someone who is not on top of his game.
2. Not using a professional invoicing tool

We are in 2019 and you are still creating and sending your invoices manually? If that’s the case, you need to upgrade yourself urgently! Online invoice software make it much easier to create and manage all your invoices from a single place. It will also make much easier to create professional looking invoices, and this will help your brand with clients.
3. Design matters
online invoice software

Even if you offer services that are not related to design, such as legal services or management consulting, you still need to pay attention to how your invoices look. Remember that every interaction you have with your clients either strengthen or hurt your brand and image. For example, if you don’t have a good looking logo make sure to invest in one. A research from the MIT confirmed how powerful logos and other design elements are in shaping the brand of a business.
4. Making spelling mistakes on your invoices

People often judge intelligence and professionalism of other people and companies by the way they write. If your invoices contain grammar and spelling mistakes they are certainly going to affect negatively the image that your clients will have of you. Even small details matter here; for example, if you are a software developer should you write on the invoice that you sold your client a software program or programme? Always proofread before sending the invoice, and when in doubt check a dictionary.


5. Make sure the values are correct

So far we talked about the design and the writing aspects of your invoices, and about how you’re going to create and send them. There is one very important part left: making sure that the items and values in the invoice are absolutely correct! This point is crucial because a mistake could give the wrong impression that you are trying to overcharge your clients. Always triple check the numbers in your invoice before sending them.


Wrapping Up:  

Maintaining a critically acclaimed professional standards of invoices and documents is important. By now you must have known the major mistakes you have been making in creating the invoices that led to delayed payments.Make the wiser choices and create perfect invoices with Invoicera which is the World’s Best Online invoicing software . Pre-designed templates and multiple accessibility make management of finances and business reliable.


Top 5 Invoicing Best Practices For Consultants and Contractors


Invoicing appears to be an essential part when working as a consultant or contractor. Automate your business and reduce payment calculations by going paperless and making the use of consultant billing software and contractor invoice software. Instead of manual conversion opt for web invoicing to make your accounts access from anywhere at any time and all the records to be backed up and stored online.

Billing and payments for consultants and contractors is purely dependent on the nature of the contract that one has with the client. The contract agreement can be milestone based or periodical. One has to send out invoices on the basis of the details mentioned in the contract.

Additional expenses are either included in the pricing of the service provided or as an additional charge as per actual. This too, is dependent on the kind of agreement one has signed.


Here are some tips and best practices for Contractors and Consultants:


1) Ask For Advance Payments

As a consultant you always want to get timely payments for the services delivered. Besides that, chasing for payments after the services have been delivered, can be very painful. Having a policy of advance payments is useful and one feels financially more secure and are able to deliver better services in such a scenario.


consultant billing software


2) Keep The Billing Cycles Shorter

It is important to keep the billing cycles shorter for receive payments online on-time. For example, weekly or monthly billing cycles, should be preferred over quarterly ones.  This helps in faster completion of payment cycles and keeps the payments flowing. Similarly, even while billing for milestones, one has to insist on shorter milestones, to get faster payments for the services delivered.


contractor invoice software


3) Sending Invoices on Time

Whether you are billing for milestones or monthly, you must ensure that the invoice is sent on the very date, that it is supposed to be sent on time with consultant billing software. This ensures that the client does not pay up late, while giving an excuse, that the invoice was not sent on time. Using an online invoice software for consultants helps in sending invoices quickly and cost effectively. This also helps you focus more on your consulting business.


contractor invoice software


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4) Early Payment Discounts

Many consultants and independent contractors, provide early payment discounts for getting paid quicker. This helps in incentivizing the clients for faster payments. Some consultants also penalize clients for paying late. Consultant billing Software provide features like late fee and interest payments for getting clients to pay extra for paying late.


contractor billing software free


5) Time and billing online invoice software for Consultants

Using contractor invoice software is helpful in getting paid for the hours worked, more accurately. An integrated solution helps in easily converting timesheets into invoices. A single solution where hours can be logged and invoices sent, helps in improving efficiency of the invoicing process.


contractor billing software free


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6) Go Paperless

Sending invoices online, is the norm for consultants and independent contractors in today’s time. Online invoice software for consultants helps in sending out timely invoices in a cost effective manner. An appropriate billing software for contractors help in easily managing and tracking a large number of invoices. Sending out professional invoices is easier while creating and sending them online. The process is far more efficient and reduces invoicing errors, many times over.



As a consultant or a contractor, it is important to focus on the core services like online invoicing offering on a continuous basis. But, at the same time, one must also take invoicing clients and receiving on time payments equally seriously.  The billing software for consultants helps you get paid on time.



Choosing an appropriate consultant online invoicing solution like Invoicera is helpful in getting a host of interesting features and sending out invoices in a timely manner. The right solutions identifies your individual business needs and supplier requirements. 

Invoicera provides the better picture on how cash is flowing through the business and make better business decisions. By getting the best invoice processing practices, you can have the better insight across the business.





The Need For an Invoice Approval Process in Today’s Business

Have you ever faced an issue of an incorrect invoice?

Maybe, charging less for your services?

Are you wasting a lot of time on Re-writing invoices?

Or, exhausted with miscommunication of documents and hampering your branding?

All of this occurs because of the multiple departments a company has. Generally, with every company, there is a senior management (Project Managers) that looks into the matters of invoicing and finances. A mere loophole in the entire internal communication of two departments can lead to human errors. In order, to eradicate the issues of overwriting the invoices or sending out Re-edited invoices. Invoicera has launched the most unique and latest update of invoice approval process that will allow each of the assigned people in a particular project to create/review, edit and approve the invoice before sending it to clients. The easier process in invoice approval workflow will allow you to simply assign and let all the invoices get reviewed, approved and edited on the go with all the member involved in the same project.

Invoice Approval System Workflow:

In the entire process of getting the invoice approved, admin holds the key position. It is the entire responsibility of the admin to select and choose the right people to be involved in the process of getting invoice approved in the house.

A quick view of the basic settings for online invoice approval system:

Subscribed User (Admin) is the controlling incharge of the entire invoicing process. In his hands lies all the superpowers.

Approval Process Flow:

Subscribed User can set the approval setting into Approval add-on setting, settings are:

Admin invoice would also go for approval: While the invoice is created by admin, he can select the staff member who can approve/reject the invoice.

Send Invoice approval to my staff member: Once you approve the settings to this, the complete admin staff list will be shown. Admin can select one or multiple staff members from the list for the invoice approval process. These settings will allow you to overwrite on the create invoice page.


The Invoice Approval Workflow:

1. Create Invoice:
Your entire process of creating the invoice stays the same. Simply create the invoice with your pre-set templates. Add all the relevant information and cross-check you did not miss any point on your invoice.

2.Enable Invoice Approval Process:
After you’re done creating your invoice, it is now time to get your invoice approved from the desired team of people who worked on that project. To enable the invoice approval process in your Invoicera app, go to the Add-on settings and integrate the invoice approval process with your current invoice settings.

3. Select Options as Per Your Business Requirements:
From the basic setting to the experts setting of who you want to review/edit the invoice, it is now the time for the admin to choose all the settings in order to send one perfect invoice to the client.

4. Define Approval Authorities in electronic invoice approval software:
After setting up the entire invoice approval process, here comes the important part of including the right people in the process of getting the invoice approved. Select from the entire list and choose the people involved in a project and send them the invoice for the approval and suggestions.

5. Take Action:
After a complete review from the staff, you’re ready to add on suggested edits then and there without overwriting the entire invoice.

6.Auto Send Approved Invoices:

This is the last step of your entire invoice approval process. Once your invoice is approved and final, it can now be sent to the client automatically without much hassle.

How An Invoice Approval Workflow Benefit Your Entire Business:

An invoice approval process acts as a boon to your invoicing process. The add-on helps you to send correct invoices in one time. Here is how the revolutionary invoice approval process benefits your business:

  • It allows you to send error-free invoices in one time.
  • Miscommunication of official documents can be reduced to zero.
  • A streamlined workflow makes cash flow quick and smooth.
  • Never miss billing any billable amount.
  • Save time wasted on overwriting invoices.
  • Build brand image with accurate communication of official documents.


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Invoicera is a cloud-based invoicing and billing software empowering small businesses worldwide since last 13 years.

Invoicera, invoicing software helps to automate and simplify your business processes and communication with online invoicing and payments, expense management, recurring/subscription billing, client/vendor panels, time tracking, workflows, multi companies, multilingual & multi-currency support, staff permissions, financial reporting & analysis, purchase order management, subcontractor billing and time management, comprehensive reporting and APIs for 3rd party integration.



The 10 Best Ways to Invoice Clients to Get Your Agency Paid


They owe us $130,000 since last year”, my accounts manager came running to me the other day.

He referred to one of our major clients. But, they were always doing a good business. How did we come across to this? My second question was raised!

With an utmost shock, we started looking for reasons for such delays and to our surprise, we found out delays are common.

Do you know? Past researches have shown that almost 62% of invoices take more than 60 days to get paid. But, then as any responsible organization, it is your utmost responsibility to get paid as early as possible for your services offered.

Below are the ten tips you can follow to invoicing clients. These are some of the tactics that will ensure your agency gets paid quicker. A win-win situation, always!


10 Ways about how to invoice a client and get paid on your terms:


  1. 1. Clearly, Mention Expectations in the Contract.

One of the best ways to ensure you get paid promptly for the invoice is by clarifying terms of payment at the very contract. Proactively start a conversation with the client and explain them explicitly about your payment expectations and terms. Include your terms in your final documents. Also, don’t forget to add them into your invoice each time. An Agency billing Software helps your digital agency to prevent confusion of invoice, how to pay and the policies for late fees.

During the entire course of payment processes try and understand if your client has special requests. For example: check the preferred mode of payment for your client. How convenient are they in receiving invoices by mails?

Discuss expectations during the very moment of onboarding the client. It reduces miscommunication and conflicts later on. It is an easy way of having customer loyalty and stronger relationship.


  1. 2. Ask for Deposits Upfront.

Asking for a deposit for big projects should be no shame. It is a assurance that helps you stay secure with a big project. An upfront deposit works as a line of filter to know whether the client is genuinely interested in your business or no. It easily segregates “red-flag” clients and ensures mechanics of the invoicing processes are working fine.


3. Add Contact Information & Project Specifics In the Invoice- Always!

Invoices are the official documents that your organisation sends to the client in order to get paid. It should be a complete reflection on how and what your company is about.

Having your agency/company’s contact details on the invoice will help your client have a first hand to reach you if they face any issue.

Another thing to keep in mind is you’re invoicing the correct person. Find out who your primary person for bill payment is, and then invoice them directly. It will save you and your client a lot of invoicing time.




  1. 4. Include Terms of Late Payment in Every Invoice

While you’re mentioning the due date in your invoice already, chances are you will still get paid late. It is important to clearly mention all of your payment terms and late fees at the bottom of the invoice. It will make your job easier and keep your client updated about fees and consequences related if they miss the deadline.

Use a billing software for digital agencies to send your clients automatic reminders when they miss the deadlines. Hassle of calling and taking updates is removed. Now, you can focus on other business activities more.


  1. 5. Invoice Promptly After Each Project

The right time to send an invoice is always debatable. Each business and expert has their own say when it comes to sending an invoice. Some suggest you should wait for a day, whiles others ask you to wait for a week. But, the best time to send an invoice is as soon as you finish the project.

An early sent invoice for the freshly completed project gets paid sooner. While you’re still in working terms with the client it is easy to ask for payments and feedbacks. This will enhance your business relationship and make sure you’re getting paid early.

It also clearly depicts that you’re dependable and attentive to details, which then, reaffirms that your agency was the best choice for the job, to begin with.


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  1. 6. Retain Clients with Recurring Billing

Instead of waiting to get paid only after the project, ask your client to get onto a retainer contract. This way you’ll be able to bill them weekly, monthly or on a regular basis for the tasks you’ll complete by the process.

Small amounts get paid early and promptly. Keep tab of each of your client and their bills with Invoicera’s agency billing software. Recurring bills can be sent automatically and then receive payments. You can also send automatic payment reminders in this process and let your clients know their previous bill is pending.


  1. 7. Send Invoices Online

If you already know you can invoice clients online, congratulations! You’re pretty much half done from your job. An invoice software for digital agencies is a boon that is helping them to easily manage clients and invoicing.

Create an invoice, save it as PDF, and send it from the same dashboard to clients. It is convenient, easy and reliable. An agency billing software saves all your data on the cloud. Thereby, leaving no chance for you to misplace any important document.

Also, you can receive payments instantly with an invoice sent online. A click to pay button with online invoice lets your client pay instantly.

Invoicera offers more than 30 payment gateways that you can integrate and receive payments from any part of the world.


  1. 8. Use Agency Billing software

Use cloud-based agency billing software to make your invoicing experience convenient and hassle-free. An automated invoice software for digital agencies reduces your errors and added steps of manual invoicing with saving your data online with the cloud.

Invoicera is a choice of more than 3 million businesses around the globe. Some of the most appreciated and used features that Invoicera support are:

  • Automated invoicing
  • Invoice approval process
  • 30+ payment gateways
  • Estimate management
  • Client retention with subscription billing
  • AR & AP Management


  1. 9. Add Exchange Rates While Invoicing International Clients

In order to make sure your company does not bear any unwanted conversion charges from international clients, add exchange rates for international clients. Discuss it in advance to avoid any surprises later on.

Research countries and their protocols well, discuss the same with clients, add exchange rates and invoice the clients. Use an invoice approval process integrated with Invoicera to make sure you’re sending accurate invoices each time.


  1. 10. Build a Strong Relationship with Clients

Value your customers! Building a long term relationship with your clients will not only help you have repeated business, but maintain high rapport too. This will help you gain word of mouth promotion and appreciation. Thereby, gaining more clients.

Customers feel more valued with companies that give their relationships more value than just being professional. Take a step forward and help them whenever and however you can. A bit of consultation apart from regular job does no harm.


Final Words:

Any process, when followed well, makes sure desired results are achieved sooner. Invoicing is the core process for any business. Efficient and effective steps when taken, ensures your invoices are paid earlier than expected. An agency billing software works like a supplement that pushes your entire invoicing process and makes sure your clients and projects are in place.

Opt for Invoicera software for digital agencies and manage your clients and bills more plenty of customized features added:




Close Deals 73% Faster With Accurate Estimation


No matter how small or big your project budget is, estimation can be a daunting task always. In order to get your hands on a workable estimate, you need to clearly know your team, tasks, and process. A hand on experience on each is much beneficial. Ask questions and research well to know about aspects you do not know.

Here we will help you master the dark art of project estimate cost management. It will also help you easily create changes as and when required.

The estimate is your key to grabbing the most profitable project you want. Keep on reading to know the 8 basic steps of how to estimate project costs.



How to create a project estimate & budget in 8 basic steps:


Step 1: Understand your team’s job responsibilities & expertise

At times, project managers are too decked up with their own work and numbers that they hardly get any time to build relationships with subordinates. But, a good project management process (including project estimate cost management techniques) requires a strong relationship with staff. It makes the process easier as you would have a clear understanding of each of your employees and their work capabilities. Thus, you would be able to make realistic estimates rather than firing air guns.

You can even include your team while creating a project cost estimate it will help you get your entire team on board on a project from the very beginning.


A good project manager should know his own role well and understand the following responsibilities:

  • Build an effective project plan.
  • Set up and explain the communication plan.
  • Create a spreadsheet, understand it, and explain it for anyone who asks about it.
  • Build reports based on metrics provided by estimate management software.


Step 2: Clearly Understand your company’s project management process workflow:

Try and do everything you can do to understand a project, but never just read a book or a manual. It is okay to start a conversation based on methodologies from the book. However, applying practical knowledge based on your experience is a must. It should include your company environment, work culture and practices. Most importantly talk to your team, ask them questions about their niche, best practices, and ideas. It will widen your perspective towards having a better project cost estimate.


Step 3: Expand your project management skills

Learning is a continuous process. It carries on even when you’re on a job. You must learn new things and apply them as and when requires. It will help you change your entire approach towards a project and better estimation when needed in approaching the next projects.

Read relevant trade publications, websites, and blogs. Attend training and networking events. There are growing numbers of local meetups and conferences on project management and estimation.


Step 4: To create a better project estimate, study your team’s project history

Without a doubt, historical data with facts can help you with new projects in line; when you document history, analyzing the information to create better project estimates can be really helpful. A great way to start is by asking your team to track their time on tasks, it will give you a better sense for projects and their estimation. You do not need to hang on their shoulders, just ask them to honestly track time and inform them for better productivity.

It completely goes without saying that each project is a unique concept! As a project manager, you encounter tremendous variety in clients, communications, technology, team members and more. Keeping a tab of how long your team spends on a certain task or deliverable will give you a sense for clearly estimating a similar task on a new project.


Invoicera Tip: Check out the estimate management software with Invoicera to check your professional estimates. You can add the planned schedule, compare it against your actual work as the project progresses, and easily convert it to invoices. This will make your entire process from estimate creation to sending out invoices seamless.


Step 5: Acknowledge Each Detail of the Project

In order to create a realistic estimate, make sure you have eyes on each detail of the project. A better understanding will help you create more realistic estimates in every approach. You need to know every possible detail of the project before you can provide a realistic estimate. This often means that you have to ask more questions.

Here is a list of things to think about before making an accurate time and budget estimation for projects:

  • What is the ultimate goal of the project?
  • How will you and your client determine the project’s success?
  • Who will be the head participate from the client side?
  • What all services does the project require?
  • What is your client’s total budget for the project?
  • What is the tentative timeline for the project, and will your client require yours after sales services?


Step 6: Apply a breakdown structure to your project




Do you know? Breaking your entire project into parts does not only make it easy to follow but create easy estimates too. You will have a deeper understanding of each aspect. Thus, create realistic invoices.

You can map it all out and apply a time estimate to each element, Therefore, you will be able to create a solid project estimate.


Step 7: Estimate and send projects with Invoicera

Once you’re through with the entire process to determine the project estimate, share it with clients on a professional estimate template with Invoicera.

Sending a professional looking estimate is equally important to creating a realistic estimate. It is your entry ticket to a project, make sure you put your front foot forward.

Invoicera helps you create professional looking estimates with pre-designed templates to have better control over the process. These estimates can be later on converted into invoices easily. Thereby, reducing the process time to least.

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Invoicera is a cloud-based Invoicing and billing solution with Estimate management software empowering over 3 million businesses worldwide since the last 14 years.


Invoicera helps to automate and simplify your business processes and communication with features like:

  •     Online invoicing & payments
  •     Invoice Approval Process
  •     Expense tracking
  •     Auto Recurring billing/subscription billing
  •     Client/Vendor panels
  •     Time tracking
  •     Custom workflow management
  •     Multi-language & currency support
  •     Financial reporting & analysis
  •     Purchase orders
  •     Late Payment Reminders
  •     Instant payments with multiple payment gateways
  •     Estimates
  •     Staff permissions
  •    Invoice scheduling
  •    Credit note management
  •    Customized invoice templates
  •    Subcontractor billing and time management
  •    Support for 30+ payment gateways
  •    Comprehensive reporting
  •    API access for 3rd party integration





8 Invoicing Lessons Every Small Business Owner Should Follow!


In running a business, you discover the most lessons you learn are when you hit and try. You hit the strand, discover and then improve processes. And work harder the next time to avoid the mistake again. It is tough, but these self-learned lessons help you grow better.

Apart, from what you learn from your own learning, there are some lessons that you should learn from others mistakes too. A smarter man is the one who takes wiser decisions from others learning.

Invoicing is one of the core needs of any business and one of the most mistaken sides too. The most errors, that any business faces, are in the sector of invoicing in its business.

While you can commit a lot of mistakes in any segment of your business activities and get over with it, mistakes committed in small business invoicing can hamper your business.

Therefore, it is our responsibility as a billing software for small business to help you learn the lessons of invoicing for your small business.


Keep on Reading The Top Lessons And Stick Them With You Next Time You Send Invoices:


  1. Set your own business terms

It is your small business, you’re entitled to have your own business terms. It is no more an obligation for you to go by industry set payment terms of 30 days payments or so. Instead, set payment terms as per your business requirements and proceedings. Such as: 7-days payment term is perfectly reasonable, if you’ve vendors that you need to pay to.

Be very descriptive and strict with your clients regarding the policies and terms. Elaborate them clearly at both the times, once while taking the project and again when you send the invoice. Billing software for small business, like Invoicera, lets you send a complete invoice with sections for mentioning your terms as well.


  1. Track and chase overdue invoices.

Please don’t feel awkward about asking your own money. All of us do feel a little hesitated about asking money, but gone are the days of feeling shy anymore. Businesses have become more professional and straightforward with invoices and terms of payments. Start following the industry trends!

First of all, mention on your invoice about the due dates and later on follow up once you see the clients have missed the deadlines. Business invoice software for small business invoicing helps you send automated payment reminders to clients. It removes the additional burden of your accounting department and adds a much more professional approach to your entire communication.


  1. Value your services, Always!

Know the worth of your services, value them the most. Only if, you will respect your services, you will make your clients understand your worth. Charge your clients for every minute and penny you invest for your clients.


  1. Invoice immediately after the project.




Don’t wait till the end of the month to send an invoice, rather send it across to your clients as soon as you finish their projects. With billing software for small business, you can send an invoice even from the job site as soon as you finish. It is as simple as that! It is better for your cash flow, and likely your client’s too.

Also, it is a great opportunity for you to ask your clients for feedback.

  1. Make It Easy & Convenient for yourself.

Artificial intelligence is the intelligent choice! As an entrepreneur, you should focus on strategizing rather than entangling the clerical tasks. A business invoice software such as Invoicera makes it easier for you to manage invoicing and billing easily. It is automated which helps you in streamlining your processes without putting much pressure on you. Giving you more time to enhance your productive business activities.

If you’re looking for a business invoice software for small business invoicing with time tracking, project management, invoice approval process, 3 layers of added security then Invoicera proves to be the right choice for you.


  1. Always keep records to back up your invoice.

One of the key benefits of using invoicing software for small business is that it helps you save all your records in the cloud. Thereby, eradicating all the possible choices of theft, loss, and disruption. You can access and use these records in future as and when you like without having to search piles of papers. The complexity of manual processes is reduced to zero.


  1. Have the accuracy and relevancy of details from the start.

During the process of client onboarding, make sure you keep an eye on the accuracy of each detail. Ask them for all the relevant people that you can invoice to, the people who will approve and accept orders, etc. It will help you later on when you will invoice your clients. The entire process of invoice approvals will be faster and streamlined for all of your future invoices.

For regular clients, it can help you to develop a relationship with their accounts department, so you can contact them directly for any queries.


  1. Make the payment process super easy.




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Do you know? When you let your clients pay online, you get paid 3 times faster.

Make paying easy and convenient for your clients and you will see a drastic increase in your cash flow.

Invoicera has more than 30 online payment gateways integrated with its software to help you receive payments from any part of the world, anytime. It is convenient, quick and reliable.


In The End:

Step by step each lesson helps you become a pro in your business activities. Experience is the biggest teacher for you in any sector. The above 8 major invoicing lessons will help you avoid any mistake in the core of your entire business activities, i.e. invoicing. As a small business owner, one must not forget how important it is to have a prompt cash flow into the business. All the above-listed lessons are aimed to help you achieve the same.





recurring billing software

10 Common Recurring Billing Challenges: Learn How to Overcome Them


Is managing SaaS customer becoming a pain for you?

Is your billing system able to integrate management, communication, and payments from a single dashboard?

Managing subscriptions is one of the most time consuming and terrifying tasks for businesses. A subscription-based business requires you to manage a big client database, billings and most importantly keep in mind the exact dates that you have to renew the plans on.

Web 2.0 startups and businesses dealing with recurrent subscriptions face a number of challenges such as billing users, maintaining subscriptions records, messaging customers, supporting users from different territories, among others.


Recurring billing businesses should look for an online subscription software that is able to cure their major challenges listed below:


  1. 1. Managing Customers

With subscription billing business, you have a large number of customer base to cater to. Managing each of your “UNIQUE” customers on paper is not feasible. It will never come up to remind you of your dues and dates. Paper are prone to theft, loss and many other unfortunate circumstances.

A company needs an effective recurring billing software that is able to automate to keep its head out of piles of unwanted papers. An effective software allows you to track and record customers from the day they sign in.

A recurring billing system that offers an effective way of categorizing sign-ups, activations, trials, upgrades, and downgrades will go a long way in improving the efficiency of a company.


  1. 2. Managing Billing Frequency

Your business is never aimed to stay stagnant, growth is its ultimate aim. Make sure you choose the best recurring billing software that is able to manage payments, clients and user base at any frequency.

Software should be able to handle payments on monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually or as required by the company.


  1. 3. Automated invoicing

While having potentially thousands of customers, their management can be a headache. The situation tends to get messed up when you have no streamlined process of the management. The piles lying all over do no benefit rather adds to your hassle of bookkeeping.

To solve this, an auto-billing software can act as your aid to efficient billing. It will help you send automatic recurring bills on the set date, remind your customers for payments (If any, dues) and even manage clients records and reports. Easily generate reports with INVOICERA, the best recurring billing software and never miss to bill your clients.




  1. 4. Security of Payments

Security of payments is a mutual concern for both, you and your customers. An available software that is encrypted with a high level of security is a must when you are dealing with clients and payments online.

With the increase in transactions online, the probability of cybercrime has also risen. The top subscription billing software like Invoicera offers 2-factor authentication to make sure your transactions are end-to-end secure.


  1. 5. Management of Price Plans

SaaS companies are likely to have different plans based on each distinguishing feature. It is always beneficial for a business to have a distinguished price plan. It makes services affordable for customers and profitable, at the same time, for you.

Multiple tiers of pricing plan, therefore, may be inevitable and to manage the complexity, you need easy-to-use top recurring billing software that can help you make pricing changes with ease.


  1. 6. Failed transactions management

With recurring transactions, failed transactions rise too. A system should inform its clients about the failed transactions automatically to save time. With hundreds and thousands of clients subscribing to your services it will become difficult for a business to manually track each transaction.

Recognizing failed transactions and proving a way to automatically inform users of them helps to save time and makes a business more efficient. On the backend, you should be able to track the number of invalid payments. Get a billing system that will do the hard work for you and let you concentrate on your core business of providing awesome products or services.


  1. 7. Discounts and promotions

Each business, whether, online or offline, service or product, sales or subscription offers discounts or promotions as a part of their activity to grow their business.

A subscription billing software that lets you create, manage and track discounts and promotions for your services can help you get new signups and upgrades, and thus improve your revenues. Having an all-in-one system that can help you track the number of discounts redeemed and new signups is important in helping you track the performance of your company and make sense of the user numbers.


  1. 8. The right customer messaging

The sizable amount of users attached to your business can make handling customer communication and messaging difficult.
Your recurring billing system should have the in-built capability to identify invalid or errors in user transactions and send a message to the users.


  1. 9. Multi-currency and multi-language support

If you’re the one working online, boundaries don’t hold much importance for you. You’re eligible to get customers from any part of the world. And in this scenario, it is important for you to have access to every language and currency. Choose a software that support multi currencies and languages to easily let you create invoices, communicate and receive payments without any barriers.


  1. 10. Payment gateways support and shopping carts integration

The best subscription billing software should be able to integrate you with multiple payment gateways, in order to receive payments without any hassle from any part of the world.

Invoicera supports more than 30 online payment gateways to let you receive payments from all around the world, in any currency with just a simple click.






A subscription billing system has several advantages over the conventional payment system. There are several benefits which can be enjoyed implementing a subscription billing into its website. The system helps companies in flourishing their business of subscriptions and recurring payments.


A powerful recurring billing software like Invoicera helps you in overcoming all of your subscription billing challenges. It helps you in improving your business productivity as well as client retention in a big way.






Business owners share a love-hate relationship with invoicing. They love it when it shows payday, but hate when you have to track and run for invoices. It is a tedious task and can be frustrating too. That is exactly why business owners all over the world are shifting towards the era of online invoicing. More significantly- Mobile Invoicing.

Here are 6 reasons mobile invoicing will simply make your life easier in 2019:


You will save money:

Most importantly, mobile invoicing will save you money. It will eliminate the cost of the pen, paper, ink, and an accountant to manage your payables and receivables. By shifting to an online invoicing solution that is also available as a mobile app, it will save you all the extra added costs. By utilizing the invoicing solutions available digitally, you no longer need to file, scan and manage your work on paper. It helps you easily delegate work to respective employees.


Office In Pocket

One of the greatest revolution that mobile invoicing has brought is bringing your business to your pocket. Now you can access all your account data anywhere and anytime. No more hassle of carrying documents everywhere and worrying about the security of each. Whether you’re meeting clients back to back or traveling for meetings all the time, easily access your data on the go.


Healthy Customer Relationship

The convenience of use is on both side by mobile invoicing. As convenient it is for you to generate, access and store invoices; as convenient it is for your clients to pay in time. By using a convenient option like mobile invoicing you will see a visible drop in delayed payments. With more than 30+ online payment gateways integrated with Invoicera, it gives you more options to receive early payments from clients.



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We all know the amount of paper that is been cut each year to generate paper. The world is already using an excess of it and now needs to cut it. It is estimated that online invoicing is more than 4 times environment-friendly than paper invoices. Beyond just saving paper it also makes the entire process of invoicing faster. It might seem a little insignificant to you right now but a slow and steady change can actually make a change for the generations to come.       


Streamline Your Entire Billing Process

The majority of payment tools available online are integrated with additional beneficial features. But, the best ones are also integrated with a mobile app. Use of a mobile app for invoicing and financial management streamlines your entire process and makes it available to you at your ease. Integration is a need of time, to easily streamline your entire billing process.


Save information with the cloud

With mobile invoicing, you can easily save and access all your client information. It allows you to create and save data in the cloud, giving you abilities to easily access all your data at once. Information that is saved in the cloud is completely safe and secure. With Invoicera , you can save all the information about clients, taxes and even group them together. This way it makes generating invoices as simple as few clicks.




Online Invoicing software has not left any stone unturned to integrate the best of technologies together to make the experience of online invoicing wholesome. The economy is moving towards digital media massively. It is now hand in handwriting the growth pattern for businesses. When it comes to invoicing you definitely want to keep up with the times. Your cash flow depends on it. Mobile invoicing has become one of the go-to tools for businesses to access their account when and how they like. They have easily brought your entire office to the convenience of your phone. The economy is expanding massively with the highly advanced technologies.


Go Ahead and Give it a Try! Download the app anytime you want.

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