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5 Effective Ways To Manage Small Business Invoices

Invoicing is an integral part of a business. So it becomes necessary for all businesses whether it is small or big to manage business invoices effectively. In fact, every business likes to get paid on time. But, Invoicing process can be stressful for small business owners since they are dealing with a lot of different clients.

Being a small business owner, dealing with Invoices is obviously an important task for them. The best way to manage such Invoices is by creating a good strategy for generating, sending, and keeping track of these business invoices. Moreover, there are various Invoicing tools available by using which you can not only save your time but also you need to put fewer efforts.

Invoicera is one of the world’s most powerful online Invoicing and Billing software that can help you manage your business Invoices in a simple way. Moreover, it comes with a range of features in order to manage business Invoices effectively and efficiently. Currently, it has over 3 million users and serving 60+ enterprise customers happily from last 12 years.

In this blog, we have discussed some of the effective ways through which you can easily manage small business Invoices effectively.

Best ways to manage Invoices :

1. Know the Payment Schedule

It is necessary to set a clear payment schedule which depends on the type of projects you work on with the clients. That means you must decide how much you get paid and when. If your projects are small, you will usually send an invoice once the services have been rendered. Here, we have mentioned three invoice schedules which you can use.

Recurring Invoice

It is the best strategy to use because it ensures guarantee cash flow. You can use a recurring invoice if you work with the same client for over a long period of time and it will automatically bill the desired payment schedule. With this, you and the customer will agree on a billing interval (usually weekly or monthly) and the invoices will be invoiced automatically in the established interval. The client will eventually make this part of his routine, which will make him pay faster.

Interim Invoice

It happens many times when a client doesn’t want to pay a lump sum. So, they ask for the payments to be broken up which you must be agreed upon a billing interval. The intervals are generally based on the elapsed time or when certain parts of the project are completed. At the end of the project, the client often wants to see a final invoice that summarizes all previous billing.

Final invoice

At the end of the project, you can send a final invoice to outline the overall work that has been completed and make sure that the interim invoices have also been sent. Detail if those interim invoices have been paid and list the pending final amount. Even if the work has been paid in full, send a final invoice to wrap things up for both your client and you.

2. Digital payment system use


An online invoice payment solution which can offer online invoicing and bill collection is a must for businesses these days. If you are still sending invoices in the mail then start using digital payment system for a fast work process. It is the best strategy to equip yourself with this system.

Moreover, these platforms will save your precious time and money when billing your customers. In addition, all your books are stored safely on a single platform, which means there will be no more files.

3. Paperless Invoicing

By going completely paperless is the best way to keep your invoices organized and nice. You can use Online Invoice software  for a hassle-free work. This invoice management software makes it easier to run whole business and manage better cash flow. However, there are many other famous tools viz. Freshbooks, PayPal, Quickbooks available to manage your business invoices. You can choose the best according to your business requirements and budget.

In addition, paper invoices have a way to accumulate (both for you and your customers), they are a headache to manage, and it is easy to lose track of whether you have sent an invoice and if it has been paid. So it is a must for businesses to go for paperless invoicing.

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4. Ignore common delays


It is no surprising thing for a business owner to make mistakes in their business. Below, we have listed some problems which can be avoided easily and you will get paid quicker.

Make yourself clear on the terms

When it comes to a client, it is imperative that you be very clear with the terms. Before starting any project, you must clearly establish all the terms of the project. Including the payment intervals, the estimated budget and any other clause that protects it. Make sure the client signs this agreement so that he has a physical copy.

Contact with the right person only

When working for a client, make sure you know who is actually paying the bills. Sometimes, the person with whom you are communicating in the project does not have access to the funds of the company. In this case, be sure to send the invoice to the appropriate person to avoid unnecessary delays or confusion.

5. Managing the sent Invoices

Sometimes you need to edit the invoices which you have already sent. For this, Invoicera can help you best which makes it easy to manage and editing past invoices. In fact, editing, cancelling and resending previous invoices can be done with our Invoicing tool.



The invoicing and billing process does not need to be very complicated. Obviously, there will always be a few clients that will give you more problems than the rest, but most of the time you should be able to develop your own method or strategy. Having said that, you must use the above simple strategies so that you can effectively manage the bills of your small business.

However, Invoicera brings quality services and builds happy relationships in the timely flow of payments. With its powerful invoice management software , it helps you to reduce the duration of payment cycles and Get Paid Quicker. Also, it keeps a track of each and every invoice and penny pending from the client’s ends and analyzes detailed financial reports. This helps you to better understand the status of each of the client outstanding and resolve all issues including delayed payments.


How To Avoid Late Payments Issue For A Healthy Cash Flow?

Payments are the cornerstone of a stable and growing business. And, Late payments have become a critical issue for every business as they don’t receive payments on time from their clients. As we know, timely payments are necessary for each of such business in order to achieve the desired outcome. Businesses who get paid on time ensure profitability and sustainable clients in the long run. However, it can be a tedious task to ensure that most of the clients are making timely payments.  

According to a report by Intrum, approximately 33% of businesses realized that the late payments threaten the survival of the company and if they were paid faster, many of them would definitely hire more employees. To sustain a successful business, in the long run, you must receive payments on time from your clients for a healthy cash flow.

However, many small businesses are still ineffective in finding a right solution for this problem. In this blog, we will discuss some essential tips to follow up for client payments and to avoid a big deterrent to a healthy cash flow.

1) Define terms & conditions

The payment policy and terms & conditions should be defined as per the relationship with the client. All details regarding the due date and other payment terms should be added to the invoice before sending it to the customer.

You may also use Invoicera for online invoicing which simplifies your invoice process and you will get paid faster without any delay in payments. With this invoicing software, you need not wait in the queue and chasing clients. Thus, it helps in increasing your cash flow.

2) Effective Reminder Mail


A gentle and effective reminder mail is important if you want to avoid late payments issues. For this, you need to set the first follow-up for every client. In fact, you should set this reminder one day before the due date of the respective invoice.

By using an effective invoicing tool like Invoicera, you can even set the automatic reminders which will save your time as well as efforts.

3) Track the Credit history

It is important to know about your client’s financial strength and credit history before setting up a long-term partnership with them. If the client is good then you don’t need to follow-up multiple times for payments. He will never delay in payments. So, be patient with your clients and especially with those clients who are most likely to pay bills on the due date.

You may also use Time Tracking software to avoid all time to track worries and this will keep an accurate log of the hours spent on a client.

4) One-on-one communication


Client satisfaction is the ultimate goal of every online business. To maintain a good and long-term relationship with your clients, you should always speak to them in a positive way or tone. You must do all possible things in order to ensure that your client is completely satisfied. Having a one-on-one communication with the client on a regular basis helps measure the level of customer satisfaction.

However, you can use Online Client Management tool which simplifies your business with its interactive dashboards and customized reporting for client and vendor management.

5) Give Payment Discounts

It is the most innovative way to follow-up with clients. Payment Discounts attract more and more customers towards it. In fact, early payment discounts help in developing strong relationships with clients. The staff member can be trained to offer a prepayment discount on a follow-up call, one week before the expiration date.

To manage a full staff schedule, communication, reporting and beyond, you can use Staff Management tool. It will also keep track of your workforce from anywhere or any device.

6) Regular Billing Statements


For a flawless and smooth cash-flow, you should send out billing statements to the customer along with a gentle reminder of past dues. This is essential to keep the payment cycle short. Giving access to such statements through a self-service portal is also useful in order to save time and resources.

You can use Subscription Billing Software that helps businesses to automate and manages recurring subscriptions generated on regular basis.

7) Set Greeting Message

Sending thank you, messages is essential to help foster your client’s relationship. This could also be formed by a personalized call from a sales personal, recognizing that the payment has been received. Sending “Thank you” messages can help foster happy relationships between the customer and the seller.

8) Client Awareness Management

Your client should be aware of the benefits of making on-time payments. For this, follow-up communication can be used as a medium. These may include discounts for early payment, better price, and priority delivery, etc. Similarly, the customers should be well informed about late charges and interest penalties associated with late payments.

However, you may also use Client Management Software in order to do customized reporting for client and vendor management.

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By using the above tools and tips, you can easily avoid late payments issues from the clients. Thus, you can run a smooth business in the long run effectively and efficiently while carrying healthy relationships with your existing as well as new clients. In fact, the basic purpose of invoicing will go in vain if payments are not received on time. Therefore, you must use a good Online Invoice Payment software to completely avoid such issues.

However, Invoicera brings quality services and builds happy relationships in the timely flow of payments. With its powerful online invoicing software, it helps you to reduce the duration of payment cycles and Get Paid Quicker. Also, it keeps a track of each and every invoice and penny pending from the client’s ends and analyzes detailed financial reports. This helps you to better understand the status of each of the client outstanding and resolve all issues including delayed payments.


Subscription Billing Problems and Their Solution

When you have a large number of customers, it becomes slightly difficult to manage them and their subscription payments.  Subscription pricing strategies can be tiered according to functionality, metered according to usage levels, optimized or reward loyalty. The list goes on from overage charges, free trials, virtual coupons, early bird offers, freemium to paid. Here are the highlights of the subscription mistakes that kept surfacing to the top. Make your invoices as transparent as possible and start looking for subscription billing platform that measures all your needs.

Some of the commonly faced broad level problems include: Continue reading


This Xmas Get 20% Off On Invoicing Plans

It’s time to double up your happiness and have a big smile on your face with our new Invoicing plans introduced recently. It will make you feel the auspicious start of the new year just like Santa’s secret presents, food, family gossiping etc. make you feel happy at this time.

December and January are two crucial months for every business owner as it involves minimum cash flow. In fact, various SMBs deal with unique challenges and as a result, it rolls stress over the break on them. During these months, your emails would not be answered, statutory holidays leaves behind phones ringing and invoices would get unpaid. But our technical associates are always ready to help you even this Christmas season in order to ensure that you are paid during this time.

Get the best invoicing solutions which can bring a huge difference to your December payments.

Here, in this blog, we have introduced our newly discounted invoicing plans to minimize the stress this peak season:

With Invoicera, you won’t come across with a stressful experience. Do the business that you can afford to make it.

We offer automated billing solutions with which you can easily manage and retain clients in an efficient and effective way. You can try our bespoke invoicing and custom workflow solutions for simplifying the accounts payable and receivable management. Our invoicing platform adopts a highly simplified approach to client and vendor management.

It consists of various supported features from Custom invoice templates, online invoicing, project/task management, estimate management, purchase order, time tracking, expense management, financial reports, Credit Notes, staff management to Custom workflow management and more.

Some additionals benefits you get with our invoicing platform are mentioned below:

– Customized invoicing solutions
– Auto billing and recurring billing
– Early payment options for improved cash flow
– Integrate with legacy CRM and ERP solutions

We, at Invoicera, wish you Merry Christmas and A very Happy New Year 2018.

Our special Christmas offers:

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We make the business front in an unorthodox and interesting way. So this time does not have to worry about your invoices, rejoice and welcome Christmas.

Time tracking software

10 Business benefits Of Maintaining Daily Timesheet

In this modern business world, every business owner is concerned with cost-cutting and increased business profits. By using online invoicing tools and free time tracking software, a business can accelerate its working process and thus can save time and efforts.

In fact, many organizations are opting new approaches due to continuously increasing business maintenance costs. Hence, maintaining a daily timesheet can be the best solution for this problem as it helps organizations to stay competitive and productive.

Below, we have mentioned some of the top benefits of using daily timesheet for your business

1) High Productivity

Real-time monitoring and tracking of employees with the help of online time tracking software make the employees more creative and productive for their work as it continuously tracks their working hours. It also aids in improving the workability of employees which further enriches the work environment. Thus, it throws a positive effect on the company.

2) Simple Payroll Processing


Daily timesheets maintenance has simplified the payroll processing. It tracks the employees’ working hours on daily basis. It provides detailed working hours report of an employee and thus helps HR department in making the calculation of wages. Moreover, it minimizes the error in the process if occurred.

3) Cost reduction

With the daily timesheets, a business owner can forecast the project requirements. It let them save wages from increased productivity and also reduce overtime costs. This helps them to maintain their budget for the project and reduce costs.

4) More Accurate

Daily timesheets provide accurate data with its web based time tracking software. No employee can falsely claim that they have put in extra time even when they haven’t in actual. So it saves the morale of hard-working employees and increases the company’s working efficiency. Thus there will be fewer possibilities of such situations to happen in the company if you use these tools.

5) Estimate for Resource Requirements

By maintaining daily timesheets, it becomes easy for business owners to forecast resource requirements. He can analyze the pattern of resources used in previous projects with this and make them available beforehand. Daily timesheets actually give the present picture of the ongoing project and thus allows the owner to check for any resource requirement for the non-disruptive functioning of the tasks.

6) Identify Improvement Areas

A daily timesheet maintenance improves the quality of work and also increases the business productivity. It gives business owners a better understanding of daily activities of their employees. It quickly identifies the improvement areas by doing tasks viz. evaluate the skills of the employees, provides an overview of team tasks and efforts and finally take necessary steps to make improvements.

7) More Focussed

Maintaining daily timesheets keep the employees more focussed on their work and reduce further distractions. This process is done via project time tracking software by counting the employees’ working hours. In this way, the employees are being watched on daily basis. So, it let them complete their respective tasks on time.  

8) Keep Track of Billable Hours

Daily timesheets maintenance not only track project hours but also make the process of identification of billable hours easy. This is a great benefit offered by free time tracking software which is mostly used by those companies who want to outsource their various tasks that ultimately ensure they will not be overcharged. Hence, it gives satisfaction to both parties involved in the business process.

9) Improve Time Management Skills


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Daily timesheets are maintained via project time tracking software which gives a complete overview of the working hours to the employees as well as the managers. It further helps in improving their time management skills. They become aware of a number of hours spent on a particular task and thus manage their time according as required by the respective task. It also increases the work efficiency. So it is a good solution to working methodologies which check for the faults in it and improvise on them.

10) Efficient Project Tracking

Daily timesheet maintenance helps businesses by keeping a full track of project hours of the respective team. While tracking, it presents a total number of hours spent on a project and allows business owners to ask for any delaying factors in the system and do the needful for the same. By taking proper steps against delaying factors, it increases the team efficiency and makes them able to deliver projects on time.

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So we have seen a list of benefits of maintaining a daily timesheet. It helps companies to understand needs of their employees and make each employee accountable for his actual working hours. It is a good way to maintain a perfect management in the company and to better understand the business needs. You may know more about the easy time tracking for employees through this post.

Whether your business is small or big, Invoicera provides you online invoicing software to increase the productivity. It is now the best choice for every business owner if they want to handle timesheets which make billing easier. You can choose a range of invoicing tools to monitor resources for projects, record expenses (billable and non-billable), track tasks, customized reports and much more from Invoicera. Our cloud-based system offers many business benefits to owners.


9 Different Kinds Of Business Invoices

There is no dearth of industry verticals in today’s time. All kinds of businesses carry on business transactions on a daily basis. Business invoices carried these transactions. Invoicing varies from industry to industry for sending out precise business  invoice for the goods and services sold. Continue reading

Top 10 Business Advantages of Accepting Payments Online

If you have created a website for selling some products or services, then implementing an online payment solution could be a good idea to increase your business prospects. An online payment gateway makes the selling/purchase faster and hassle-free. If you provide your customers with such a facility, they will prefer using your website for purchasing products or services. Many times, the availability of an online payment system also influences the purchasing decisions of customers.

Here are 10 business advantages that one may get after implementing an online payment gateway to his/her website:

1) Instant Payment: One of the great advantages of online payments is that the payment is quick and hassle-free. One can easily make a payment sitting comfortably at home or office. The system provides the instant notification of the transaction that makes the customer remain assured of the purchased items.

2) Quick & Easy Setup:  Setting up a debit card or credit card based payment system is easy and quick to start selling minutes after implementing it. Moreover, there are many service providers available today that offers affordable plans with zero setup fee and very low transaction rates.

3) Credibility for Merchants: An online payment method is more secure and credible for merchants than receiving payments through cheques. A merchant instantly receives the money with no risk of bounced cheques and the fees associated with it.

4) Merchant Reliability:  Customers today often consider merchants more reliable that have online payment methods available on their site. It encourages them to do business with the merchant. At the same time, the debit cards or credit cards offer consumer with the fraud protection that secures their money if they don’t receive the product purchased online through a website.

5) Recurring Payments: If you are offering some subscription based services where your users/customers need to make payments after a certain period of time, an online payment method could be more suitable for you. Instead of sending them reminders every time and requesting to send cheques for the payment, you can automatically collect payments after the end of the subscription term.

6) Credit Card Payments: Customers can use their credit cards to make payments, even though they don’t have money in their bank account. More importantly, you can break down the payment into several installments, if you are selling expensive items. And one can use credit cards to pay you in installments.

7) Affiliate Marketing: If you have an online payment system in place, you can create an affiliate program where your affiliates can earn referral commissions by sending buyers to you. This will boost your sales and can find an affiliate network, working to increase your revenue.

8) Getting a competitive edge: For a merchant, accepting online payments can improve reputation, allowing it to gain the trust of the customers. Moreover, when others have online payment systems, you cannot afford to ask for payments via cheques.

9) Influences buyers: An online payment method may influence customers to purchase items listed on the website. Since the transaction is quick and easy, and one can pay via credit cards, buyers are more likely to grab the deal, if there is an online payment system in place.

10) Last minute deals: Many times, merchants throw cost saving deals to lure customers. If you have an online payment gateway on your site, a customer can grab a deal even at the last minute. This will increase sales.


-> Invoicera supports 25+ payment gateway solutions that are right for your business. A list of payment gateways that are integrated with online invoice software:

  • Integration with International Payment Gateways (Forte, PayGate, SagePay, Eway, Ogone, BluePay, Network, 2checkout, Braintree, Authorize.Net, Stripe, PayPal, Moneybookers, iTransact, Setcom, paymate, VCS, creditcall).
  • Integration with US/Canada Payment Gateways (Alipay, FirstData, Psigate, Beanstream, Moneris).
  • Integration with Indian Payment Gateways (Razorpay, Paydollar, Citrus, PayU India, EBS, Asiapay).

-> Know your cash flow in the local currency, automatic conversions to track currency gains for better business decisions.
-> Record offline payments
-> Understand your business with useful payment reports.



Prepaid Expenses Vs Accrued Expenses

Whether you are a finance student or have simply developed an interest to manage your accounts in business, it becomes crucial to understand the prepaid expenses and accrued expenses are the technical jargons that define company’s Balance sheet.

[All kinds of business expenses can be managed well with Expense Management tool].

It becomes crucial to realize prepaid expenses vs accrued expenses on the basis of:

  • – the timing of the expenses incurred
  • – the financial statements of a company

One can be easily be confused between prepaid expenses vs accrued expense.

Hence the difference (prepaid expenses and accrued expenses) needs to be highlighted in detail, to avoid confusions in the balance sheet of your company.

Prepaid Expenses:

Prepaid expenses are expenses incurred because of payments that have been made in advance. Though expenses are usually recorded as a liability in the balance sheet but prepaid expenses are a slight deviation from the theory because the privileges can be incurred in the future.

An example of prepaid expense is an insurance premium. Though insurance payment is an expense but however the prime reason for undertaking an insurance coverage is to receive future benefits from this expense.

Prepaid expenses are always recorded in the current asset of the balance sheet. Therefore when the insurance premium is paid in full at the beginning of the insurance coverage, the prepaid expense account for insurance is debited and the cash account is credited in the balance sheet.

However, at the end of every quarterly Balance Sheet, it is important that the prepaid expense account for insurance is credited and the insurance expense account is debited.

Other examples of prepaid expenses include advance payment of rent, supply orders in stock, tax paid in advance by corporations prior to payment of the actual tax liability.

How to record Accrued expense?

Accrued Expenses:

Accrued expense is the exact opposite of prepaid expense. Where prepaid expenses are included in the current asset, accrued expenses are included in the current liability. Accrued expenses are expenses that have been incurred but the payment has not been made yet.

An example of accrued expense includes: Goods received but no invoice has been delivered for payment. To record this transaction, the accrued expense is recorded as a credit in the liability account and the office supplies expense is recorded as a debit in the Balance sheet.

However at the end of the quarter when invoice payment is made, the entry is simply reversed where office supplies expense is credited and accrued expense liability account is debited.

Learn more: How to Make Expense Management Easy for your Business?


Therefore we can conclude that prepaid expenses vs accrued expenses are mirror reflections of each other. When the prepaid expense is considered as an asset, accrued expense is a liability in the financial statement.

Using an expense management tool like Invoicera is the key to managing all kinds of business expenses well. The tool is helpful recording expenses and when they occur generating detailed expense reports for financial analysis.  Also, check a tool that helps in assigning expenses to staff members within the company and analyzing the same in the long run.


Automating Order to Cash Process transforms your business

The invoice automation solutions more effectively control how your customers pay and lowers costs by replacing a time consuming AP process team.  The account payable team manages the customer service and orders, tackled the arduous task of keying hundred of invoices, verifying them against their original purchase orders. This seems to be a laborious task.

Manage the entire invoice-to-cash process; streamline accounts receivable process, save time and resources by automating the business processes.

A perfect solution to solve the complexities of making invoice payments into a streamlined efficient system. AP solution automates payments processing end-to-end.

The invoice process automation is one key form to enhance company’s profitability, reduces transactional costs and eliminates costly mistakes entirely. A company can better manage its cash flow and make capital available to reinvest with faster predictable payment cycles.


• Have invoices validated, centralized and uploaded directly to legacy systems for accurate and timely payments

• Cost per invoice processing goes down, frees staff from mail handling, data entry and exception processing, focus on key activities

• Automation decreases processing times, capture early payment discounts , eliminate late payment fees, improves vendor relationships

• Real time reporting provides visibility at each step of the process.

• Immediate accessibility to track and manage all your invoices

The optimization of business processes helps to manage payments and handle the repetitive tasks quickly and securely. In today’s world, the companies depend on invoice automation solution for the invoice-to-cash process.


Moreover, with an invoice automation solution reduces operational costs, helped staff reconcile the purchase orders and improved order-to-payment cycles.

Note: AP invoice processing is one of the key forms to improve vendor relations.


• Automated accounts payable systems speed the review process and reduces the turnaround time for payment approval.

• Automated AP systems gives greater visibility into your payables and better control of your disbursement

• Automation enables to make strategic decisions about which payments to send and when to send them.

• Automation cuts down on the time and energy employees currently spend in investigating and resolving disputes.

• Automated accounts payable reduces the amount of time and number of employee hours invested in responding to supplier inquiries.

Cash Conversion Method:

It is the amount of time required to turn sales into cash available for cash outflows. Take a look of each box that defines the cash conversion method. When you want to accelerate your cash inflows, shortening the cash conversion period is essential.


Implementing a software solution can make the automation and accelerate payments cycles a reality. The companies can eliminate the inefficiencies of human interference, moving from invoice to payment more rapidly and increasing their profitability.

Invoicera, the invoice automation solutions helps AR teams to process payments faster and more securely. Create flexible and transparent solutions within invoice-cash-process. You can easily meet complex customer demands with the integration of 25+ payment channel options. Also, through an online invoice software allows to set up automatic billing or you can even pre-pay for the services before-hand.

How to create an Estimate?

Estimates are very useful in understanding what the client requirement is and sending him an overview of the kind of budget he needs to have for the product or the service. It helps you in getting cost approvals from the client or getting his views on the same before the final approvals. Estimates are very important while you are invoicing clients online. Continue reading