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Tips to Overcome 5 Biggest Remote Work Challenges


No early morning hassle, no irritating co-workers hanging on head or hustling while travelling in the metro. Remote working has made lives so comfortable. Hasn’t it? Or does it come with its own struggles?

Today, when you ask an employee or an employer, after working almost 7 months from home and continuing to do so, you will find them asking to be back at work.

When you ask a remote worker you will find out things are not all bright colours. A recent report from the United Nations International Labour Organization revealed that while employees are more productive while working from home, they’re prone to working log hours and stress. 

After interviewing and coming across dozens of employees and their remote working challenges, We at Invoicera customized our workflow to help our staff balance their work and life better. 


Working Without Hours Boundary!

One reason numerous managers don’t endorse remote work is they dread executives will relax without that physical, in-person oversight. In any case, actually, the reverse will, in general, be the truth: remote workers are bound to exhaust. At the point when your own life and your work are both under a similar rooftop, it’s harder to turn off. 

Here at Invoicera, we’re currently 100% remote working. A few colleagues struggle making sure to take breaks, halting work at a sensible time, and in any event, realizing when is a sensible opportunity to stop. 

How to Work More Precisely?

You may need to deceive yourself to take breaks and set a clear beginning and end times. Else, you hazard burnout. A couple of things that can help: 

  • Set arrangements on your schedule for the day’s end to get yourself out of your home office. Perhaps it’s an “arrangement” to go to the exercise or go shopping for food or simply go for a stroll around the square. Possibly it’s an arrangement to peruse the following part of the book you’re at present into. 


  • Correspondingly, set up suggestions to take breaks. you can go through Task Scheduler to set a comparable hourly update. Timing your day with tInvoicera Task Management can help also. 


  • Be clear with your group on when you’re leaving—for instance, by making a declaration and afterwards really shut down your PC.


  • Make physical limits among you and your workspace. The best thing is in the event that you have a committed office space so you can close the workplace entryway or even lock it.


Mismanaged Task Priority

As remote workers we need to be self-motivated we don’t have others continually tracking our work or dealing with our time for us. While each employee may think that its hard to adhere to a timetable and deal with their tasks, it’s particularly tough of remote workers who have more adaptable, freestyle days just and supervisors in different parts of the world. 

Dealing with your own work is sufficiently hard. At that point there’s the consistent impulse to watch one scene of your preferred show during your work break, clean up the kitchen when you’re stalling on an undertaking, or take your canine for a walk due to their arguing look. Out of nowhere, it’s night and you don’t have anything to show for the afternoon.


 Get the Most Important Work Done

  • Address the elephant in the room and get done with it quickly to free your day for other jobs. 


  • Break the number of assignments you intend to do every day. Utilize the grids to maintain a strategic distance from superfluous and realize which assignments to do straightaway. Or then again plan to do only 1 major thing, 3 medium things, and 5 little things for each day, the 1-3-5 guideline. 


  • Introduce interruption restricting instruments. Attempt one of these instruments to assist you with remaining centred at work.


  • Deal with your energy, not your time. Your energy comes and goes during the day, so tackle assignments as per your bandwidth and the amount of focus a task will require. 


Interruptions at Home

The great news is, at this time with remote working, you maintain a strategic distance from colleagues dropping by your work area and other office interferences. But, the bad news is you’ll probably need to manage different sorts of interferences and interruptions at home.

It’s particularly hard on the off chance that you have extremely little youngsters, who don’t comprehend that they can see you yet you’re not accessible to play. Over and over saying, “no, I don’t have time currently” is agonizing. 


Deal with Interruptions at Home

It is highly unlikely to dodge all breaks from your family, pets, conveyance individuals, and neighbours. What’s more, some of the time they should intrude on you—like if your canine actually should be let outside or your child simply got injured. It’s critical all things considered, however, about the sorts of interferences that are alright and which ones can pause. Furthermore: 

  • Set up a sort of sign that tells others when you’re in centre mode. Possibly it’s a don’t upset sign on your entryway or when you put on your earphones. 


  • Clarify why it’s significant for you to maintain a strategic distance from interferences—that they break your fixation and make your work multiple times harder. 


  • For small children, getting childcare is an unquestionable requirement, except if you plan on working just when they’re snoozing. 


  • Train your children and others to act naturally adequate and possess themselves. It’s disappointing to be intruded on in light of the fact that you’re the main individual who knows where the scotch tape is. 


  • Keep steady work hours. Just don’t answer calls during work and maybe even avoid gatherings in the event that you need to.


  • Getaway. When in doubt, give working a chance in the co-working space, the library, or a cafe


Isolation from Working from Home

In the case that you don’t have family in home with you when you’re working, you may have the contrary issue: Isolation. You may at present create “claustrophobia” from being in a similar spot for a really long time without anyone else. 

Individuals were earlier experiencing small breaks and connections in breaks and perhaps share dinners together or after-work drinks. But, remote workers regularly work alone and maybe have just our houseplants to converse with.


Take Efforts to Not Feel Isolated

This will require efforts, especially if you’re enjoying working remotely without being around many people. It’s tied in with finding some kind of harmony.

  • Remember to take breaks for your timetable. Work a couple of hours at a pont and then fo out to take short breaks, for example, lunch with companions Simply going out and getting a bite while talking with the counter individual can be helpful too. 


  • Have a go at working at co-working spaces or cafés so you’ll be able to socialize, even if it is at work. 


  • Be more purposeful about joining neighbourhood gatherings or associations. Discover a Meetup, go to systems administration gatherings, or take a few classes at your town’s amusement community.


Workflow and Collaborations Management

COVID19 is one more another for men. We will battle and we will win. In time the infection will undoubtedly vanish. Be that as it may, the post-COVID scene will be unique in relation to what we have been utilized to as of not long ago. This will be particularly valid for organizations and their working; representatives working distantly is one change that is staying put. 

A few kinds of work will proceed as it did generally and the benefits of such work can’t be totally refuted. However, digitization will make the manner in which work is accomplished more adaptable. Work performed “outside the regular limits” will turn out to be more achievable and more typical. This is another reality.


Collaborate and Communicate With Your Team, Online. 

Your colleagues and management are working in a remote set up too. Therefore, communications and collaborations have become difficult. This is specifically an effort from the management to bring the entire team together on the same page and make workflow smooth. A custom workflow management software can bring the entire team in one place by allowing online collaborations and task management for the team members. 

It increases visibility into every employee’s daily activities without letting managers waste time in micro-management. A custom workflow management tool like Invoicera automates recurring tasks, notifies about timelines, and completed tasks. It even tracks time and helps employers know the exact usage of hours. 


In This End

In spite of the difficulties above, remote work is exceptionally fulfilling—as long as you recognize what you’re getting into and can deal with these regular issues. On the off chance that you continue on, you’ll appreciate adaptability, self-rule, the opportunity to work in your best climate, higher efficiency—and maybe likewise more opportunity for a daily existence outside of work also.





The Best Invoicing Software- Freshbooks Vs Invoicera Vs Quickbooks Vs Zoho Vs Hiveage Vs Invoicely


What number of surveys have you perused to date? Numerous! Each invoicing software professes to be the best fit for your business. In any case, what amount of these really oblige all your AR/AP or Cash Flow Management needs? 

*Information from the BLS shows that roughly 20% of new organizations fall flat during the initial two years of being open, 45% during the initial five years, and 65% during the initial 10 years. Just 25% of new organizations make it to 15 years or more.

The reason you should carefully read the above-stated facts is that cash flow is the backbone of any business and invoicing works as the supplement that supports it. Because the current day’s online invoicing software for small business is much more than invoicing. It is your virtual employee that enables you to manage In order to support your invoicing process, you must have been on a lookout for the best invoicing software for small business. 

Each of the articles you came across has somewhere or the other included the names of below mentioned top 6 software in the market. Today, we will help you select the best from the top 6.


Find out in the ultimate battle of the best invoicing software for small business:

  1. Invoicera
  2. Freshbooks
  3. Quickbooks
  4. Zoho
  5. Invoicely
  6. Hiveage


Each one of these online invoicing solutions are most appropriate for various business types, sizes, ventures and specialities. Today we will look at every one of these 6 online invoicing solutions and audit them on various angles, for example, 

  • Pricing
  • Features
  • Business types
  • Reviews
  • And, USP


Let us first get some answers concerning features and specialities 


Since you’ve considered the feature examination of all the major invoicing giants, here is a point by point audit of each for a superior comprehension.


The primary explanation that makes Invoicera stand apart of the various small business billing software is its 360* methodology towards overseeing business exclusively. This cloud billing software encourages you to make altered invoices effectively with a click. It likewise permits you to save all the data once and effectively reproduce it to all your future invoices and communications (credit notes, discounts, summaries, reports). Customization of invoices incorporates including a logo, terms and conditions, charges and other data. Invoicera has its software customized particularly as indicated by the 3 distinct fragments of business for example small business, enterprises and consultants. This gives more specified features for your business and making the whole experience consistent. With Invoicera With the pattern of breaking obstructions of money, the brand has additionally centred around breaking language hindrances with multi-language include. It permits you to send solicitations in any language that your customer likes, making it simple for you to manage your worldwide demographic. In a solitary dashboard, you can make and examine every one of your costs and different reports and conjecture without any problem.

    1. 30+ payment gateways integration
    2. Multi-business management
    3. Staff management
    4. Task management
    5. Invoice automation
    6. Integration with international payment gateways
    7. Vendor Management
    8. Customized invoice template
    9. Easy to send estimates
    10. Bespoke invoicing
    11. 3-layered invoicing software security


Freshbooks is outstanding amongst other invoicing software that permits unbelievably simple UI for entrepreneurs. It permits you to modify your invoices according to your business prerequisites, for instance, you can include logo, terms and conditions and so on. You can even check whether a customer has seen or paid your receipt progressively. More or less, FreshBooks offers all that you need. FreshBooks is a solid and quick bookkeeping suite that transforms in any case complex monetary administration into an agreeable encounter. Because of it, organizations get the chance to oversee invoices and recurring memberships in under no time and gather online payments inside a similar framework. It is explicit compared to other online invoicing software for a private company and utilized around the world. Freshbooks, the tops invoicing software for small businesses permits following a 30-days free trial, the premium plans of $19.95/month.

    1. Multi-business invoicing
    2. Robust invoicing
    3. Cash flow and payments management
    4. Auto bills profile management
    5. Easy to send an estimate
    6. Bespoke invoicing



Zoho is an online invoicing software for small businesses that offers a total bundle with regards to invoicing. This cloud invoicing software is helpful when you need to rapidly make invoices. Aside from its activity of making invoices, Zoho permits you to make online payment updates, track real-time and get payments.

Zoho allows up to 5 free clients in your dashboard; paid plans start at $15 every month.

    1. Robust invoicing tracking system security
    2. Cash flow management
    3. Auto-billing profiles
    4. Staff management
    5. Bespoke project management


Hiveage (earlier known as CurdBee) is used by more than 45,000 freelancers in 140 nations. It makes administration jobs easy. On the top of the customized invoices, you can send customers updates and convert gauges into solicitations. Hiveage additionally sends you definite reports and empowers you to follow your time and expenses and the ability to deal with different clients and organizations.

You can utilize Hiveage for nothing, yet in the event that you require something more strong, plans start at $6.95/month.

    1. Multi-client and vendor management
    2. Robust security
    3. Cash flow and payments management
    4. Auto-bills profile
    5. Staff management
    6. Easy to send estimates
    7. Bespoke invoicing


Quickbooks is a cloud invoicing software for small business. It is generally reasonable for private company needs. You can undoubtedly run this application through windows and Mac to keep command over the client’s standpoint. It lets you produce business patterns reports, make and email solicitations, cloud-based information stockpiling, instalment following and recording. It gives you continuous experiences, income charts. Quickbooks offers month to month plans at $20 to begin and updates as you receive for additional highlights.

    1. Customized invoice templates
    2. Multi-client management
    3. Robust security
    4. Cash flow management
    5. Auto bills profiles management
    6. Staff management
    7. Easy estimate templates
    8. Bespoke project management


Invoicely offers a wide scope of receipt online programming instruments for business executives. Invoice online, track payments, and instant notifications are a part of its key highlights. You can sign up for this small business invoicing software for free and later move up to plans beginning from $9.99/month.

    1. Robust security
    2. Client and vendor management
    3. Billing profiles management
    4. Easy to send estimates
    5. Bespoke project management


Final Verdict

These were the main 6 small business invoicing software. Each product unique from the fundamental need of invoicing that it satisfies likewise has extraordinary highlights appended to it. Be it Invoicera, Zoho, Freshbooks, or others they all assist you with dealing with your business productively. The sole purpose is to customize the software as an invoicing specialist, Here is the thing that I might want you to know-Your business is novel and follows the work process particularly. You can’t follow the conventional rules, while can embrace the technique. Invoicing software is an obvious significant part of your business that is straightforwardly influencing your capital. Keep in mind, you should pick the best cloud billing software for your business. At one side where it ought to take into account all the business needs with its remarkable component, on the recycled it ought to likewise alter according to your business needs to let the work process without any problem. Anything that makes you bargain, ought to be undermined. 


Presently, pick the one that you feel suits your business needs totally, and move to the universe of web-based invoicing.







Why Should Utility Agencies Invest Only in Custom Billing Solutions?


As a daily service provider, how many recurring obstacles do you face every day? How many consumer grievances do you address each day? Is it easy/quick to answer every answer on the same call? How many daily reminders do you send for payments? How many employees have you dedicated to this purpose?

Well if the answer to above questions is almost negligible in your case, you can skip this blog. BUT, if you’re spending most of your productive hours finding answers for grievances or employing more staff to manage administrative tasks then please know YOU’RE WRONG!

You’re wrong because you’re in the wrong direction. A smart businessman is the one who takes laborious tasks away from the team. 

Custom utility billing software has become a buzzword among businessmen owing to its innumerable benefits. This utility invoice software can be integrated with the existing ERP and CRM systems of a company, which helps businesses get their benefits without changing their current systems.

Moreover, when it comes to dealing with data theft, the most important thing for a company is to have its control over data for safety reasons. And, custom invoicing software makes this possible for companies.

The benefits of this software don’t end here, we have made a list of 10 reasons to choose custom billing software for your better interpretation.


10 Reasons you should only work with a custom utility billing solution for your business


  1. Get Payments Across Boundaries 

utility billing


Running business over everywhere in the world has become a stroll in the recreation center, and cutting edge utility billing software with Invoicera has made it exceptionally straightforward for organizations, independent of their money related status, to get payments from any aspect of the globe. 

Presently the inquiry must be striking your psyche is how? 

Eminent utility bill generator like Invoicera accompany more than 30 payment gateways permitting you to get instalments around the world. 

Such programming arrangements have joined with global payment gateways like PayGate, Forte, Eway, SagePay, Ogone, BluePay, Network, Setcom, VCS, Creditcall, 2checkout, and Moneybookers. 

The frameworks additionally gloat combination with Canada/US instalment passages: Alipay, FirstData, Beanstream, Psigate, and Moneris.


  1. Definite Reports with Automated Utility Billing Solution

utility billing solution

You can have a definite report of the cashflow via a utility billing solution. In addition, custom billing solution will likewise permit you to more readily realize your unpaid instalments to give you a thought of the monetary status of the organization whenever. 

Such progressed custom receipt programming frameworks can likewise be tweaked according to explicit business needs to comprehend the impact of cost or expense change later on.


  1. Greater Productivity by utilizing Custom Workflow Management

A computerized undertaking with a custom billing solution, which is adequate can make the charging cycle a lot simpler, along these lines permitting your workers to focus on other practical assignments. 

Online payments and mechanized exchanges diminish the time and exertion to an enormous degree to adapt to checks from clients. In addition, tweaked work process frameworks and facilitated arrangements can be an aid for a money manager to dispose of monotonous administrative work totally. 

Automated online invoicing software is planned according to business needs to bring about anticipated efficiencies inside cycles.


  1. Advanced Safety from Data Theft 

Cloud utility billing software can be handily gotten to by programmers, though custom charging programming is profoundly presumed for its irrefutable security from information robbery. It is on the grounds that adjustable programming can be constrained by us making it feasible for us to keep our information from going into wrong hands. 

Having a custom invoicing solution like Invoicera implies that we can control it totally. At the point when we have this, we are sans pressure with respect to the information wellbeing of our business and clients. 

Invoicera has a three-layered security framework for obvious well being given under individually with an outline: 

Two-factor validation: It is an additional layer of security to guarantee that your record is protected from any outside intercession and other likely gatecrashers. 

Security question login: It is a lot of 8 individual inquiries made to make the security more vigorous that is restricted distinctly to you. 

Include Staff IP Address: Security isn’t restricted distinctly to administrator and login, yet it likewise be given to staff. It is for the confirmation that your workers are not abusing your record. 

We figure now it must be obvious to you why custom invoicing programming like Invoicera is the most ideal decision for security.


  1. Flexibility to ERP and CRM Framework 

Custom invoicing solutions are planned to remember your current CRM and ERP frameworks. On the off chance that an invoicing programming framework is versatile to the ERP and CRM frameworks, at that point the innovation can profit you past your desires. 

The proficiency of framework increments when it is coordinated making it fit for the ideal asset usage. Also, you will have more accommodation because of endless prospects to improve your business cycle by utilizing API combinations.



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  1. Better Customer Data Management 

As a whole realize that it’s an absolute necessity for each new organization to realize how to deal with their client information. Thus, it’s smarter to put money on current innovation fueled programming frameworks for this reason. Having present-day and front line custom charging programming permits you to store all information in one spot and file it with the most extreme wellbeing. 

In addition, Invoicera furnishes you with a completely devoted customer entrance. You can include a rundown of every one of your customers or legitimately import the rundown to the dashboard. What’s more, overseeing customer subtleties and sparing them for additional invoicing will be as simple as a stroll in the recreation centre. 

In addition, having additional customer email deliveries will permit you to send invoices to different customer contacts, and you can undoubtedly import the customer list into the Invoicera account. Besides, you can likewise access and offer records from a protected customer entrance. Some more advantages of utilizing Invoicera are likewise given underneath: 

Aside from putting away client information, you can make new records, get and send information from different documents, monitor instalment cycles, and spare explicit client inclinations.


  1. Producing Multiple Invoices in One Go 

Claiming an endeavour makes it significant for you to know about the worth and advantages of performing various tasks in a business. Having more than one thing done without a moment’s delay, if a product framework gets it going in a brief timeframe, at that point the spare time can be put into something possible to take the business to the following level. 

On the off chance that you have proficient invoicing programming, at that point, you can advantageously send countless solicitations simultaneously.


  1. Monitor your Expenses Better 

Invoicera, the profoundly presumed programming, averts the cerebral pain of cost the board. It does as such by having a solitary tab accessible to oversee costs to watch out for your records payables and reports. 

The cost administration included in Invoicera permits you to effortlessly keep up a record of costs happening routinely. In addition, you can advantageously import cost records on the Invoicera dashboard. 

Also, making accessible classifications and breaking down reports nation shrewd should be possible with no disturbance.


  1. Spare your Valuable Time and Money 

It will be advantageous for you on the off chance that you spend on cutting edge utility billing systems like Invoicera, as it encourages you to spare a great deal. Prior to the appearance of such trendsetting innovations, organizations used to depend on the postal framework and fax machines to send bills to their customers. Yet, presently the story is distinctive in light of the fact that computerized mediums are utilized for such purposes nowadays. It makes producing and sending solicitations exceptionally modest and efficient. 

Nowadays, organizations spare a great deal by not spending on paper, printing, and postage inferable from the use of the custom charging programming, in which, every one of these cycles are programmed. 

In basic words, the sum spent on purchasing such programming can be recouped in a brief timeframe, and you will begin taking your business to your planned level by sparing your valuable time and cash and use them in something promising.



  1. Spare the Planet 

No one is new to the most-examined issue of the world, an Earth-wide temperature boost. Each one year from now is a lot more sizzling than the last one. Be that as it may, we can handle this issue by sparing trees, hence keeping the earth sound. What’s more, perhaps the most ideal approaches to do so isn’t to utilize papers to support greenery on the planet. 

Planting 20 million trees will furnish us with 260 million additional huge amounts of oxygen. Besides, such an enormous number of trees will dispense with 10 million tons of CO2, in this manner making life on Earth a lot simpler. 

Utilizing custom charging programming not just permits you to take your business to your normal level, yet you can likewise spare your mom Earth. Utilizing such progressed eco-accommodating programming will bring greater flourishing, greenery, and request in nature. 

More or less, you can spare the planet by utilizing non-paper invoicing innovation.



The purposes behind picking custom utility billing software given in this must be adequate for you to know its advantages. From information security, sparing the planet, cash and efficiency to the improved invoicing cycles can assist you with developing your business. 

The best thing about having a proficient undertaking charging framework is that your set aside cash and time can be put into accomplishing something plausible. Doing as such, you can widen the skyline of your business and investigate endless chances, which will give your business development a lift.




10 Business Benefits Of Maintaining Daily Timesheet

Time tracking software

In this modern business world, every business owner is concerned with cost-cutting and increased business profits. By using online invoicing tools and free time tracking software, a business can accelerate its working process and thus can save time and efforts.

In fact, many organizations are opting for new approaches due to continuously increasing business maintenance costs. Hence, maintaining a daily timesheet can be the best solution to this problem as it helps organizations to stay competitive and productive.

Below, we have mentioned some of the top benefits of using daily timesheet for your business

1) High Productivity

Real-time monitoring and tracking of employees with the help of online time tracking software make the employees more creative and productive for their work as it continuously tracks their working hours. It also aids in improving the workability of employees which further enriches the work environment. Thus, it throws a positive effect on the company.

2) Simple Payroll Processing

benefits of making daily timesheets byusing time tracking software

Daily timesheets maintenance has simplified the payroll processing. It tracks the employees’ working hours on daily basis. It provides detailed working hours report of an employee and thus helps the HR department in making the calculation of wages. Moreover, it minimizes the error in the process if occurred.

3) Cost reduction

With the daily timesheets, a business owner can forecast the project requirements. It let them save wages from increased productivity and also reduce overtime costs. This helps them to maintain their budget for the project and reduce costs.

4) More Accurate

Daily timesheets provide accurate data with its web based time tracking software. No employee can falsely claim that they have put in extra time even when they haven’t in actual. So it saves the morale of hard-working employees and increases the company’s working efficiency. Thus there will be fewer possibilities of such situations to happen in the company if you use these tools.

5) An estimate for Resource Requirements

By maintaining daily timesheets, it becomes easy for business owners to forecast resource requirements. He can analyze the pattern of resources used in previous projects with this and make them available beforehand. Daily timesheets actually give the present picture of the ongoing project and thus allows the owner to check for any resource requirement for the non-disruptive functioning of the tasks.

6) Identify Improvement Areas

A daily timesheet maintenance improves the quality of work and also increases the business productivity. It gives business owners a better understanding of the daily activities of their employees. It quickly identifies the improvement areas by doing tasks viz. evaluate the skills of the employees, provides an overview of team tasks and efforts and finally take the necessary steps to make improvements.

7) More Focussed

Maintaining daily timesheets keep the employees more focussed on their work and reduce further distractions. This process is done via project time tracking software by counting the employees’ working hours. In this way, the employees are being watched on daily basis. So, it let them complete their respective tasks on time.  

8) Keep Track of Billable Hours

Daily timesheets maintenance not only track project hours but also make the process of identification of billable hours easy. This is a great benefit offered by free time tracking software which is mostly used by those companies who want to outsource their various tasks that ultimately ensure they will not be overcharged. Hence, it gives satisfaction to both parties involved in the business process.

9) Improve Time Management Skills


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Daily timesheets are maintained via project time tracking software which gives a complete overview of the working hours for the employees as well as the managers. It further helps in improving their time management skills. They become aware of a number of hours spent on a particular task and thus manage their time according as required by the respective task. It also increases the work efficiency. So it is a good solution to working methodologies which check for the faults in it and improvise on them.

10) Efficient Project Tracking

Daily timesheet maintenance helps businesses by keeping a full track of project hours of the respective team. While tracking, it presents a total number of hours spent on a project and allows business owners to ask for any delaying factors in the system and do the needful for the same. By taking proper steps against delaying factors, it increases the team efficiency and makes them able to deliver projects on time.

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So we have seen a list of benefits of maintaining a daily timesheet. It helps companies to understand the needs of their employees and make each employee accountable for his actual working hours. It is a good way to maintain a perfect management in the company and to better understand the business needs. You may know more about the easy time tracking for employees through this post.

Whether your business is small or big, Invoicera provides you online invoicing software to increase the productivity. It is now the best choice for every business owner if they want to handle timesheets which make billing easier. You can choose a range of invoicing tools to monitor resources for projects, record expenses (billable and non-billable), track tasks, customized reports and much more from Invoicera. Our cloud-based system offers many business benefits to owners.


12 Tips to Glide Through Your Tough Business Situation Right Now

Business strategy

It’s been found in a study that around 20% of businesses face failure in the first year, around 33% by the second year and around only 50% of businesses are able to continue till the fifth year.

Therefore, you must know some business survival tips for your small business survival in tough times.

In the market, competition, recession, and other factors like the nonadaptive motion towards upcoming technology can affect your business negatively. In such tough business circumstances, a promising business strategy comes into play to show you light towards your journey.

Having considered such critical situations, we have prepared a list of 12 business survival tips for your business.

So, calm your nerves and read them one by one for your better understanding.


12 business survival tips for your business:


1. Pay attention to your finances

The best way to keep your company afloat in tough times is to pay attention to your finances. You mustn’t bank on your accountants or bookkeepers completely to make financial reports, as it is also your responsibility.

To make your business survive, you must have a deep understanding of your financial reports. You must know how your business runs, and the best way to do so is to see your finances with an eagle eye.

The more familiar you are with these financial reports, the easier it will be for you to spot the ways to improve your business.

These reports let you know where you can make some cuts for your business survival.


2. Don’t be Idle


business -survival

Doing nothing means inching towards the closure of your business. But, if you keep on searching for new avenues, then you might find a new project or win some new clients, which will give your confidence a boost.

Moreover, you must remember that you are the head member of your business family, if you stop doing anything, then all your employees will lose faith, which means your business can be on the verge of closure.

Even if you don’t find new clients or projects, be happy and energetic to motivate your employees and preserve an air of positivity in your workplace.

When your employees feel that all is okay in your business, then they will stay with you much longer, thus you can retain them.

Retaining employees is a very big challenge for small businesses as 13% of small businesses have issues in recruiting and retaining employees, according to a study.

send accurate service invoices

3. Save Time & Money

13% of small businesses are unable to manage their time properly found in a research report. Wasting time on trivial things prevent businessmen from conceiving a great idea for their business and doing other important tasks.

Therefore, you must start saving your time and money as much as you can. Let’s take an example:

Your accountant spends too much time by going to every employee worked on a particular project for project expense details, putting that on paper, making a draft bill, checking it properly, and when finding it right, sending it to the customer/client.

However, if you have invoicing software for small business, then you can get your whole invoicing process customized as per your business requirements and convenience.

Doing so, not only you will save a tremendous amount of time, but you will also save money spent on ink, pen, paper, postage, and the like.

The time and money saved can be used in something feasible to take your business out of such complicated vertex.


4. Try something new



If what you are doing is unable to give you the expected results, then try something new and different. Remember that doing something new is like painting your business wall with creativity.

You’d better step out of your comfort zone. So, take advantage of this and do something different to know whether it works or not.

It may happen that your experiment or risk can set you apart from your business rivalries, and you create something incredible that can take your business to your intended level.


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5. See the positive side of tough times

Although tough times make small business survival extremely difficult, you should remember that every coin has two sides, thus pay heed to the positive side of tough times.

In such times, many businessmen become nervous and pack their bag and baggage to leave the market, thus making it impossible for you to take try out new avenues and business models

Try to bank your investments and policies to avoid any crash crunch. In order to stride through such adverse times, try to resort to the traditional method of community outreach to spread the word out

Such times also force us to innovate and renew our business model and look out for the things which can be improved. Take tough times as an opportunity to reflect back and emerge as a better firm.

get paid online

6. Keep existing customers happy at any cost

The best business survival step in tough times is to not lose your existing customers at any cost. Your customer service must be immune to such hard times.

In such situations, your loyal and existing customers are targeted by your competitors. In short, it is your test to show how well you can manage your customers by communicating, engaging, and last but not least fulfilling their current expectations.


7. Have some cash available


small business survival


According to some research, it came to surface that 33% of small businesses have cash flow/ capital issues.

In periods of crisis, you must be assured that you can take advantage of fleeting opportunities by having some cash reserve. Always maintain a minimum cash reserve ratio from your returns for such time. While setting up a business, always procure insurance policies beforehand as they come in handy. Back up your business with reliable sponsors and investors and don’t forget to frequently review your finances

Apart from that, have some savings and liquidating stock holdings for future use. If you can ask your family members for that, then don’t step back from doing so.

As a small business owner, you must have access to cash or a way to get funds to survive in tough times. And, remember that there is no substitute for cash.


8. Avoid negative people and thoughts

There is a proverb is English ‘if you lay down with dogs you get up with fleas’. This time, you need to be strong, and if anything like negative thoughts or people fill your mind with negativity, then avoid such people or thoughts.

You should better start spending time with positive people, which will bring a positive attitude to your life. Attending seminars, having online training, reading inspiring stories, and the like can work wonders for you.

And, always keep in mind that your positive attitude is your best companion at such times.


9. Invest in the business

One of the best survival tips is that you’d better start investing in your business. It’s wise to get your website upgraded, train your employees, buy new technology, and so on.

Doing something exciting will make your workplace atmosphere exciting and energetic. It means that you will not lose enthusiasm, thus raising your employees’ confidence.


10. Partner your local area business

If you have a lack of customers, then make other businesses’ customers your own customers. Let’s have an example to make it crystal-clear:

If you run a restaurant business, have a tie-up with a local function organizer in your area. Put up your food stall in their function to promote your restaurant cuisine and make some money from their customers.

By doing this, you can have more customers and your restaurant cuisines can reach out to more people, thus helping you have some earnings in such tough times to keep your business afloat.


11. Meet those having similar experiences

Having someone who has gone through the same experience can guide you best for your business survival. All you have to do is to be honest with them, tell them the exact problem, and what you need.

They will not take your problem, but advice from them and knowing their experience will give you some motivation and zeal to face such business challenges.


12. Put your whole journey on paper

business survival

Many businessmen often feel terrified of such business challenges come from a recession, unbearable competition, and the like, but they forget that this is the most valuable period for them.

Putting all on paper: the challenges you faced, how you overcame them, who supported you, what didn’t help you, what you needed, how much time a particular problem took, and the likes will prepare you for the next battle.

Moreover, whenever you feel devoid of hope or positive attitude in the future, read your whole business survival journey to convert your negativity into positivity.


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Let’s sum up

In this blog, we put before you 12 business survival tips for your business. We also used some stats and examples for your confusion-free understanding.

You can make your business survive in tough times by trying something new, paying attention to your finances, spending time with positive people, avoiding doing nothing, saving, and the like.

We also told you how billing software for small business can help you save your precious time and money, which can be invested in something feasible for your business survival and growth in such tough circumstances.

invoice management system


6 Amazing Ways to Avoid Business Failure in Any Crisis

Thinking about opening a new business or owning your own small business ?

There are unpredictable reasons for the business success and survival i.e. both external and internal factors. A large number of business failure and success depends on the problems defined externally.  Most small business owners have limited experience in management while tend to have technical or professional skills. This can result in subsequent reversal of the fortune in the widespread business failure. Everyone including suppliers, investors, employees and customers lose when a business owner fails.

How  businesses can vigorously protect itself from any threat ?


According to the recent stats and figures:

  • 90% of the business failure results due to cash flow problems
  • Net profit margins expanded to 10% in 2017, which is up from 5% in 2016
  • 80% of the business owners serves 2 years in business, 50% of all businesses form it 5 years, 30% sustains 10 years
  • 50% of business owners strikes cyber attacks, only 20% of small businesses rates their ability to mitigate vulnerabilities, cyber risks and highly effective attacks
  • 50% of the entrepreneurs start their business at home while around 10% of owners of small businesses close each year

For each small business owners some questions are more important in answering them:

  • Check the total full time personnel currently employed by your business.
  • In what region is your business located?
  • Discuss gross sales or revenues for your most recent fiscal year?
  • Which best describes your business?
  • Which best describes the industry or sector in which your business operate?

People around you are full of ideas. Some of them even like to blurt some whenever there is a chance. Pretty often, a friend of mine comes up with new viable business ideas, but seldom does the course looks good to drag it to the market. Well, not exactly drag it, should have said ‘bring it’.

Well, apparently I walked him to his testing room where he gave me some samples of a dessert he had prepared. It was good, had potential, only if the packaging and marketing of the same wasn’t too challenging. Soon he trashed the idea and that’s where he failed.

Well, that’s the story. That is how many innovators goof up. People give up soon thinking it might not work, or might require a great deal of effort to get it up and working. It is disappointing to have the sudden idea rush, only to drop it into the bin. Usually, there are some essentials for invention and product development.

Internal causes of Business failure

Lack of management:

Managing a successful SME requires not only good creative and operational skills but good business and managerial skills too. Many SME’s do not have the skills in the areas such as financial reporting, marketing, customer relations and financial management.

The deficit in invoicing:

Poor invoicing practices reflects company’s financial statements that won’t give a true and fair view of the financial position of the company. Read More: 12 Tips For Simplified Invoice Management For Businesses

Incompetent sources of finance:

An unbalanced mix of risk capital and loan capital represents threats to the solvency of the business. If the company starts to experience financial difficulties, insufficient risk capital will only worsen the situation. The unsuitable options offers to experience financial difficulties, insufficient risk capital, existing loan capital prevents raising further debt finance.


Poor debts:

The bad debts may increase significantly due to insolvency or disappearance of a customer. The in-house credit collection management undertakes regular credit control activity and follow up matters of going concerns.

External causes of business failure:

  • Strict governmental measures may affect specific sectors of business activity and impose the stringent burden on SMEs.
  • Bankruptcy of Main Customer or Supplier


Passion in business is important:

When you have the passion to think new, you can develop something that could be a blessing for the world. Blend passion with enthusiasm to let others know of the worthiness of the idea, and of course to convince yourself.

Again, thinking of an idea is much easier than actually churning out a course of action. You got to put in a hard day at work before your market and potential customers realize that this is what they’ve been looking for.

Look out for more questions:

Ideas when discovered do serve some purpose, but may have loopholes to be looked upon. You may at a later stage, find out that it’s not working out the way you thought it would. It happens !

For example – I once decided to start up a venture in partnership with 3 others. Before we really got into it, we pondered over all the negatives and challenges that may occur at some point, like disputes, money matters, and other mumbo-jumbo.

This could be frustrating for someone who just wants to enjoy the idea and not look at possible issues. But, it’s annoying for me not to list such issues in advance to lessen the amount of risk and uneasiness later.

Running a Beta Test:

Many a times when you think that the idea is nearly on the track, you notice that it may still require another round of touch up. This is when you actually could run a survey and ask for opinions. Trial and run could work nicely. For example – run a survey asking how this product ‘Abc’ could help you. Ask if they would need it at all or do without it too.

Once done, launch your idea and observe the reaction of the consumers to pick out the shortcomings and again put together a better one.

No Foolproof:

When you develop and launch a product, keep in mind that it’s not Foolproof. There isn’t one way to fix the product. Lot of tweaks can turn your product into a much better one. You should start with the basics, as in step by step. Launch your idea in versions; let the audience play with it for sometime and offer valuable feedback.

Manage cash flow:

The startup businesses struggles with a lot of cash flow issues. In order to manage to get effective cash flow, the startup company must do what it brings in revenues limiting expenses. Protect the company’s financial assets to avoid business failure. The businesses should have a close view of their investments and maximize the profits there on.

Plan for the future:

Make decisions depending on what you know that gives the vital outline for the business success. The online invoicing software provides resources for small business owners to develop their plan and launch their efforts.


It’s evident that you might have to face negative feedback, but that shouldn’t invalidate your morale or idea, instead should strengthen the preposition and encourage you in that manner. To achieve business success depends upon the good luck, putting in place measures and go ahead with the strategies that help you to succeed.

Handle the business metrics like a pro while choosing an online invoicing software like Invoicera. Plan and forecast your business with proper account receivablesaging reports, keeping track of inventory turnover and operating margins.



The Chronicles of Online Invoicing- Evolution & Future of Invoicing



  • Global E-Invoicing Market Will Reach USD 20,529 Million By 2026: Zion Market Research.
  • According to the report, the global e-invoicing market was valued at approx $4.6M in 2018.
  • It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20.4% between 2019-2024.

Online invoicing has become one of the most go-to yet for granted tool nowadays. Every day we send multiple invoices to clients worldwide. But how many times have we literally adored the software that has made lives so convenient? 

Invoicing has never been so easy. It evolved step by step. It is still evolving. 

Today, in the world when you are making full use of an automated online invoicing software, which is fast, smooth, and easy, it evolved from a fascinating invoicing history of technological innovations. 

Fun Fact- Invoices are nearly as old as human civilization. This written piece of document for customers is being served for thousands of years. Throughout the time the basic format of invoicing has not changed even a bit. 

But, the biggest innovations in the world of invoicing has come recently, post the development of technologies and the internet. Both of these have made it a matter of seconds to send invoices across the world. It wasn’t even imaginable a decade ago. 


So, what led to superior development and what is predicted to be in the future of online invoicing? In this blog, we will acknowledge the various steps of online invoicing.


The Evolution of Online Invoicing

E-invoicing, the forerunner to online invoicing is not a new phenomenon. Paperless electronic invoices have been around for more than 3 decades. But, they used a complicated, rigid electronic data interchange to function. It regularly required a dedicated communication system between the trading partners. It was not every adaptable, limited, and expensive to be invested in. Thus, not a much-chosen format. 

Later, with the growth of the internet and technology different forms of electronic invoicing formats came into existence including EBPP/EIPP (‘electronic bill/invoice payment and presentment)

However, in the initial years of the 21st century, big business giants started looking out for processes to streamline their cash flow activities. But, at this time there were no strong security guidelines, formats, or frameworks. 

However, soon reliable internet connection and usage of personal computers received acceleration in acceptance and more strong frameworks for online invoicing were being created. Being especially case in the European Union, it led to the massive advancement in the field of online invoicing. 

The major driving force that was behind the massive acceleration in this particular field was to reduce the involved costs, that were relatively very high, and labour efforts. From the beginning, online invoicing was considered to be a cheaper and more reliable alternative to the manual processes. 

In the last decade, the constant growth and evolvement of the internet, online invoicing touched varied aspects of growth and advancements. Today, cloud-based billing software has made it so easy to record, validate, analyse, and share data. It has become an integral part for enterprises, small businesses, or even freelancers (who sign up and use its benefits online). 



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The Present of Online Invoicing

The technology of online invoicing has come a long way. With specialists like Invoicera providing its users an array of tools for invoice processing, payments automation, and workflow automation with the security of login and access. Online invoicing will soon become a norm for businesses to adapt and follow. 

Invoicing online, being a cost and effort saving method, is widely chosen by freelancers and small businesses to save extra margin in profits. It saves money spent on papers, letter,s envelopes, stamps, postage, and more. 

Overall estimation of a decline in the usage of paper in the accounting department is above 80%. Therefore, making invoicing more environment friendly. 

Another major benefit of online invoicing is speed. You can get an online invoice created, generated, approved, and sent within a few minutes. Moreso, check its status real-time, ask for payments, and accept payment online so quickly. 

Online invoicing software like Invoicera gives you access to multiple pre-designed customizable invoicing templates for flawless invoice creation. It also allows you to automate your invoicing for recurring clients to completely eradicate the hassle of invoicing from your day-to-day activities. Such advancements in invoicing make it completely reliable and integral part of organizations. 

Busy professionals find it completely convenient to automate their invoicing, expense management, AR & AP management, and revenue analysis with together packaged online invoicing software.

Today, businesses without an online invoicing software find them in a stranded state sometimes as consumers are asking more and more of online invoices sent to their mailboxes nowadays. 



What the Future Will Unfold in Online Invoicing




With the ongoing trend, online invoicing is expected to rapidly expand in the span of a few years. It is interesting to find out what the future will hold for this technology? With the recent government mandates for invoicing, online invoicing has become a major trend amongst business houses. 

Online invoicing is more focusing on small businesses in the current period. The US alone counts 28 million small businesses running and rapidly accepting online invoicing for their processes. Small businesses demand a comparatively different version of online invoicing which is simple and fast. 

Drawing a conclusion to an invoicing software to create a balance between the most demanded needs of small businesses and enterprises.

Online invoicing is expected to grow more with mobile invoicing apps to help managers calmly get over administrative jobs even while on the go. A clear inclination towards mobile apps is visible with numbers of downloads increasing. 




How Invoicera Decoded and Framed a Perfectly Fitting Online Invoicing Software

Invoicera is one of the leading online invoice software in the market. The cloud-based invoicing and billing software has catered to more than 3.5 million users around the globe since the past 16+ years. The software can be customized according to individual business need and works for Enterprises, Small Businesses and Freelancers.

The invoicing software offers many unique features customised to specific business needs of freelancers, small businesses and enterprises. It helps you to automate and simplify your business processes and communication with online invoicing and payments, expense management, recurring/subscription billing, client/vendor panels, time tracking, invoice approval process, multilingual & multi-currency support, staff permissions, financial reporting & analysis, purchase order management.


  • Invoice approval process/ customized approval process
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Multiple business access
  • 30+payment gateways
  • 3 layers account security
  • Staff management
  • A/R&A/P Management
  • Multi-lingual compatible Invoices



  • Online invoice software
  • Subscription billing management
  • Project management
  • Time tracking software
  • Custom workflow management
  • Expense management
  • Customize Invoicing solution
  • Multi- Business Management
  • Third-Party Integration 


10 Major Reasons to Choose Custom Billing Software

Enterprise billing software

Custom billing software has become a buzzword among businessmen owing to its innumerable benefits. This software can be integrated with the existing ERP and CRM systems of a company, which helps businesses get their benefits without changing their current systems.

Moreover, when it comes to dealing with data theft, the most important thing for a company is to have its control over data for safety reasons. And, custom invoicing software makes this possible for companies.

The benefits of this software don’t end here, we have made a list of 10 reasons to choose custom billing software for your better interpretation.

10 Reasons to Choose Custom Billing Software

1. Receive Payments from all over the World




Running business across all over the world has become a walk in the park, and cutting-edge advanced billing software has made it very simple for businesses, irrespective of their financial status, to receive payments from any part of the globe.

Now the question must be striking your mind is how?

Renowned software systems like Invoicera comes with over 30 payment gateways allowing you to receive payments worldwide.

Such software solutions have integration with international payment gateways like PayGate, Forte, Eway, SagePay, Ogone, BluePay, Network, Setcom, VCS, Creditcall, 2checkout, and Moneybookers.

The systems also boast integration with Canada/US payment gateways: Alipay, FirstData, Beanstream, Psigate, and Moneris.


2. Detailed Reports

You can have a detailed report of invoices by using a custom workflow solution. Moreover, custom billing software will also allow you to better know your unpaid payments to give you an idea of the financial status of the company anytime.

Such advanced custom invoice software systems can also be customized as per specific business needs to understand the influence of price or tax change in the future.


3. More Productivity by using Custom Workflow Management

An automated enterprise billing software system, which is sufficient can make the billing process much easier, thus allowing your employees to pay attention to other feasible tasks.

Online payments and automated transfers reduce the time and effort to a large extent to cope with checks from customers. Moreover, customized workflow systems and hosted solutions can be a boon for a businessman to get rid of tedious paperwork completely.

Automated billing systems are designed as per business needs to result in expected efficiencies within processes.


4. Unquestionable Safety from Data Theft

It’s a widely-known fact that cloud billing software can be easily accessed by hackers, whereas custom billing software is highly-reputed for its unquestionable safety from data theft. It is because customizable software can be controlled by us making it possible for us to prevent our data from going into wrong hands.

Having custom invoicing software like Invoicera means that we can control it completely. When we have this, we are tension-free regarding the data safety of our business and customers.

Invoicera has a three-layered security system for unquestionable safety given below one by one with an overview:

Two-factor authentication: It is an added layer of security to ensure that your account is safe from any external intervention and other probable intruders.

Security question login: It is a set of 8 personal questions created to make the security more robust that is confined only to you.

Add Staff IP Address: Security is not limited only to admin and login, but it also be given to staff. It is for the assurance that your employees are not misusing your account.

We think now it must be clear to you why custom invoicing software like Invoicera is the best choice for security.


5. Adaptability to ERP and CRM system

Custom invoicing software is designed keeping in mind the CRM and ERP systems. If an invoicing software system is adaptable to the ERP and CRM systems, then the technology can benefit you beyond your expectations.

The efficiency of a system increases when it is integrated making it capable of the ideal resource utilization. Moreover, you will have more convenience due to countless possibilities to improve your business process using API integrations.


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6. Better Customer Data Management



As we all know that it’s a must-do for every new company to know how to manage their customer data. So, it’s better to bank on modern technology-powered software systems for this purpose. Having modern and cutting-edge custom billing software allows you to store all data in one place and archive it with the utmost safety.

Moreover, Invoicera provides you with a fully dedicated client portal. You can add a list of all your clients or directly import the list to the dashboard. And, managing client details and saving them for further invoicing will be as easy as a walk in the park.

Moreover, having extra client email addresses will allow you to send invoices to multiple client contacts, and you can easily import the client list into the Invoicera account. Furthermore, you can also access and share files from a safe client portal. Some more benefits of using Invoicera are also given below:

Apart from storing customer data, you can create new records, receive and send data from other files, keep tabs on payment cycles, and save specific customer preferences.


7. Generating Multiple Invoices in one go

Owning an enterprise makes it important for you to be aware of the value and benefits of multitasking in a business. Having more than one thing done at once, if a software system makes it happen in a short period of time, then the saved time can be invested in something feasible to take the business to the next level.

If you have efficient invoicing software, then you can conveniently send a large number of invoices at the same time.


8. Keep Tabs on your Expenses Better

Invoicera, the highly-reputed software, wards off the headache of expense management. It does so by having a single tab available to manage expenses to keep an eagle eye on your accounts payables and reports.

The expense management feature in Invoicera allows you to easily maintain a record of expenses happening regularly. Moreover, you can conveniently import expense files on the Invoicera dashboard.

And, creating searchable categories and analyzing reports country-wise can be done without any nuisance.


9. Save your Valuable Time and Money


custom invoicing


It will definitely be beneficial for you if you spend on cutting-edge enterprise invoice software like Invoicera, as it helps you save a lot. Before the arrival of such advanced technologies, businesses used to rely on the postal system and fax machines to send bills to their clients. But, now the story is different because digital mediums are used for such purposes these days. It makes generating and sending invoices very cheap and time-saving.

These days, companies save a lot by not spending on paper, printing, and postage owing to the utilization of the custom billing software, in which, all these processes are automatic.

In simple words, the amount spent on buying such software can be recovered in a short period of time, and you will start taking your business to your intended level by saving your precious time and money and utilize them in something promising.


10. Save the Planet

Nobody is unfamiliar with the most-discussed issue of the world global warming. Every next year is much hotter than the last one. But, we can tackle this problem by saving trees, thus keeping the environment healthy. And, one of the best ways to do so is not to use papers to boost greenery on the planet.

Planting 20 million trees will provide us with 260 million more tons of oxygen. Furthermore, such a huge number of trees will eliminate 10 million tons of CO2, thus making life on Earth much easier.

Using custom billing software not only allows you to take your business to your expected level, but you can also save your mother Earth. Using such advanced eco-friendly software will bring more prosperity, greenery, and order in nature.

In a nutshell, you can save the planet by using non-paper invoicing technology.


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The reasons for choosing custom billing software given in this must be sufficient for you to know its benefits. From data safety, saving the planet, money and time saving, to the improved invoicing processes can help you grow your business.

The best thing about having an efficient enterprise billing system is that your saved money and time can be invested in doing something feasible. Doing so, you can broaden the horizon of your business and explore countless opportunities, which will give your business growth a boost.





How to Create a Service Invoice That Gets You Paid Quicker?

Create service invoices for service rendered

Small businesses offering professional services need to invoice their clients frequently in order to get paid. A service invoice must include all the necessary details to make an invoice self-explanatory. It is important to include itemized list of services, business transactions, last date for payments, and total balance. Mastering the skills to create service invoice is the basic need for any professional services small business owner. It enables keeping track of sales, payments, revenues and expenses.

Today, we will briefly discuss about the topics that will help business owners to make service invoices and get quickly paid for the work:

  • How to create an invoice for the service offered?
  • Key invoicing tips for creating service invoice
  • Examples of service bills
  • Types of Customization in Service Invoice

How to create an invoice for the service offered?

how to make service invoices and get paid faster

It is important for businesses to create a self-explanatory service invoice to request payments for the services offered. To create an aesthetically complete service bill follow our simple guide:

Include Business Logo

Start creating your invoice by adding your business logo on the top of your service invoice template.

Add Company’s Contact Details

In this step,add complete contact information of your company including name of your company, address, contact details, and email address.

Add Complete Client’s Contact Information

Include your client’s complete contact details just below the header. It should include name, address, and contact details. Please confirm the billing details from your clients. Billing address may differ from contact differ.

Assign Invoice Number

Do not ever create an invoice without an invoice number. Invoicera generates an automatic invoice number to make your tasks easier. And even allows you to customize your invoice numbers as per your needs. An Invoice number makes it easy to record invoices and track them when needed.

Define Due Date Precisely

Include the soonest payment deadline as possible with precisely mentioning dates. For example mention “Payment Due on or before September 30th, 2020 than mentioning “Payment due in 45 days”.  Make your due date stand out in the invoice by highlighting the section for more emphasis.

Include Itemized List of Services

Now comes the important section. Include an itemized list of services provided in the service bill to help your client understand the due amount he needs to pay.

  • Mention and describe the services you’ve provided.
  • Quantity of products/workforce used.
  • Rate of every service
  • Taxes
  • Finally, the subtotal

Use a more tabled template from the service invoice templates to make your invoices more readable and understandable. 

ssend accurate service invoices

Include Overall Due

After adding all the details, include total amount payable in the end. Make sure your total amount payable is inclusive and exclusive of all the taxes, overhead costs, and credit notes issued if any.

Mention Clearly Your Payment Terms

In the footer of your invoice include all your payment terms to offer seamless payment transfer for your client.

  • Mode of payments
  • Transfer details
  • Late payment policy

It’s also important to include any late fees you plan to charge on overdue invoices in the payment terms section of the invoice, so clients know your late policy.

Key invoicing tips to create service invoice

Key invoicing tips for making servive invoices

Proactively Send Service Invoices

Promptly invoice your clients as soon as you complete a client’s project. The quicker you will be in sending out invoices, the faster you can expect revenues. It boosts your overall cash flow and ensures obstacle-free business activities. Creating a service bill right away means the job is fresh in your mind and you tend to forget less. It overall increases invoice efficiency by eradicating the chances of errors.

Keep Your Payment Deadlines Short

For a service-based small business like yours, keeping long deadlines actually hamper processes. Ideally, a service-based company should expect and accept payments on the very day of project completion because your jobs are usually short hours. Moreover, even if you have to give deadlines do not exceed more than 3 days while invoicing your clients. Clearly mention in your policies about strict no delay in payments to make a statement.

Offer Multiple Payment Methods

Create a seamless flow of payment for your clients. Offer multiple payment modes to ensure zero delay in payments processing. Talk to your client about their most chosen payment option and offer them the same for added convenience. With other modes of payments, online payments are on must higher acceptance because the convenience they offer to clients and businesses. Do not forget to add it in your processes too. If you work with your clients on frequently recurring basis, offer them recurring payment facilities with automation so that the processes take place without many hassles.

Introduce offers/early payment discounts

If your business margins allow you to consider different offers then do not hesitate to give your clients some extra discounts to encourage frequent transactions and early payments. This will not only boost goodwill but also increase loyalty and boost transactions in your organization.

Do not Leave Late Payments on their fate-FOLLOW UP

While manually you might skip it, but automated software like Invoicera notifies you with real-time status of your invoice (sent, received, opened, paid, or due date missed) it helps you clearly track each of your invoices and stay up to date with automated notifications. Invoicera also offers automated personalized payment reminders that frequently remind your clients of due or missed due dates.

Service Invoice Template Example

This sample service invoice template is for service-based small business owners to understand the structuring of a service invoice template free to create for all industry types.

sample service invoice template

Types of Customization in Service Invoice

In a service invoice, Invoicera offers pre-designed multiple templates to choose from. All of these templates are easily customizable and offer professionally beautiful invoices. Other than that you can even customize your own brand service invoices with blank templates and save them for further usage.

To offer more assistance to companies that have unique needs, experts at Invoicera help you create completely personalized invoices as per your workflow and branding needs.

Want to connect with our experts to know more?

Contact us

Contact us for creating customized service invoices



Invoice Template Customization- The Business World’s Need!



“Create your own visual style…let it be unique for yourself yet identifiable for others.”Orson Welles

Quoted the most appropriately by Welles, if you want to stand out stand unique.

Has your paper invoice lost its identity? Or thrown away because it was misunderstood as trash?

Similar looking papers gather no one’s attention. They simply get lost amongst other piles.

It is important to create your own identity. The best way you can do this to your invoices is by opting for customized invoice templates from your online invoice software.

A customized invoice template lets you set your own brand features to it. Add your logo, set your unique fonts and add your brand colors to it. Make it a visual representation of your company on paper.

Not only this, a customized templates hold many other important benefits for you. Here in this blog we have added some of the benefits for you:


  • Professional:  A customized invoice template sets the tone of your brand.
    A unified invoice format makes it easy to create and send invoices each time. It reduces time and efforts.A customized template works as your guide to creating an Invoice. In addition to this, template can clearly depict where the information needs to be added and how.


  • It is easy: Setting up a customized template is easy. An online invoice software like Invoicera helps you setup your custom templates in 3 easy steps. It lets you add logo, brand colors, fonts and personalized notes. Once set, you can create invoices in the future in less than 3 minutes.


  • Free: to your astonishment, creating customized templates on Invoicera is completely free. Simply log in to your account and set it up from the general settings.




  • Distinct Brand image: An invoice is your professional communication with your clients. Make sure it doesn’t get lost among the others in the pile. A customized invoice template sets your invoice apart from others in the league. It then gets highly identifiable and never loses the client’s sight. Thereby, increasing the chances of getting paid earlier.


  • A professional record is kept:  a professional record of invoices is more likely to be kept than something sent as an unprofessional sum up. A handwritten note can be mistaken as trash and discarded. Let’s be realistic, it is a possibility!


  • Automated Invoice Generation: A set customized template in an invoice software can even help you in setting up automation for invoices. Automation reduces your work to a minimum. It also sends out invoices in time, even if, you forget. Automation is the key to efficient business transactions.


  • Save Clients Information Automatically: you can instantly save information for further usage and never miss them. It also reduces your efforts to add the same information again and again.


  • Professional Invoices lead to Instant Payments: Customized invoice templates and invoice system set uniform steps and even automate, leading to instant professional invoices. This cycle then evolves to instant payments. Thus, increasing cash flow.


  • A happy customer is a repeat customer: you must not forget the benefits it sorts you with. Your customers trust you more, encourages more business and a happy customer creates word of mouth branding for you.




    Go to Settings > General preferences >



    Template Customization > New Template

    free invoice template



    You can also watch this video,


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