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How to Grow Your Enterprise by 23% with Custom Billing


Right in the middle of the night, when I was sipping my coffee and reading news about how a company lost almost $2 million just because its major documents and invoices got burnt under the sudden fire that cracked because of a major short circuit in the office.

It was devastating to see how an organization lost its existence all of a sudden. But, then my logical mind asks me, Are we that helpless to lose all that we have with just one unfortunate circumstance? Or we’re still overlooking what lies in front of us.

The global cloud ERP software market is projected to be worth 40.5 billion U.S. dollars by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 13.6% during 2019 and 2025. With such high stakes, as an enterprise one of the most precious things we possess is our documents and INVOICES. Invoices are our key to monetary rewards to be received for the goods and services we offered.

Enterprises often work in a competitive environment wherein they have to constantly improve their business process in order to thrive. Management of a huge client base, along with regular billing to ensure timely payments are some of the key challenges they face on a daily basis. How to handle this problem?

Look no more as we provide you the most suitable solution for your challenges, customized enterprise billing software.


Here is a list of few needs out of thousands that tell us why we all need a customized enterprise billing software for our companies:


To Have Bespoke Invoicing



Client management is an integral part of a developing enterprise. Since enterprises have to cater to a large client base, hence they face the challenge of supporting their business process and complement their customer satisfaction rate for efficiency. They need to send them regular invoices against the services provided to maintain transparency in their communication.

Often times, these invoices are not customized as per the need which leads to complacency and renders the whole communication ineffective. Apart from invoices they also have to manage and track their expenses in order to strategize proficiently for their business and look towards developing their established business verticals.

A custom invoicing software will provide them with a single-window solution to manage their clients on a single platform. Through this platform, they can also manage their expenses, invoices, and much more for enhanced productivity of the enterprise and also save costs and time for better ROI.


In A Nutshell

• A completely customized invoicing solution as per your company’s requirement to set you apart from the others in the lot.
• It lets you add functionality requirements and improve business productivity.


An Automated Payment System

Payments are the basic blood flow for any business type. It is an integral part of any enterprise which has to be managed tactfully to maintain healthy cash flow. As per reports, Businesses in America lose up to 51.9% of the value of their B2B receivables that are not paid within 90 days of the due date. Thus monitoring your payments is vital.

Enterprises receive their payment through clients out of whom many are recurrent profiles that need to be billed periodically. They have to manage their clients efficiently and track their pending payments too. Record keeping plays a major role over here as late payments hamper the cash reserve leading to severe cash flow.

Enterprises can manage their payments easily with enterprise billing software. They can track their due payments and levy late payment charges, Custom Invoicing Software like Invoicera automates their invoicing process by automatically sending timely invoices to the clients. You can receive payment through 30+ payment gateways and send invoices in multiple languages and currencies.


In A Nutshell

• Recurring billing profiles can be created for easily receiving automatic payments from subscription-based clients.
• Easily manage payments, dues, credits, and reports in one single dashboard.


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It Lets You Have Complete Control with Self-Hosted Solutions


Sourcing integral processes such as invoice creation and payment management to a third party source seem like a viable option in order to save costs, but oftentimes, third party sourcing is prone to data mismanagement leading to data theft or leakage.

Enterprises look forward to hosting third-party software on their own premises. This allows them full authoritative control over their data and business processes. This is an efficient step to increase the utility of your businesses which can be enhanced with Enterprise Billing Software like Invoicera which provides more than 60+ integrations.

Invoicera adapts to your existing framework and allows integration into your own existing ERP & CRM systems. Now you can integrate several e-commerce shopping carts integration like Magento, Zen Cart, Open Cart, Shopify and several other custom carts of your choice along with AR & AP management.

In A Nutshell

• With on-premise hosting, the data remains with you and have complete control over your invoicing data.
• The efficiency of hosting business to your customers and branding solutions. 60+ integration with e-commerce shopping carts along with AR & AP management.


Complete B2B communication

Like in every business maintaining a sense of transparency goes a long way in forging stronger bonds. Likewise, enterprises have to maintain a clear record of their accounts, scheduled documents, inventories and much more in order to be clear in terms of their existing scenario and plan in accordance with their resources.

Account management is an important aspect for an enterprise as they have to keep a record of their purchase orders, inventory and expenses for proper business planning. Thus sending out such invoices on time is pre-requisite for timely account management. The detailed account information will also help them to plan their strategy and plan for better development
Enterprise Billing Software is the best solution to manage all the complex tasks with ease. It takes care of all your accounts and pending payments and helps you to manage your inventory efficiently. This way you can see a stark growth in your efficiency and productivity of your business processes.

In A Nutshell

• Manage invoices, purchase orders and expenses with ease.
• Send out all documents in a timely manner.
• Send and receive purchase orders and estimates and convert them into invoices.
• Manage buyers and vendors in a single dashboard.


Improve productivity with custom work-flow management

Every enterprise has its own established hierarchy which facilitates its workflow. This brings their staff members together and improves their communication in order to make the processes smoother and more fruitful.

With custom invoicing software like Invoicera you can create custom workflows for your firm. Set authorities and approve your staff members for creating an in-house invoice approval workflow on a single platform.

Keep track of your employees’ productivity and set tasks for them. Manage all your staff members, projects and data through one single platform for better management in a 3 layered secured environment

In A Nutshell

• Derive a custom workflow for your business.
• Establish an in-house invoice approval process to send accurate invoices in one go.
• Keep a track of all your staff members, projects and data from a single platform in a secure environment


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The enterprises require custom billing software that can keep the pace of business. The profitability of any account depends on the cash flow. The key factor for the revenue growth in enterprises includes new technological advances with innovative solutions to gain the overall competitive advantage.
Invoicera is one of the best enterprise billing software available in the market. With an experience of 16+ years and an ever-growing user base of 3 million users worldwide. Invoicera is widely appreciated for its features and customer services.

Simply manage your business processes with the best custom billing software. Invoicera automates your work and helps you reduce time and costs for better productivity. Having delivered 100’s of projects and maintaining a high customer satisfaction rate, Invoicera is perfect as your next invoicing partner.


enterprise billing software



Top Travel Agency Challenges and its Expert Solutions: Case Study


“Traveling an extra mile for your convenience”

Tourism is emerging as one of the biggest human resource absorbing sectors providing millions of job opportunities, investment opportunities, and business avenues for travel agencies. Acting as an intermediary or even one-stop solution for clients, travel agencies have to cater to a large audience on a daily basis along with humongous data management.

Trade experts predict that the travel industry is expected to reach revenue of $1.7 trillion by the year 2022. With such a booming sector, the stakes are often quite high! Despite being one of the largest business domains, travel business owners face several issues on a daily basis. One of them is their recurrent billing and serving a huge client base.

Invoicera was made familiar to the existing conundrum of these travel agencies through one of our clients. They came with several invoicing problems along with challenges to manage their staff, vendors, and clients. Every business tries its best to capture maximum market share in order to extend the best in industry services, but such challenges often render them helpless to overpowering issues.


Here are some of the Travel agency challenges which were presented before us.


Challenge 1: Huge Client Base but no effective management tool

Travel agencies enjoy a huge client base and their business operation runs throughout the year across national borders. The request for the services could be either made online, offline or even through mobile apps. They not only have to manage the data but also make their processes faster for enhances efficiency.

Our client came with the issue of data management wherein, he had to send timely invoices to recurrent clients along with tour package details, currency conversion rate, city tax inclusions and much more on a single platform.
As discussed above, travel agencies serve to a huge client base and sometimes acts as an intermediary between the vendors and customers. Hence separate dedicated portals are required for efficient management.


Invoicera created an all in one portal for the client which had the following features:

>>>Importable client list into the Invoicera account with relevant details.

>>>Dedicated space for client service for enhanced efficiency.

>>>Issue Purchase Orders which can be converted into Invoices.

>>>The agent can access all the services and bookings done in the past.

>>>Late payment addition, Credit notes were issued if there was an advance payment.

>>>Healthy cash flow through regular payments are done online.


Let us have a Quick View of this Video to know Challenges and its Solution

Challenge 2– Unable to cater to recurrent accounts

Most of the travelers have become smart nowadays and are now fully aware of their packages. Agencies always try to satisfy the needs of their recurrent clients in order to ensure smoother cashflow and better management of the client’s account. Payment management is yet another issue in such scenarios.

As an all-round travel agency, our client had the motive to serve as many requests as they can. Most of their customers were business firms that had frequent travelers along with tourists bookings. In such a scenario, the customers had to be billed on a regular basis.


This was achieved by setting up an in-house bespoke recurrent billing software which generated invoices on the basis of time conditions. This automated billing software was able to manage the frequency of invoices in order to build a reliable relationship.

The client could also send regular payment reminders and late fees in case of late payments. All the pending, approved and received payments can be tracked through custom reports for better analysis along with acute record-keeping in real-time.


Challenge 3– Adding their charges and taxes to the invoice


challenges of online travel agency


The traditional invoices which are generated are subjected to the legal systems of the native country. In such a case, the uncustomized invoices become a mess as they have to customize as per the laws and regulations of the destination country. The taxes, charges, duties, etc have to be added in the invoice beforehand to avoid any trouble upon reaching.

Often times, travel agencies extend their services as a third party in which they act as a medium between the customer and booking agency. In such scenarios, they often have to add their own service charge to the invoice. For example, an agent booked a package from your firm for one of his clients. Hence while giving out the invoice to your agent, you would add your nominal service charge, profits, and relevant taxes too. This could only be done if the agency has to sole authority to edit their invoices.


 We created a self-serving portal for our client wherein every field of the invoice could be edited as per the norms of the agency. They could customize the details which could be added to the invoice, such as taxes, charges and much more to send invoices at a lightning-fast speed.


Challenge 4– Currency and Language barrier

The tourism business is one of the largest growing trends catering to huge market share right from leisure tourists to business professionals. Business tourism is not just about global connectivity but is also seen as a viable income option as well.

Since international tourism is on the rise, hence there is an emerging need to customize our invoices as per the language and currency system of the client’s country. An ineffective system would hamper our client’s ability to target the global market and clientele leaving their customers confused in a foreign local.

If the invoice is created in a language and denomination system local to the client, then it becomes difficult for them to adopt the legacy systems of their destination country.


In order to bridge this gap, custom invoicing software was created which allowed them to fix this issue.

In order to facilitate their invoicing, the client could now send invoices in the language which was native to their customers. They could choose from a group of international languages for effective communication. Not only this, but they could send their invoices as per the denomination system of the customer’s country.
Invoicera comes with more than 30+ integrated payment gateways, thus receiving or sending money will never be a problem irrespective of their location anywhere in the world. They could even track their payments through filtered tracking and update their invoices in real-time if necessary.


Challenge 5– Tedious Invoicing Process


challenges of online travel agency


As discussed above, the travel agency invoices have to be detailed for effective communication. They have to send recurring bills to their regular clients and also have to do regular follow-ups for payments.

In case of late payment, it could lead to an imbalanced account leading to a cash crunch. Hence they again need an efficient expense management tool that could help them in managing their expense reports, financial forecasting and tailor-made reports for effective analysis.

Since our client had an international user base too, hence it was of grave importance to provide a fruitful solution to their predicaments which could have had an adverse impact on their business. Huge staked were in front of us as the software had to be customized completely as per their needs and integrate it into their existing systems. Along with all the challenges, providing them secure data hosting cloud storage was also important to avoid data theft or leakage.


We created an all in one invoicing software for our client which provided one-stop solutions to them. Invoicera comes with an efficient expense management system that allowed the client to maintain balanced accounts through custom reports. Invoicera also provided 60+ integration into their existing ERP & CRM systems to facilitate smoother workflow

The custom financial reports came in handy for financial forecasting helping them to strategize better for their business. These custom reports could be filtered as per the given attributions, thus simplifying the whole invoicing process and sending lightning-fast invoices in one click.

Do you want to know about solutions done through Invoicera?

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Invoicera banks upon its 14+ years of experience in this domain, very well knowing what our client wants. The custom billing software made it possible for them to utilize their resources to the maximum along with enhancing their overall productivity. 

Invoicera takes pride in providing our clients with an expert software solution in a limited time. Through customized software integrated into their existing legacy systems, Invoicera provided them features like custom billing, client management, recurring billing, expense management, multi-language and currency, payment management, customized invoicing along several others feature with one of the most trusted client service satisfaction. 

After some regular follow-ups, the client appreciated our efforts and told us how they have simplified their business process and made it faster almost by 40%. Switch to the best invoicing software appreciated by over 3+ million users worldwide.



12 Survival Tips for your Business

Business strategy

It’s been found in a study that around 20% of businesses face failure in the first year, around 33% by the second year and around only 50% of businesses are able to continue till the fifth year.

Therefore, you must know some business survival tips for your small business survival in tough times.

In the market, competition, recession, and other factors like the nonadaptive motion towards upcoming technology can affect your business negatively. In such tough business circumstances, a promising business strategy comes into play to show you light towards your journey.

Having considered such critical situations, we have prepared a list of 12 business survival tips for your business.

So, calm your nerves and read them one by one for your better understanding.


12 business survival tips for your business:


1. Pay attention to your finances

The best way to keep your company afloat in tough times is to pay attention to your finances. You mustn’t bank on your accountants or bookkeepers completely to make financial reports, as it is also your responsibility.

To make your business survive, you must have a deep understanding of your financial reports. You must know how your business runs, and the best way to do so is to see your finances with an eagle eye.

The more familiar you are with these financial reports, the easier it will be for you to spot the ways to improve your business.

These reports let you know where you can make some cuts for your business survival.


2. Don’t be Idle


business -survival

Doing nothing means inching towards the closure of your business. But, if you keep on searching for new avenues, then you might find a new project or win some new clients, which will give your confidence a boost.

Moreover, you must remember that you are the head member of your business family, if you stop doing anything, then all your employees will lose faith, which means your business can be on the verge of closure.

Even if you don’t find new clients or projects, be happy and energetic to motivate your employees and preserve an air of positivity in your workplace.

When your employees feel that all is okay in your business, then they will stay with you much longer, thus you can retain them.

Retaining employees is a very big challenge for small businesses as 13% of small businesses have issues in recruiting and retaining employees, according to a study.


3. Save Time & Money

13% of small businesses are unable to manage their time properly found in a research report. Wasting time on trivial things prevent businessmen from conceiving a great idea for their business and doing other important tasks.

Therefore, you must start saving your time and money as much as you can. Let’s take an example:

Your accountant spends too much time by going to every employee worked on a particular project for project expense details, putting that on paper, making a draft bill, checking it properly, and when finding it right, sending it to the customer/client.

However, if you have invoicing software for small business, then you can get your whole invoicing process customized as per your business requirements and convenience.

Doing so, not only you will save a tremendous amount of time, but you will also save money spent on ink, pen, paper, postage, and the like.

The time and money saved can be used in something feasible to take your business out of such complicated vertex.


4. Try something new



If what you are doing is unable to give you the expected results, then try something new and different. Remember that doing something new is like painting your business wall with creativity.

You’d better step out of your comfort zone. So, take advantage of this and do something different to know whether it works or not.

It may happen that your experiment or risk can set you apart from your business rivalries, and you create something incredible that can take your business to your intended level.


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5. See the positive side of tough times

Although tough times make small business survival extremely difficult, you should remember that every coin has two sides, thus pay heed to the positive side of tough times.

In such times, many businessmen become nervous and pack their bag and baggage to leave the market, thus making it impossible for you to take try out new avenues and business models

Try to bank your investments and policies to avoid any crash crunch. In order to stride through such adverse times, try to resort to the traditional method of community outreach to spread the word out

Such times also force us to innovate and renew our business model and look out for the things which can be improved. Take tough times as an opportunity to reflect back and emerge as a better firm.


6. Keep existing customers happy at any cost

The best business survival step in tough times is to not lose your existing customers at any cost. Your customer service must be immune to such hard times.

In such situations, your loyal and existing customers are targetted by your competitors. In short, it is your test to show how well you can manage your customers by communicating, engaging, and last but not least fulfilling their current expectations.


7. Have some cash available


small business survival


According to some research, it came to surface that 33% of small businesses have cash flow/ capital issues.

In periods of crisis, you must be assured that you can take advantage of fleeting opportunities by having some cash reserve. Always maintain a minimum cash reserve ratio from your returns for such time. While setting up a business, always procure insurance policies beforehand as they come in handy. Back up your business with reliable sponsors and investors and don’t forget to frequently review your finances

Apart from that, have some savings and liquidating stock holdings for future use. If you can ask your family members for that, then don’t step back from doing so.

As a small business owner, you must have access to cash or a way to get funds to survive in tough times. And, remember that there is no substitute for cash.


8. Avoid negative people and thoughts

There is a proverb is English ‘if you lay down with dogs you get up with fleas’. This time, you need to be strong, and if anything like negative thoughts or people fill your mind with negativity, then avoid such people or thoughts.

You should better start spending time with positive people, which will bring a positive attitude to your life. Attending seminars, having online training, reading inspiring stories, and the like can work wonders for you.

And, always keep in mind that your positive attitude is your best companion at such times.


9. Invest in the business

One of the best survival tips is that you’d better start investing in your business. It’s wise to get your website upgraded, train your employees, buy new technology, and so on.

Doing something exciting will make your workplace atmosphere exciting and energetic. It means that you will not lose enthusiasm, thus raising your employees’ confidence.


10. Partner your local area business

If you have a lack of customers, then make other businesses’ customers your own customers. Let’s have an example to make it crystal-clear:

If you run a restaurant business, have a tie-up with a local function organizer in your area. Put up your food stall in their function to promote your restaurant cuisine and make some money from their customers.

By doing this, you can have more customers and your restaurant cuisines can reach out to more people, thus helping you have some earnings in such tough times to keep your business afloat.


11. Meet those having similar experiences

Having someone who has gone through the same experience can guide you best for your business survival. All you have to do is to be honest with them, tell them the exact problem, and what you need.

They will not take your problem, but advice from them and knowing their experience will give you some motivation and zeal to face such business challenges.


12. Put your whole journey on paper

business survival

Many businessmen often feel terrified of such business challenges come from a recession, unbearable competition, and the like, but they forget that this is the most valuable period for them.

Putting all on paper: the challenges you faced, how you overcame them, who supported you, what didn’t help you, what you needed, how much time a particular problem took, and the likes will prepare you for the next battle.

Moreover, whenever you feel devoid of hope or positive attitude in the future, read your whole business survival journey to convert your negativity into positivity.


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Let’s sum up

In this blog, we put before you 12 business survival tips for your business. We also used some stats and examples for your confusion-free understanding.

You can make your business survive in tough times by trying something new, paying attention to your finances, spending time with positive people, avoiding doing nothing, saving, and the like.

We also told you how billing software for small business can help you save your precious time and money, which can be invested in something feasible for your business survival and growth in such tough circumstances.



XML file to Invoice: How Invoicera Bridged the Gap – Case Study


Every thriving business which has commercial authority across the globe suffers from one major problem which put their whole business model into managerial jeopardy!

As per reports, approximately 2 quintillions of data are created every day!. According to some expert comments, Data production will be 44 times greater in 2020 than it was in 2009. With such humongous data being generated on a daily basis, several businesses face a major hurdle of data management and easy conversion into a readable format.

We at Invoicera caters to multiple types of business, wherein we strive hard to provide them with customized solutions to their business predicaments. One such challenge came in front of us when an Australia based travel company requested our expertise in converting their data files into invoices that could be sent to their prospective clients.

The stakes were high as the data was predominantly in XML, CSV and Excel format and had to be retrieved from their GDS in order to be sent as an invoice along with their own requirements and necessary customizations.

Here are the Preliminary Challenges Client was facing:


Challenge 1- Conversion of XML files

Extensive Markup Language or XML data files which are primarily text-based data. It is a machine-readable file generated mostly for easy readability by computers or crawlers.

XML parsing leaves no room for any error as its rules are absolute. The absence of a declaration statement or un-nested content hierarchy could lead to a chaotic interpretation of the data.

Remember, XML is not about presentation but just about carrying data, hence any discrepancy in proper tagging or presence of root elements leads to a problematic concern for the client to import it in his preferred file format


Challenge 2- Limited options to handle such files

As mentioned above XML files are not easy to parse. Despite limited software available to open such files, most of them fail to provide an option for it to be converted into an invoice.

Due to limited options, even Comma Separated Files or CSV are difficult to convert and had to be parsed keeping its schematic canonicalization intact.

Conversion from CSV files: If you have been using this file format for years or you have just started, you must be knowing several common challenges everybody faces. CSV files are again very prone to improper file formatting and can be a definite hindrance.
CSV files are usually created with the data separated by comma (,). Usually, excel is used to open and edit such files but due to its extensive features, it can change its formatting which will hamper its ability to convert to and from a CSV format.


Challenge 3- Humongous Undefined Data

As all businesses generate massive data on a daily basis. It becomes imperative to define the field, set up a hierarchy, and classify your data as per your business’ nomenclature.

Data retrieved from GDS is hard to manage since it could be unclassified which means no proper management in defining its nomenclature has been followed. Due to absence nomenclature, the data becomes clustered and is difficult to be differentiated as per the field in Invoices.


Challenge 4- Huge Backlog


Due to mismanagement of data, the data become too chaotic to handle. There was a huge backlog of data that has to be parsed into an invoice. Often at such times, the tasks have to be completed with utmost sincerity as even the slightest formatting abnormality could lead to file corruption or data deletion

With such grave challenges in front of us, we had to create a customized solution that is easily readable, editable and user-friendly for both machines and humans.

As always, we discussed at length about how to create a customized solution that will add to the convenience of our clients.


Here are our expert solution provided to our client:


Solution 1- Simplified Process

The biggest challenge in this project was the complexity posed by the conversion of file formats as per the client’s choice. Hence Invoicera developed a fully functioning custom invoice software that simplified the whole conversion process.

With its customized solution, the client could easily parse their data which was previously in XML, CSV or excel process into their preferred format which could directly be converted into invoices. The conversion would parse the data file into an easy to read and edit file format rendering easy invoice generations.


Solution 2-Highly Secured Environment

Data theft or loss is a major issue for businesses. At invoicera, we understand the importance of your data and hence we created a smart digital solution that will not only simplify their invoicing process but also save their data in a cloud-based storage system.
In our customized software, we provided the client with the following features:

Three Layered Security: Providing three layers of security to provide maximum security to your details in order to avoid any theft or breach

  • Two Factor Authentication wherein along with your basic username and password for login, the user now will need to authenticate through google authenticator for additional security
  • Set of Eight Security Questions Login serialized in order to authenticate who is using the account
  • Save IP Address for Staff Members for future reference.


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All these factors were instrumental in creating a cloud-based highly secured system
for the client’s data.


Solution 3-Customized Solutions


The aim was to provide a satisfactory environment wherein the client could exercise its own authority. Hence as per the requirements, here are several customized options are given to the client for their invoice generation.

  • Add tags to custom invoices.
  • Add their own charges and taxes as required by their national government.
  • Add their own commission tab into the invoice.
  • Add custom fields for easy data classification.
  • Filtered invoices segregation along with systematic record-keeping.
  • Send invoices directly to customers through emails.


Solution 4- Easy to Recall Invoice System

We understand how important it is to keep a tab of your invoices for account management. Hence we created a unique customized software that can be easily sorted and filtered.

The client can simply tag their invoices for easy classification. If needed in the future, they can easily find their invoices as per the set filters and date to view the exact invoice sent on that date. In this way, you can manage your invoice record and refer to them in the future.


Solution 5- Easy To Integrate Software

Invoicera created a custom billing software which can easily be hosted in the client’s environment without compromising on their convenience.

The bespoke invoicing software was easy to adapt to their existing legacy systems. It could be easily integrated into their existing ERP & CRM systems hosting it in their own secured premises.


Summing it up

As a client-oriented service provider, we have always strived to present the best possible solutions which can be executed by the client with the utmost ease. Like several other cases, this project too posed a series of problems that were difficult to handle. But with our hardworking and dedicated team, we were able to come up with a fruitful solution.

We worked on the lines dictated by the client and as per their needs and requirements. The project was executed in order to supplement easy file conversion from XML, CSV or Excel format into an invoice that could be directly sent online in a safe and secure format. Must refer to our case studies section to judge our potential.

Invoicera offers an array of feature extensive services for its clients which can help them in better management of their business. We hope to serve you soon!



How can E-payment and E-invoicing help you grow your business?


According to a study, it was found that e-invoicing software can bring unbelievable positive changes to a company. It is because paper invoicing takes more time, money, and effort of accountants in comparison to generating electronic invoices using an invoicing system. Let’s know it clearly with stats given below:

Improvement in the areas Positive results

Billing processing cost                                                         30-90% less
Invoice processing time                                                        65% less
Accounts payable labor                                                        25-40% less
On-time payment                                                                  15-59% more


Data source:

Having such positive changes can help you take your business to the next level. Due to saving effort, time, energy, and money, your business management will be as easy as a walk in the park.

Now, you must be wondering how. So, keep reading this blog to know 10 ways e-payment and e-invoicing can help you scale your business.


10 ways e-payment and e-invoicing can help your business grow:


1. E-invoicing process takes less time



Your invoice processing will be reduced by 65%, as shown in the stats above. It means if you take 30 minutes to make a paper invoice, then you can generate an electronic invoice in 10.5 minutes.

And, your saved 19.5 minutes can be invested in something feasible like plans, meetings to create new ideas, advice from experts, learning new skills, looking for new clients, and the like for your business growth.

Apart from that, the more time your employees have, the better the market analysis they can do, which means you can take risks after a thorough and proper study of the market for your business growth.


2. Saves Money

Advanced e-invoicing solutions can help you save around 30 to 90 percent of the cost spent on the invoicing process as shown above. It is because you don’t need to spend on ink, paper, postage, and the like.

Let’s take an example: if a paper bill costs you $10, then an electronic invoice can be generated in $1, helping you save $9. So, if you spend $1000 per month in paper invoicing, then you can save $900 per month by spending only $100 per month.

The more you save money, the more you will have to invest in new technologies, hiring talented and experienced employees, and taking risks for your business growth.


3. Invoices are automatically saved in the cloud


Paper invoices are subject to destruction: they can be burnt, torn off, destroyed, changed if done by somebody for their own advantage, and so on. In short, it’s risky to bank on paper invoicing. On the other hand, every invoice payment details are saved in the cloud when you use an advanced custom invoicing billing system. You and your clients, if having any doubt, can check the details of a particular invoice just by logging in to their accounts to remove such doubts.

And, such problems or potential conflicts will be dissolved in a while, resulting in a healthy relationship with your clients.


4. Send invoices instantly and securely

Digital invoices can be sent to your customers at lightning speed, which means they will receive the bill quickly which, in turn, will make them pay quickly. As far as security is concerned, custom invoicing software like Invoicera comes with the three-layered advanced security system. It leaves no opportunity for hackers to access your account.

As a result, your clients’ details are safe, and their trust in you will become unshakable if you go for an online invoice payment system.


5. Convenience for your customers without any charge


No matter where your clients are and at what time they want to pay, they can pay you just using their fingertips. All they have to do is to access their account via cell phone device or desktop/laptop.

Moreover, they don’t have to pay any charge for that. In a nutshell, they are not charged for 24*7 service and online payment benefits.


Take a quick view of 10 Ways E-payment and E-invoicing that help your business grow 

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6. Easily managed

There is an increase in e-invoicing needs for the business not only because it is more secure, but it is also easily managed. Paper invoicing puts you in need of having some physical space to keep files, but all your business-related and clients’ data is saved in the cloud when you choose invoicing software for e-invoicing and e-payments.

And, you can manage all just by using your fingers, you don’t have to trouble yourself by finding a particular file from the bunch of innumerable files. Modern e-invoicing software allows you to have all your clients’ details on a dashboard, which means you can see everything related to the transaction with clients.

In a nutshell, you don’t have to spend much of your precious time preparing bills and checking payment and transaction details of clients.


7. Remind Customers to Pay You



E-invoicing software not only allows you to accept payments online but it also automatically sends payment reminders to your clients before the due date. Having a payment reminder makes possible for your clients to arrange money or be prepared to pay your bills on time to avoid late payment charges. This results in your healthier cash flow, and your business is never devoid of money.


8. Easily search a particular invoice

Modern invoicing software comes with a search bar in which you have to type the name of a client, and all their details will be available on the screen. It consumes very less time in comparison to paper invoicing in which we have to search a file from the pile of files and turn the pages to look for a particular detail.

In a nutshell, finding particular invoice details is no more a headache, as it is at fingertips when using such advanced systems.


9. Faster Payments

When you accept online payments, then your clients can pay you from anywhere just by having a cell phone or laptop. In a study, it was found that customers pay you two to three times faster due to mobile invoicing. Therefore, e-invoicing is the finest way to remind them to pay you and get paid.

So, sending them invoices on mobile is better for faster payments, resulting in healthy cash flow.


10. Regular payments

It is the fact that most people prefer to pay online by using a mobile phone, as mobile payments seem to grow at 23.2% compound annual growth rate by 2020. Therefore, it’s better to receive online payments to allow your customers to pay you with their mobiles. Due to this, they will pay you regularly, which will bring you regular payments from them.

Regular payments will give you an exact idea of your revenue, thus allowing you to brace up for any financial risk for the growth of your company by exactly knowing your company’s financial condition.



In this blog, we told you about the e-payments and e-invoicing benefits for your business growth.

Some of the benefits of using e-invoicing software are faster payments, regular payments, easily finding a particular invoice, time-saving, saving money, data safety, convenience to your clients without any charge, and so on.

We also told you that online invoicing software like Invoicera comes with 3-layered advanced security to assure you that your business and clients’ data is more secure.

Want to grow your small business? 5 Must Have Tools to Install Today!

Must have tools

When you own a small business, you have to spend every single penny wisely, as it is the most important resource to survive in this competitive era.

82% of businesses fail due to lack of money, and 55% of businessmen consider cash flow as the biggest challenge in growing their business.

To cope with the cash flow management issues, you can purchase some custom invoicing software coming with features like AR & AP management about which you will read below in detail.

Moreover, there are also some other helpful tools for small businesses that can assist you in reaching a wider range of audience, increasing revenue, and running your day-to-day business operations quickly and comfortably.

Now, the following question must strike your mind: what are the must-have tools for your small business growth, and how can they help you in growing a small business?

Let’s know such technological tools for business and their roles in its prosperity and growth one by one.


Five must-have tools to grow your small business


1. AR & AP Management tool

As mentioned above, cash is the most important resource to run a business. So, how can you maintain your company’s cash flow?

The answer to this question lies in choosing an ideal custom AR & AP management software. It is because this software will allow you to know how much you owe and spend, thus preventing you from spending too much.

Furthermore, automatic AP management can help you save a few dollars per bill, dependent on your company size.

If you are not financially strong to buy one, then custom billing software tools like Invoicera come with features like AR & AP management feature which not only generates invoices in less than 3 minutes but also helps you keep an eye on your accounts receivable and payable.

Having so, you will exactly know your accounts payable and receivable, which will also help make plans and take risks for your business betterment and growth after having a clear idea of your company’s financial condition at a particular time.


| Read About: How a customized AR & AP software help Businesses to Improve Cashflow


2. Social Media Tools 

Technological tools for business


Almost all businesses engage with their customers on social media, if you are not, then you are losing a golden opportunity to reach a large number of potential and existing customers, thus being unable to earn more from them.

As per, social media turns out to be the second most used digital marketing medium, as 61% of small businesses use this platform to reach and engage customers.

Only being present on social media is not enough. To earn your customers’ loyalty, your company needs to be in touch with your customers, talk to them about their interests and needs to prepare your services or products according to that, make them feel that they are not merely a source of earning money for you, and the like.

To meet your purpose, let’s take an example of the famous social media platform Skype. It allows you to send documents at a lightning speed, even during a call. It comes with multi-tools like phone, video, and chat allowing you to come closer to your potential and existing clients/customers.

This will bolster the relationship between both of you, and your customers will not move their eyeballs anywhere else. So, it deserves a place in the list of must-have tools for business.


3. CRM

Without customers, your business is like a fish out of water, unable to survive for a long time. To keep your customers retained and satisfied you need CRM software.

The CRM software is a platform which can connect your different departments, from customer service to marketing to sales, and the like together.

Moreover, it can organize their notes, activities, and metrics into a system. And, every person using this can easily and directly access the client data they need within a short while.

Having a CRM system, you not only get unbeatable coordination among your business different departments and teams, but you are also able to give your customers unquestionable service due to having an exact idea of their requirements and expectations by knowing their details very well.

In a nutshell, a CRM system allows you to have indubitable coordination among your different departments and teams to handle your current and potential customers conveniently.

One of the most trusted CRMs is HubSpot CRM, which is free with uncountable users and no expiry date.


4. Staff management system 


Best tools for small business


One of the most demanded technology tools for business is the staff management system, as it can make possible for a businessman to know their employees’ capability, efficiency, and sincerity.

Invoicera, a renowned custom invoice software system comes with staff management features that can facilitate your employee presence and absence record check. Moreover, you can also access your employees’ records and assess their performance easily using this tool, thus knowing exactly who deserves what.

Having a clear idea of every employee’s actual value, you will be able to assign them tasks after considering its size and complexity as per their capability and dedication. Thus, there will be no obstacle between your business and its growth.


5. Marketing tools 

Marketing tools are a boon to small business owners. Using them, you can manage data insights, digital and content marketing. With a marketing tool, it will be almost impossible for you to create a strategy to reach your potential customers.

Moreover, such tools will also make possible for you to know exactly your conversion rate, current market conditions, and helpful digital metrics to make you capable of leaving your competitors behind.

For your better understanding, we give you an example of two renowned digital marketing tools: Ahrefs, Mailchimp, and SEMrush.


Ahrefs: Using Ahrefs, you can easily know where your competitors get traffic, where they rank for particular keywords in Google search, their backlink numbers, those who link to their websites and so on.

MailChimp: MailChimp is a famous software tool that can help you create and handle mailing lists, newsletters, automated campaigns, and the like. Using this tool, you can have full control over your email marketing activity from the beginning to the end.

SEMrush: It is the most recommended SEO tool by SEO specialists for new business owners. It can allow you to have organic keyword research, keep track of competitors’ data, and build backlinks to take your business to the next level.


Take a quick view of the tools that can grow your business

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Let’s Sum Up: 

We hope this blog to have familiarized you with five must-have tools to grow your business. Technological tools like CRM, staff management software, social media tools, AP and AR software and the like are regarded as the best tools for small business growth.

Moreover, you shouldn’t forget that Invoicera, a custom billing software system for business comes with features like AR & AP management and staff management.

Not only it makes possible for you to generate invoices quickly, but it also allows you to keep track of your staff activities and your accounts payable and receivable easily. Thus, your small business management will be no longer a headache for you, and you can take it to your intended destination without any trouble.



8 Tips to Improve Your Accounts Payable Management


‘A penny saved is a penny earned’ is a proverb in English. This brainy quote is enough to make you take your company’s accounts payable management more seriously.

You must know that 82% of startups fail because of poor cash flow. Therefore, you should have a serious consideration of all factors affecting your cash flow. And, accounts payable is a very important one.

For your business growth, only making handsome profits is not sufficient, you must spend your every single penny wisely. If you don’t, then you will lose more than your earnings. So, handle your accounts payable carefully.

Manual handling of AP consumes a great deal of time, as you have to correct innumerable errors, as humans are prone to errors. Therefore, banking on an advanced AP management software is wise.

According to some research, AP automation can help you save $16 or more, which depends on your company size.

So, moving to advanced technology for the proper management of accounts payable is prudent and necessary for your business growth and sustainability.

Including that, we will acquaint you with 8 tips to improve your accounts payable management. Let’s know them one by one.

How to improve your accounts payable management:


1. Healthy Relationships With Vendors


Your accounts payable management is highly dependent on your relationships with your vendors. The better the relationships, the more benefits you will have.

This bond can help you with many issues like needing supplies immediately, getting your due dates delayed, and being able to take advantage of discounts and tempting offers before your competitors.

You should make your all-out effort in paying your vendors on time. If unable to do so, be open and inform them.  This will bridge the gap between both of you.

Furthermore, you’d better be prepared to find a solution to any issue coming to harm your relationship. Never hesitate to discuss a payment plan that can benefit both of you and bolster the professional bond.

The best thing about this is that your vendors can help you broaden your business network by introducing you to other influential ones.


2. Paying Bills Early

It’s wise to pay bills on time, but it’s much wiser to pay bills early. Doing so, you will leave a different and long-lasting impression on your vendors.

To keep you retained and delighted, they will always offer your tempting offers and enticing discounts, which can help you pay less and save more.


3. Have some cash in reserve

When financial crises befall you, then making payments on time becomes harder for you. But, having some cash in reserve can help you do so, thus saving your reputation from being spoilt.

An emergency can knock anyone’s door, so be prepared for that by having a cash reserve. Get business savings account open and fill it with money bit by bit for use in a financial emergency.

When you run out of money, this cash reserve will turn out to be a true companion of yours to help you make payments in such tough times.


4. Be prepared to tackle accounts payable fraud



Accounts payable fraud can put your business in peril. Your evil-minded vendors or dishonest employees can play a big role here.

Many unknown vendors are created in an accounts payable system, and companies pay such fake vendors, who have not or never rendered any services or products to the company.

To deal with such complicated issues, you’d better establish system parameters in place, which will not enable the creation of any new vendor without proper diligence.

If a new vendor is required to be created in the system, then all should be done after having full proof of the vendors’ existence, and the services or products taken from them.

You must make sure that setting up a new vendor in the accounts payable system must take place by having multiple levels of approval, which will keep the chances of fraud almost none.


5. Don’t lay a burden on your CFO (chief financial officer)

Don’t expect your CFO to check the authenticity of a bill. It is because their mind is already filled with the workload, they don’t have enough time to assemble all the checks and verify their accuracy.

And, depending upon them to a considerable extent can negatively affect your accounts payable management.

If you automate your accounts payable processes, then their workload can be cut. All they have to do is to check the bill amounts and sign for payment release.

It is the duty of your accounts payable team to collect all invoices to be paid and get the cheques printed and approved by the heads of your department. After that, they should be put before your CFO for signature.


6. Do not pay invoices before receiving product or service

In haste or workload, the heads of accounts payable department make the payment of any services or products before receiving them.

It lessens the available cash your company has. Moreover, chances of accounts payable frauds are more in such situations. Even your own employees can take advantage of this act of negligence by accompanying dishonest vendors to make some money.

Therefore, before releasing any payment, it’s wise to ensure that the delivery of the ordered product or service is not remaining.


7. Using Accounts Payable Software

As per Ardent Partners, 47% of AP professionals find lengthy processing time as their biggest challenge.

When you automate your accounts payable process by adopting an accounts payable software, then you become paperless. And, you deal with all your company’s analog bills and payment activities using computer systems or mobile phones.

Furthermore, you will also have all your purchase and payment approval process automated, which will save a great deal of time. Your all accounts payable activity will be cloud-based, safer, easily accessible via computers or cell phones. Also, click to know more about account payable process improvement ideas.

This will allow your managers to monitor your accounts payable activities any time, pay on time, and make financial decisions considering the current cash flow condition of the company.


8. Ease your vendors’ burden

To make your accounts payable more influential and efficient, you must bank on technology to get connected with your key suppliers.

If you routinely need to order bulk purchases from your suppliers, you’d better link them into your accounts payable and inventory network by means of a supplier/vendor portal.

This portal will make easier for you to track inventory supplies and automate payments for your vendors.

Having so, your accounts payable management can be simplified to a considerable extent. It will also assure you that your company has a ready supply of inventory, which is very important for your company.


Know, why are businesses choosing custom software for AR an AP management


Let’s Conclude all: 

Your clear interpretation of the importance of accounts payable management and 8 tips to improve it is our purpose.

These 8 tips to improve your accounts payable management include easing your suppliers’ burden, using cutting-edge accounts payable software, healthy relationships with vendors, and the like.

We also provided you with some stats to give you an idea of how automation of accounts payable management can help you save both money and time, which can be invested in something feasible for the betterment of your company.



10 Big Advantages of accepting payments online for small business

Accepting payments online for small business has turned out to be ideal. Why?

The answer to your question lies in the statistics given.


The following stats will make clear to you how the method of accepting payments online is ruling the world by having more and more users:

  1. WeChat has over 1 billion active users as per Tencent (Jan 2019).
  2. Alipay has over 1 billion active users according to Alipay (Jan 2019). 
  3. Paypal has 250 million active users by PayPal (Sep 2018). 
  4. Apple Pay has 383 million users according to Loup Ventures (Feb 2019). 
  5. Amazon Pay has 50 million users as per Evercore ISI (May 2018).


Nowadays, time is money, and nobody wants to waste it by physically visiting a shop or having bargaining with salesmen to buy something.

So, more and more customers are choosing online shopping. As per a study in Parade Magazine, more than 85% of online users have purchased something online.

Having known this, you must start accepting payments online to retain such customers, thus allowing them to transact with your business, which, in turn, will increase your sales.

The benefits of accepting payments online for small business don’t end here. Keep going down to fill your mind with more benefits of receiving payments online.


10 big advantages of accepting payments online for small business:


1. Receive Payments Instantly 


accepting payments online small business


The biggest advantage of accepting payments online for small business is that it can get payments conveniently and instantly.

Automated invoicing software accepts online payments in a short while. It eliminates all the barriers that either eat out too much time or prevent the payment receiving process, resulting in receiving payments much faster.


2. Offer your customers last-minute deals 

Sometimes, you have tempting offers and discounts to grab your customers’ attention and increase your sales, but offline shopping consumes a great deal of time your customers in shopping, making them unable to buy from you.

On the other hand, online shopping method can allow your customers to buy the product or service with discounts from you even in the last minutes of the limited offer period. How?

When they come across your product or service online, they just have to use their fingertips to place their order. The order and online payment process will not take more than 10 to 20 minutes in buying an item online.

This way, your tempting offers, and discounts can help you boost your sales.


3. Attract more buyers providing convenience


online payment systems for small business


Online shopping allows your customers to buy from you whether they are having dinner, at work, or traveling on buses or trains, as per their time and convenience.

If you learn how to accept payment online for your website, then your online customers can purchase your product or service without any inconvenience like standing in a long queue or giving up an important task for shopping.

The easier the purchase process, the more chances you will have of converting your website viewers into your customers.


4. Have a Competitive Edge 

The modern era is empowered with the Internet. Everybody, regardless of their financial status, has a smartphone, allowing them to shop online easily.

Due to this, the competition of selling something online is at its peak. But, you can deal with this unbearable competition by facilitating the payment process.

The easier payment process you provide, the more customers you can reach to offer them enticing offers and discounts to boost your sales.

Doing it will help you crush your business rivalries.


5. Help your customers save a lot 

We all are aware of the fact that your customers don’t have to pay any extra charge if they pay by cash, but going to shops or stores devours their time, energy, and sometimes money.

Even paying by cheque also needs postage, which must be irritating for any customer. However, when you receive payments online, usually, there are no fees or very little ones to swipe the card or pay online.


6. Broadening Your Business Reach


best way to receive payment online


Accepting payments online for a small business like yours is the ideal way to broaden its business reach. Even a local business can reach a large number of customers who are ready to pay online, thus having a golden chance to earn without being affected by geographical limits.


7. Easy and Fast Setup

It will not get on your nerves and take your too much time to set up a system to receive an online payment. You just need to feed some necessary data.

Furthermore, there are innumerable service providers today, known for offering affordable plans with zero setup fee, sometimes very low transaction rates. So, the setup of a software system to get payments online is not a headache anymore.


8. Customize the Payment Process 

A large number of online payment software systems come with customizable APIs and even plug-ins having famous third-party apps like WooCommerce.

It allows your business to customize the billing process as per its specific needs and advantages.


9. Handle Subscriptions Conveniently 

If you run a subscription-based business, then using the advanced payment receiving system can remind your subscribers of payment automatically and on time.

Many software solutions come with innumerable payment gateways offering a recurring billing option. It automates the entire process to collect subscriptions on time.

Such features don’t need any action on their clients’ side. It will allow you to make your customers pay you on time, easing your cash flow management.


10. Clear Transactions Quickly 

When a transaction is done online, it is cleared within one or two working days, dependent on the traffic. It facilitates your liquidity estimation, thus allowing you to make strategies and take risks as per your business financial condition for its growth.


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The purpose of writing this blog lies in your clear interpretation of 10 big advantages of accepting payments online for small business.

Online acceptance of payments allows small businesses like you to grab the attention of their customers better, build their business reputation firmly, provide their customers with the utmost convenience in shopping, and so on.

One more thing you must keep in mind is that the world is getting more and more advanced, and online shopping is making its way to the world at lightning speed.

Therefore, you must walk along with the requirements of the modern period for the survival of your business in such a competitive atmosphere.


10 Major Reasons to Choose Custom Billing Software

Enterprise billing software

Custom billing software has become a buzzword among businessmen owing to its innumerable benefits. This software can be integrated with the existing ERP and CRM systems of a company, which helps businesses get their benefits without changing their current systems.

Moreover, when it comes to dealing with data theft, the most important thing for a company is to have its control over data for safety reasons. And, custom invoicing software makes this possible for companies.

The benefits of this software don’t end here, we have made a list of 10 reasons to choose custom billing software for your better interpretation.

10 Reasons to Choose Custom Billing Software

1. Receive Payments from all over the World




Running business across all over the world has become a walk in the park, and cutting-edge advanced billing software has made it very simple for businesses, irrespective of their financial status, to receive payments from any part of the globe.

Now the question must be striking your mind is how?

Renowned software systems like Invoicera comes with over 30 payment gateways allowing you to receive payments worldwide.

Such software solutions have integration with international payment gateways like PayGate, Forte, Eway, SagePay, Ogone, BluePay, Network, Setcom, VCS, Creditcall, 2checkout, and Moneybookers.

The systems also boast integration with Canada/US payment gateways: Alipay, FirstData, Beanstream, Psigate, and Moneris.


2. Detailed Reports

You can have a detailed report of invoices by using a custom workflow solution. Moreover, custom billing software will also allow you to better know your unpaid payments to give you an idea of the financial status of the company anytime.

Such advanced custom invoice software systems can also be customized as per specific business needs to understand the influence of price or tax change in the future.


3. More Productivity by using Custom Workflow Management

An automated enterprise billing software system, which is sufficient can make the billing process much easier, thus allowing your employees to pay attention to other feasible tasks.

Online payments and automated transfers reduce the time and effort to a large extent to cope with checks from customers. Moreover, customized workflow systems and hosted solutions can be a boon for a businessman to get rid of tedious paperwork completely.

Automated billing systems are designed as per business needs to result in expected efficiencies within processes.


4. Unquestionable Safety from Data Theft

It’s a widely-known fact that cloud billing software can be easily accessed by hackers, whereas custom billing software is highly-reputed for its unquestionable safety from data theft. It is because customizable software can be controlled by us making it possible for us to prevent our data from going into wrong hands.

Having custom invoicing software like Invoicera means that we can control it completely. When we have this, we are tension-free regarding the data safety of our business and customers.

Invoicera has a three-layered security system for unquestionable safety given below one by one with an overview:

Two-factor authentication: It is an added layer of security to ensure that your account is safe from any external intervention and other probable intruders.

Security question login: It is a set of 8 personal questions created to make the security more robust that is confined only to you.

Add Staff IP Address: Security is not limited only to admin and login, but it also be given to staff. It is for the assurance that your employees are not misusing your account.

We think now it must be clear to you why custom invoicing software like Invoicera is the best choice for security.


5. Adaptability to ERP and CRM system

Custom invoicing software is designed keeping in mind the CRM and ERP systems. If an invoicing software system is adaptable to the ERP and CRM systems, then the technology can benefit you beyond your expectations.

The efficiency of a system increases when it is integrated making it capable of the ideal resource utilization. Moreover, you will have more convenience due to countless possibilities to improve your business process using API integrations.


| Know how to easily Integrate A Custom Billing Software That Automates


6. Better Customer Data Management



As we all know that it’s a must-do for every new company to know how to manage their customer data. So, it’s better to bank on modern technology-powered software systems for this purpose. Having modern and cutting-edge custom billing software allows you to store all data in one place and archive it with the utmost safety.

Moreover, Invoicera provides you with a fully dedicated client portal. You can add a list of all your clients or directly import the list to the dashboard. And, managing client details and saving them for further invoicing will be as easy as a walk in the park.

Moreover, having extra client email addresses will allow you to send invoices to multiple client contacts, and you can easily import the client list into the Invoicera account. Furthermore, you can also access and share files from a safe client portal. Some more benefits of using Invoicera are also given below:

Apart from storing customer data, you can create new records, receive and send data from other files, keep tabs on payment cycles, and save specific customer preferences.


7. Generating Multiple Invoices in one go

Owning an enterprise makes it important for you to be aware of the value and benefits of multitasking in a business. Having more than one thing done at once, if a software system makes it happen in a short period of time, then the saved time can be invested in something feasible to take the business to the next level.

If you have efficient invoicing software, then you can conveniently send a large number of invoices at the same time.


8. Keep Tabs on your Expenses Better

Invoicera, the highly-reputed software, wards off the headache of expense management. It does so by having a single tab available to manage expenses to keep an eagle eye on your accounts payables and reports.

The expense management feature in Invoicera allows you to easily maintain a record of expenses happening regularly. Moreover, you can conveniently import expense files on the Invoicera dashboard.

And, creating searchable categories and analyzing reports country-wise can be done without any nuisance.


9. Save your Valuable Time and Money


custom invoicing


It will definitely be beneficial for you if you spend on cutting-edge enterprise invoice software like Invoicera, as it helps you save a lot. Before the arrival of such advanced technologies, businesses used to rely on the postal system and fax machines to send bills to their clients. But, now the story is different because digital mediums are used for such purposes these days. It makes generating and sending invoices very cheap and time-saving.

These days, companies save a lot by not spending on paper, printing, and postage owing to the utilization of the custom billing software, in which, all these processes are automatic.

In simple words, the amount spent on buying such software can be recovered in a short period of time, and you will start taking your business to your intended level by saving your precious time and money and utilize them in something promising.


10. Save the Planet

Nobody is unfamiliar with the most-discussed issue of the world global warming. Every next year is much hotter than the last one. But, we can tackle this problem by saving trees, thus keeping the environment healthy. And, one of the best ways to do so is not to use papers to boost greenery on the planet.

Planting 20 million trees will provide us with 260 million more tons of oxygen. Furthermore, such a huge number of trees will eliminate 10 million tons of CO2, thus making life on Earth much easier.

Using custom billing software not only allows you to take your business to your expected level, but you can also save your mother Earth. Using such advanced eco-friendly software will bring more prosperity, greenery, and order in nature.

In a nutshell, you can save the planet by using non-paper invoicing technology.


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The reasons for choosing custom billing software given in this must be sufficient for you to know its benefits. From data safety, saving the planet, money and time saving, to the improved invoicing processes can help you grow your business.

The best thing about having an efficient enterprise billing system is that your saved money and time can be invested in doing something feasible. Doing so, you can broaden the horizon of your business and explore countless opportunities, which will give your business growth a boost.