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Veronika Tondon is a business enthusiast. She writes about emerging technologies and opportunities for business. She is working as a Marketing Manager with Invoicera, a leading cloud-based invoicing solution.

Diwali Celebrations At Invoicera

Invoicera threw Diwali bash which included magnificent rangoli and Diya decoration competition, ethnic day, fun activities to heighten the Diwali spirits! We decorated workstation using diyas and lights that add perfect spice to the celebrations. Everyone is dressed up in the latest fashion trends including fashion accessories, prints that flaunt the creative wacky side.

At Invoicera, we create a firm bond of values with our employees. We celebrate, cherish and continue to move forward. The competition adds entertaining ambiance among the co-workers.

On this promising occasion, Invoicera team wishes all your loved ones, A Very Happy and Prosperous Diwali.

Invoicera, the best online invoicing and billing software replaces slow manual processes with fully integrated Account Receivable and Account Payable functionality, supporting the entire supply chain from purchase to payment.


Earn Recurring Income With Invoicera Affiliate Program

There is a humdrum existence of going to the office at usual 9-5 shift day after day. At one point one gets tired. If so then this particular online business has given some people practically new lives doing nothing. There is no clutter of messy paperwork and all sorts of routine found in regular employment. The program lets you earn more profits that one could not experience under ordinary circumstances.

Yes, it is a bit confusing to share mutual relationship between the advertisers or merchants and online publishers/ bloggers or affiliates. It seems to be the low-cost way for merchants to sell their products and services, on the other hand, affiliates get huge profit. Sounds interesting? You’ll surely have a step closer to recurring earnings.

The lucrative business indeed helps the merchant to make a huge sale. The website owned by the affiliate is made to advertise through the affiliate program that the merchants run. The affiliate is given a commission if you refer a paid customer our way. It takes a lot of diligence and perseverance to penetrate it thoroughly. Those who want to break into this business shall possess industry skills of self-confidence and self-assurance.

Any affiliates are cautious on recurring earnings, Invoicera provides you with skyscraper commission.

Step 1: Login to your Invoicera account
Step 2: Click on “Refer & Earn” section
Step 3: Refer Invoicera through banner using your referral link, to see all banners click on “Get more banners”
Step 4: Start referring Invoicera to your friends, business contacts etc. via email, twitter, facebook plus banners you can post on site or blog.
Step 5: View your recurring earnings: Know the amount of money accumulated through your referrals

Check It Out: Refer Invoicera & Start Earning Now!

Let’s look into the Invoicera Partnership program deeper.

You are eligible to earn 25% recurring earnings every time your referral renews his/ her plan for next 6 months. You would also have a good chance to earn from the free plans as well. You will gain more profits just by referring Invoicera. If someone sign-ups for a free account through your referral link and then upgrade to Invoicera’s any of the paid plans, you would also be eligible to earn 25% recurring earnings. Make great recurring earnings from the best affiliate program.

Just refer Invoicera and get rewarded with 100% commission in the first month. Plus an additional 25% commission every time your referral renews his/her plan for next 6 months.

Also, you have the options to track your recurring earnings in real time, instantly view on how many people have taken the offer and how many have signed up for our paid plans.


One should treat this as a business; you will never have to go back working on the 9-5 shift if you are capable of doing so. Among the lot of online ways to earn money, this seems to be most popular and the easiest way to selling other people’s product online. It depends on the affiliate on how much money you can earn from dedication and hard work.


Invoicera, the one-stop solution offers invoicing solutions for businesses of all size. The online invoicing eliminates process inefficiencies, build strong mutually beneficially relationships, connect with the suppliers and free up cash.  To partner with Invoicera provides you with the handful of benefits like:

  • Invoicera has over 2M satisfied customers and growing
  • A complete invoicing solutions company, preferred by small and large businesses alike
  • Get one month’s subscription fee as commission
  • Unlimited earning potential
  • Automatic reimbursement
  • Quick and simple process (No training required)
  • Business owner you get reverse referrals

Become an Affiliate today by checking to our Partner’s page & see more profits coming your way. The more passionately you’re immersed in, the more likely you can transform money making venture into a huge success!


invoicera expense management

7 Unusual Ways to Cut Operational business costs

Business expenses can put a lot of pressure on profits if not controlled properly. For a business to grow consistently, one has to ensure that expenses are controlled equally consistently. Reducing the operational costs is the proven practice to gain better margins. A profitable organization is the one which is able to keep a check over its expenses, not the one which can sell more. Proper assessment of profit loss statement can have an adverse impact on the performance of your business.

Thus, expense tracking can be accredited for keeping an organization profitable and yielding.


Are Your Business Expenses Going Out of Control? Here are some tips.

1) Hire Remote Contractors

Hiring employees who work in a remote location, ensures that you can save on fixed infrastructure costs and hire them on temporary basis. These people do not require social security and medical benefits which is an additional expense while hiring full time employees. Cloud tools and simplified communication helps hiring such resources which can be a cut business costs.

2) Travel Expenses

Many a times, a business owner does not realise when the travel expenses got out of control. For this, one has to be vigilant about the amount of travel that one is doing for business purposes. The same has to be evaluated on an individual employee level. Putting business costs as priority on employee travel expenses is a useful way to control these expenses. Employee orientation helps to cut business costs to an optimum level.

3) Managing An Appropriate Level of Inventory

Inventory, both in terms of goods and human resources ( in case of services ) needs to be managed efficiently. This is crucial for prevention of a liquidity crunch caused due to excessive inventory in the organisation. Inventory can be streamlined by analyzing demand and supply on a regular basis and back ordering only as much, as required. This can help you invest the surplus funds at the right places where the return on investment is optimum.

Read More: Purchase Order: Component of Effective Inventory Management

4) Know About Your Tax Deductions

Being aware of all tax deductions can help you save on taxes and reduce your tax burden. Keeping all the records of expenses with actual receipts helps to cut business costs a smooth manner.

5) Keep a Check On Expense Reports

Ensuring that your employees are submitting genuine expenses and expense reports is very important for your business. Having an employee expense policy in place, helps in keeping a check on fraudulent practices.  One has to keep a check on employees doing a double bill or a personal expense addition. Strict action must be taken against such employees to set the right example for others.


6) Control Fixed Costs

Office rentals, vehicles for travel and other fixed assets must be planned well. The return from each invested fixed asset must be understood before acquiring any. Controlling fixed business costs can save a lot in terms of the overall expenditure of the company.

7) Productivity Management

Employee productivity can be a huge factor in saving costs for the company. Leakages in the system can be easily reduced by managing the productivity of the employees in a better way. Encouraging them to use online invoicing tools for better productivity and collaboration is a must. Using a time tracking software is essential for tracking how productive the employees are and how can they improve.  


At a time when all organisations are looking to lower operational costs, online expenses offers businesses to eliminate bottlenecks in your processes. You’ll see your costs go down. The availability of expert expense tracking software has taken the burden off the shoulders of business professionals. Now with the help of expense management software, business owners can easily track down expenses, without losing their mind. Online Expenses replaces slow, inaccurate manual processes with an automated and accurate process to save time and money.

Invoicera To Reduce Operational Costs! How ?

Managing expenses more efficiently, using an expense management software helps keep a check on expenses, anytime, anywhere. Tools provide interesting features like approval and rejection of expenses, ensuring complete control over expenses. Expense reports are useful in analysing expenses, periodically and ensuring corrective action wherever necessary.


Top 8 Ideas To Enhance Business Productivity without much effort

Is your business suffering from low productivity?

If it is so, you will have to vigilantly watch your business activities as improper business activities are main reason for low business productivity. The more productive you are, the more money you will earn. All flourishing business owners depend on productivity, whether it is from their staff members or from themselves. Improving business productivity is essential to run a business.

You don’t need to be nervous about your low business productivity, here are some essential tips that will definitely assist you to improve and sustain your business productivity. Continue reading

5 surprising benefits of Mobile invoicing

Over the recent years, Mobile invoicing have expanded significantly in simplifying businesses, improving connections, reduces cost savings, strengthening buyer-supplier relationships at a rapid pace. The mobile trend helps to simplify operations and increases scalability on the go. You can create estimates on-demand, follow up on latest project updates and invoice customers right on the spot. The business invoice app is the fastest way to get you paid within the fraction of seconds.

According to the recent stats;

40% reduction in the cost savings with invoicing app, expecting the increase in the number of the customers, suppliers and business processes.

Here is the list of benefits why mobile invoicing will simply make your life easier:

1) Faster payments:

To make your invoices more instantaneous, choose invoicing solution that runs on any platform i.e. web, MAC, Smartphone. As invoicing delays leads to delay in payments, it is only logical to have solutions that can create and send invoices directly from the palm of your hand. The solid invoicing app sends out the invoices automatically and influences your client to pay their bill more quickly.

2) Standardize your billing process:

The best online invoice app eliminates duplicate invoicing, minimizes errors, reduces the number of manual invoicing processes and builds greater insights and transparency on the move. The invoicing apps are designed to focus on the interoperability of the business finances. Find the business invoice app solution that builds your business on a good reputation. It allows to Standardize personal touch to your invoices i.e. logo, payment terms, thank you note.

Best online invoicing app

3) Better data management:

Invoice App optimizes the flow of information from initiation to completion. Now you can focus on other important tasks rather than worrying about administrative burdens. On the other hand, sending and tracking of the invoices seems to be tedious when away, this is why small business owners are making a change to mobile invoicing.

4) Increases trust, confidence, and satisfaction:

The business invoice app provides easy access to information in real time. This creates greater customer satisfaction and guaranteed security to the customers anytime anywhere. When it comes to matters of trust, confidence, and satisfaction, mobile invoicing helps to build long-term relationships with your clients and customers.

It is a more convenient way for your customers to pay and improves relationships with your customers.

Read More: 6 Reasons Why Mobile Invoicing Will Make Your Life Easier

5) Streamline your entire billing processes:

Inquire about the available integrations when selecting your mobile invoicing product. The best online invoice app automates and streamline your billing finances and provides the most useful insights in planning the growth of your business. The business invoice app gets you access to every piece of information from any of your authorized devices.

Best online invoice app


Choose the best online invoicing app that helps to manage your finances in a better way. This means business invoice app like Invoicera provides faster, efficient, safe, user-friendly solutions that will work for you. Grow your business by driving your invoices faster.

Go Ahead and Give it a Try! Dowload the app anytime you want.


9 Tips to Deal with Overdue invoices

Payments are one of the most crucial aspects of any business. It is the payments that drive any business. Getting clients to pay up on time is one part of the challenge, while the other part being that clients still delay payments. Continue reading

How to Make Expense Management Easy for Your Business?

It happens quite often that many small scale enterprises simply focus on generating only direct revenue even to the extent of neglecting the proactive management of the business expenses. They fail to realize that eventually, only the gross profits are significant which are calculated after deducting the expenses from the revenue generated. Now, if the small businesses focus themselves on managing their expenses well, they can easily increase their sum of profits. Expense management is an extremely important strategy and must be worked upon with complete dedication.

Continue reading

Top 30 Payment Gateway Solutions for Your Business

Check the all-in-one payment gateway solutions in terms of security, payment processing options, price, ease-of-use and certainty for your business. The right payment processing solutions shows up the fast access to funds means cash flow can count on. The one solutions convenient of having all the services under one roof. Before you can make a final decision, here are our top picks that fit your needs plus offers a competitive all-in-one option.

Consider a list of 30 payment gateway solutions for your business:

1) PayPal

PayPal is one of the popular, integrated payment platform for all your online payment needs. It is a multi-functioning secure payment processing that allows merchants to securely process their payments. The online payment solutions are completely scalable to handle 70% of all the web transactions. It is a great method to get paid and accept payment method with biggest merchant services.


  • Accept payments across multiple channels in a variety of method
  • Scalable & Secure: Supports a wide range of solutions for expanding businesses
  • Transaction fee depends on the volume of payments & business processes

2) Braintree

Braintree is very competitive and transparent for businesses of all sizes from small to large enterprises. It powers more than just payments with advanced features like secure vault and raw eCheck support. It helps businesses to accept credit card payments, maximize business opportunities and revenue growth.

3) Authorize.Net

The payment gateway ensures rapid and secure transmission of transaction data 24/7 without the need for implementation and installation of software. It is a browser based hosted solution that offers value added services to help merchants in managing businesses, configure settings, prevent suspicious fraudulent transactions, view account statements, generate reports and more. It also processes real-time credit and debit transactions from major payment networks. It provides fast, secure and reliable transmission of transaction data. You can easily perform multiple tax rates through it.

4) Forte

Forte is the single source comprehensive set with seamless payment gateway access to the features like virtual terminal, cloud reporting, recurring transaction engine, payment tokenization and secure payment forms. The swift, smooth and secure platform accepts credit cards, online payments, e Check, utilize bill presentment and more. This is the feature rich gateway with maximum security, performance, reliability and flexibility. The tokenization function hides the original sensitive payment data so you’re safe from breach. The single source comprehensive set with the benefits of accepting major card brands.

5) Pesopay

Get the ultimate and smooth transactions choosing Pesopay payment Gateway solutions for enterprises. Besides its seamless benefits, it protects the customer’s data from long waits and faulty rejections. It is an incredibly easy way to accept credit cards, ATM debit cards, e-wallets and cash on the website.

6) Paydollar

Operate with PayDollar payment gateway solution for multi-currency, multi-lingual and multi-card processing unit. The advanced platform Includes security features like payment link, payment booth, pay to verify, pay alert and 3-D security options.

  • Safe and reliable
  • Centralized view of transaction activity
  • Cost efficient choices
  • Simple, easy and flexible payment options

7) Alipay

Alipay is the most used payment gateway supported with 14 major foreign currencies. It is connected by 700 million users worldwide with free transactions within China. The escrow services are trusted and secure that allows the customers to verify the products before releasing the payments. Alipay provides inquiry API through which merchants could check the payment bill verification results sent back by general customs.

  • Avail documentation in different languages for quick and easy setup.
  • Complete customer experience and real time monitoring.
  • Avail wide variety of payment methods ranging from online, mobile and point of sale payments.
  • Allows payments with Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Webmoney, and QIWI.

8) FirstData

The payment gateway solution that leverages on reliable and fast card acceptance services to take orders and process transaction. It is a global support solutions that automatically tracks and performs recurring transactions, contains retina icons that automatically detects any card types. It also benefits from subscriptions, checkout forms, capturing charges and more.

  • Supports 3D secure, responsive web design, card security code capture and the fraud reduction tools to customize through virtual terminal
  • Customers can pay with major card types including Visa, Master cards, American express, and Rupay
  • Customize the hosted payment page by uploading own logo, changing fonts and color schemes, preview the page before publishing it

9) 2CO

2CO is a payment processing solutions to accept mobile and online payments from buyers worldwide. Check for the reliable, seamless and safe platform that supports a variety of transactions across multiple payment methods.


  • Global Reach : 15 languages & 87 currency options
  • Customizable checkout: Mobile-friendly experience, localized checkout
  • Advanced security: Minimum risk, higher PCI compliance
  • Simple Integration: Extensive documentation, 100+ online carts, powerful API and sandbox testing

10) Moneris Solutions

Moneris solutions can be effective options to reduce potential fraudulent transactions in real time. It is a multi-functioning platform that processes a large number of transactions on daily, weekly and monthly basis with no additional costs. It is scalable, versatile and secure solutions for expanding businesses. Also it supports multiple payment mechanisms and point of sale hardware.

11) PSiGate

PSiGate guarantees secure and reliable platform supported by SSL transaction protocol that allows multiple transactions at the same time. It provides smooth, simple and hassle free experience for all online entrepreneurs. The other feature that is different from other includes credit authorization and provides tracking and reporting of all the transactions.

12) Beanstream

Bean stream provides a suite of tools for credit card processing, recurring billing, electronic funds transfer, automated clearing house payment processing and authentication services, along with routing of selected transactions to third party processors and banks for authorization and settlement to check recovery services. Also it can easily identify and reduce online fraud.

13) PayGate secure payments

Making online payments through Pay Gate simplifies complex problems by delivering effective payment services and all kinds of e-commerce internet credit card processing services to its customers. It lets you access single interface payment solutions and faster refund process that accepts international cards.

14) SiamPay

Siam pay enables a safe and secure platform for all the business transactions. It handles payment easily with the simplified version of network options.

  • Multiple online payment modes
  • Accepts credit cards, internet banking, cash payments securely
  • Function on any devices from tablets, desktops, smartphones to laptops
  • Minimize fraud and risks
  • Provides alternative payment tools via internet banking, cash payments and more
  • Easy access to cross-platform payments


The ultra reliable payment platform that has become an important catalyst with its unique benefits enrolled into it:

  • Provide the validated account number
  • Customers pre-define their account for e-debit purchases
  • Merchants can view and reconcile e-debit payments that are to be customized according to the date, account number and reference number.

16) Stripe

Stripe payment gateway solutions meet the demand of SME’s and online merchants. The online credit card processor support international payments, recurring billing and easy integration instead of just paying attention to payments only.

  • User friendly platform that simplifies checkout process for the customers
  • Easy setup with no installation charges and hidden fees

17) Moneybookers

Moneybookers payment gateway solutions offers a secure and valid online transaction with no set-up and monthly fees. It is an administrative portal included with all versions of Linkpoint gateway. You can easily track and perform recurring transactions allowing an unlimited number of simultaneous users to take orders and process transactions. It tracks and performs recurring transaction automatically. Also, it charges only transaction fees for international payments.

18) Virtual Card Services

Virtual Card services acts as the intermediary between a vendor and a financial institution via its virtual vendor system. It provides collective experience in developing and implementing credit, debit and smart card processing services.

19) Razor Pay

Get into the driver’s seat of your payments ecosystem. Opt for responsive cross platform Razor Pay payment gateway solutions for frictionless transactions and absolute security for customers. It accepts international payments, availability of pop-ups to show the necessary redirection, easy to start – end payments and many more.

20) Setcom

Setcom has been a leading South African payment service provider for efficient online payment transaction to its users. It provides ecommerce businesses with secure processing of mobile and online credit card and EFT transactions It saves the client details to its servers.

21) Paymate

Paymate manages all transaction in a secure and controlled way in 3 simple steps. Using Paymate business solutions make vendor payments easy, simplified integration, multiple access modes. Its proven risk management services to avoid fraud keeps all information safe and secure. It also provides detailed and complete reports of all online payments.

22) Sage Pay

Sage Pay serves the need of online transactions in a single place. Switching to Sage Pay offers seamless payment needs for its customers. One can easily manage accounts with reporting and analytics, 24/7 free support, advanced fraud screening tools without any hidden costs.

23) iTransact

ITransact is the efficient, simple and good credit card payment processing services with the high discount rate. It supports recurring payments at no extra charge. The other fees are quite low. The major features includes Call-A-Charge, whereby a merchant can make a telephone call to the virtual terminal and process sales without an industry standard voice authorization fees. It provides free customer support Via phone or email.

24) Citrus

Citrus Pay Payment Gateway solutions support complete stack of payment architecture and security for consumers. It guarantees absolute security and great payment services with thousands of merchants; optimize online purchases with millions of transactions per month.

25) PayPal Payflow Pro

PayPal Payflow Pro is a fully customizable option to build a unique checkout experience for your business. It varies from the language and layout to page sequences and PCI compliance options. You can easily checkout pages and manage security for sales and authorizations. PayPal Payflow Pro allows merchants to choose any internet merchant account and connect to the major processor. You can easily accept PayPal payments in 25 currencies in 202 countries around the globe. It witnesses no cancellation fees, monthly minimums or other hidden fees. The other optional features include:

  • Basis fraud protection Services with no additional fees
  • Security tools and customizable filters
  • Process recurring payments automatically

26) Credit call: The heart of payments

The omnichannel payment gateway solutions that comply on easy and developer friendly payment solutions embedded from any device anytime anywhere. The online payment systems that ensures payment flow firmly if it’s hospitality, retail, vending, parking, transportation applications at the heart of every client’s businesses. The simpler integration allows running a payment infrastructure collaboratively. Other features include:

  • Embeds security
  • Exceptional reliability
  • Simple integration

27) E-way

e-way empowers millions of payments online, smart and friendly way to manage issues with nonprofit and affordable solutions. Our pricing plans contain no additional cost at a fraction of usual time and cost. Calculate costs across a multitude of platforms in one simple step.

28) Ingenico

Ingenico payment gateway solutions provide a centralized solution and secure-in store connection management services. The complete solution gathers end-to-end security, control and monitoring of merchants transactions with a centralized payment solution dedicated to the organized retailers. The comprehensive payment services increase conversion rates and optimize processing costs. The reliable transaction management provides a fully PCI DSS solution between all the merchant’s points and scale points. Other features include:

  • Generate more revenue and repeat business proceedings
  • The powerful tools allow you to stay ahead of the fraudsters
  • Reduction of costs and focus on running your business
  • Real time authorization from the acquirer
  • User authentication using 3-D secure
  • Create rules, restrictions, and filters

29) PayPal website payments Pro

The PayPal website payments Pro authorizes transactions in real time, design and host checkout pages and more. The many popular shopping carts use pre-integrated system of accepting credit and debit cards. A web based application includes Virtual Terminal to log in to their PayPal accounts and enter offline credit card orders.

  • Setting up recurring payments
  • Secure management of transactions
  • Customized reporting

30) BluePay

The secure e-commerce payment gateway solutions Blue Pay offers a wide range of functions and features to help improve efficiency, sales and service. You can easily manage your business with advanced reporting, recurring billing and robust fraud tools. The features include:

  • Set up regular payment schedule
  • Monitor purchases and level of processing, bill payment, e-commerce transactions
  • Secure hosted payment forms
  • Data replaced with tokens

As you build your business, different payment gateways possess different fees and security.  It is the right time to accept payments from customers anywhere anytime, improve the customer’s experiences with convenient on-spot payment options.

Invoicera supports 30+ global payment gateway solutions is one of the easiest ways to create customer confidence and potentially increasing sales.


Collect earlier, Pay less… Top 3 ways to use Online System!

All freelancers and SMB owners normally feel skeptical about the online invoicing for their services. It can be somewhat intricate process for small scale enterprises to send out invoices than focus on the growth of their company. There is a huge possibility of not getting the payment in a timely manner, even if these invoices are sent to the client’s inbox. It is a common tendency for a freelancer to think that the more he works, the more shall he get paid; however, if there’s no guarantee for the payment to be released in time, the growth definitely suffers.

A self-employed person shall very well understand what it feels like to wait for a delayed check, to appear in the mail after days and months of toiling hard for it. There are a set of ways that must be kept well in mind so that your focus can simply rely on your work rather than the invoicing issues.

1) Automatic invoicing and follow ups:

The manual processes seems to be a laborious task while the invoice automation solutions control on how your customers pay and lowers cost by replacing a time consuming AP process teams.

The invoice automation solution is one form to enhance company’s profitability, eliminates costly mistakes and reduces transactional costs. Most of the companies depends on invoice automation solutions for the invoice-to-cash process. The online invoicing processes decreases processing times, capture early payment discounts, eliminate late payment fees and improves vendor relationships. It also helps staff reconcile the purchase orders and improves order-to-payment cycles.

Implementing the automation solutions like Invoicera makes the automation and accelerate payments cycles a reality. The companies can eliminate the inefficiencies of human interference moving from invoice to payment and increases their profitability.

2) Easily accept Online Payments:

Gone are the days when the traditional payments options like writing a check or direct payment were preferred.

 With a number of online payment options, a series of steps are reduced between the payment process of invoice generation and getting paid. It is about time, that all the SMB owners and freelancers realize the importance of going electronic. Through the means of electronic payment options, the speed at which the cash gets transferred is logically increased. Through a smart way, you can simplify the payment process for the clients and receive your cash faster.

The quick and hassle free solution like Invoicera provides the instant notification of the transaction in a more visible manner. Invoicera integrated with 30 payment gateways for hassle free and smooth payment process.

  • Integration with International Payment Gateways (Forte, PayGate, SagePay, Eway, Ogone, BluePay, Network, 2checkout, Braintree, Authorize.Net, Stripe, PayPal, Moneybookers, iTransact, Setcom, paymate, VCS, creditcall).
  • Integration with US/Canada Payment Gateways (Alipay, FirstData, Psigate, Beanstream, Moneris).
  • Integration with Indian Payment Gateways (Razorpay, Paydollar, Citrus, PayU India, EBS, Asiapay).

The smooth and transparent system of online payments with the options of recording offline payments, advance payments, payment reminders and much more.

3) Financial Reporting & Analysis:

The analysis of reports shows the definite aspects of the revenue cycle and features the problem that need to be specified. Understand the key areas where you may be hitting the roadblocks including the ones that show unbilled charges and comparison between the billing dates. The tracking can work to uncover the reasons behind delays and address any issues.


Using financial management solution like Invoicera helps to track patterns and potential problems. This can help to improve the efficiency of your revenue cycle and ultimately get you paid faster.


It is extremely crucial to increase the ease of the payment process, so the time saved can be utilized into finding new prospects for the growth of your business. For an invoice generation, all you should be able to do is hit a button, and send it to the client at a lightning speed. Once the invoices are delivered, the online invoicing software facilitates you to store them in a database for the purpose of record keeping. Once the customers make the payments, a good record of the invoices makes it convenient for you to refer to them later on.


Setting up an online Invoicing software allows online payment for invoices through the means of credit card or online transfers. With this, all the monthly clients can set up automatic billing, which means that their cards can be recharged on the 1st of every month. Also, through this, they can pre-pay for the service of a year before-hand.

With the help of an online invoicing software, you wouldn’t have to have an extremely detailed knowledge, the software is easy to understand and use. Hence, in order to develop a successful career in freelancing or grow your SMB, you need to set up efficient online invoicing software.

With the less time-consuming way to keep a track of your business cash flow and to maximize its earning potential, you are sure to achieve more!

Selecting the right invoice automation solutions like Invoicera balances your specific requirements with the flexible and scalable solutions. Build a successful business case and make sure to scale accordingly.