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4 Challenges Eating Consultants’ Business Away



Your words have the power to let someone find new directions!

As a consultant, you’re an expert in your field with the ability to manage relationships and some ingenious abilities to manage sales, marketing, and overall administrations.

In the world of business, consultancy exists in varied shapes and sizes. The different kind of advice you give or services you offer such as strategic advice, solutions for crisis, or methods to help the company boost its productivity will decide your niche of the target audience.

When working with clients set in a particular niche you are supposed to face challenges that need constant solutions.

How to get on board new customers? Calculate the unsaid needs of your most loyal customers? How to stay ahead of competitors? Most importantly, how to manage cash flow?


Consulting the consultants today! Find solutions to your big problems:


How to Get On-Board New Customers?

As a consultant, you give out the best business advice to your clients. But you’re not a marketer or salesperson! Getting onboard new clients is as much a challenge for you as any other business in the market. It is important for you and the sustainability of your business is completely dependant on it.

The consultants are problem solvers! You’re hired to solve business problems. One the mission is complete, your job is done until the business in its long-run faces another crisis.

Such short term relations do not ensure you business for long, therefore, roping in new clients becomes important.

The best ways to find new clients is by hiring an agency to market and brand you amongst your niche. The branding will result in top of the mind recall, resulting in more clients over the period of time.


Focusing on Unsaid Needs of Loyal Customers!

When a client visits you with a pile of problems in hand, he is expecting from you the best of solutions that he is unable to find. But when one of your most loyal clients visits you, he is not only expecting the best solutions but more than that. You’ve built a relation by now. Go a little out of your professionalism and advice them even on factors that do not belong to you directly.

There is a reason your retained clients are coming back to you again and again. Foresee their needs and try fulfilling them to build healthy and long-lasting relationships.

Moreover, a client-consultant relationship is much more than a professional. It is very personal, therefore requiring constant maintenance. Share expertise with a touch of personal advice to help them nurture. Trust us, you will nurture too!




Adding and Managing Talent.

While one brain thinks of the best idea, many brains work together to make it even better!

Consulting is becoming one of the major segment in the business industry with great competition too. The European consulting market is expected to see a growth of 4% in 2019 to $98 billion. And with such gain in growth momentum comes a growing demand for new talent.

This will also allow you to have in your team emerging talents with fresh ideas. Recruitment isn’t difficult, managing staff is. But you should worry no more, opt for an online staff management software. It will make the management of tasks, staff duties and tracking activities easy.

Not just this, Invoicera gives you a complete package of consultant billing software with features like staff management, expense management, time tracking and more. So as to let you manage staff, create invoices and promptly invoice clients when you finish the job.

It is a smarter choice topped up with convenience.


Time Tracking, Management & Thereby, Invoicing.




cashflow is integral for a business. Maintaining a healthy cash flow into the business is what any businessman, irrespective of sector working in, aims for.

With the segment of business such a consultancy you’re not straight away selling any measurable product or defined services, but time. It is important to understand the worth of each minute you’re investing in it to earn maximum returns.

Most consultants face the issue to accurate time tracking for the services offered and are unable to earn appropriate ROI.

An easy and convenient solution for this is to opt for Invoicera’s consultant invoicing software with features like time tracking, expense management, estimate management, multi-business, staff management and more. Invoicera ensures smooth invoicing and even smoother transactions with 30+ payment gateways supporting multiple currencies.


Final Words:

Management of business as complex as consulting is not easy. It requires a lot more effort and time. Here in, while you’re figuring and solving complex issues of clients, you are fighting for your own cures too.

Invoicera custom billing software ensures 360* management of business activities. Not just billing, but entire custom management of your business needs. One account enables you to start from managing project, staff, tracking time and later on sending out invoices.

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Top 10 Challenges faced in Buyer Supplier Relationship Management

supplier relationship management


One of the most for granted relationship in any business setup is the one you share with your suppliers. When you always aspire to deliver satisfactory high-quality services, it holds utmost importance to maintain a strong and healthy relationship with your supplier. Conflicts in the system can actually lead to unwanted outcomes. The source of error resulting in conflicts could-be-anything. Understand and rectify the conflicts to its exact necessity to ensure smoother processes.

Suppliers play a crucial role in any company’s success. They are initiators to your processes. It is important to manage a healthy relationship with your supplier.


Here are the top 10 Challenges faced in any buyer-supplier relationship management and how they can be resolved:

Supplier’s Track Record

The first step to take before engaging with any supplier is to go through his past and current projects and to investigate his knowledge about tax and legal implication of exporting and importing. Knowing the supplier beforehand helps to create and build healthy relations.



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Understanding The Culture

Belonging to a different culture may give rise to different views and interpretations while having the same conversation.


Communication gap

Communication is absolutely necessary for many aspects of the business. If a supplier doesn’t understand the company’s strategic goals that may fulfill the needs and requirements due to poor results. Maintaining good contact with the suppliers can benefit the organization in a big way.


Non-Transparency of Processes

Many times, the non-transparency of the supplier’s process creates gaps in the company-supplier relationship. Technology can play a crucial role to fill this gap. Analyze the whole process more efficient by using an online purchase order and invoice management tool like Invoicera.


Stressed Supplier

Suppliers deal with many organizations at once. Often the order is delivered late by the supplier because of the unavailability of the product. These type of late deliveries can weaken the relationship. Forecasting the requirements of the company can help in running the SRM process smoothly.



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Damaged Delivery

At times, the delivered product turns out to be damaged or flawed. Aggressive steps at such times can ruin a relationship. One should notify the supplier respectfully and ask him to replace it. A healthy balance maintained while taking steps against suppliers who are underperforming. A healthy balance manages underperforming suppliers.


Supplier training

If the supplier doesn’t understand, what the company wants its customers to experience through their products, he won’t be able to provide enough supplies. One should make sure that the supplier knows the company’s motto. They should be given appropriate training to ensure expectation levels.

Create a comprehensive knowledge base that can train your suppliers on each of your different processes. If you are a corporate with a huge network of suppliers, you may also consider setting up a website exclusively for suppliers to learn the processes and coordinate with your internal teams for supplies. It doesn’t cost a lot to set up such a platform with the help of website builder tools. 


The Need To Nurture

A healthy relation only nurtures when the two sides stay together for long.

Abandoning the suppliers at the time of success may create stress in a relationship. To avert this, one should include the supplier at every milestone and success celebration of a company.


Disharmony Amongst Buyer-Supplier Chain


supplier relationship management


In a time without recognition and encouragement, the supplier becomes disloyal to an organization. Changing the supplier is not the solution here as it will consume more time and money. One can gain the loyalty of a supplier by encouraging him, or perhaps, offering incentives if possible.


Conflicts Over Contract

Signing a biased contract can be very unpleasant for the supplier. One should make sure that the contract has benefits for both the sides. A contract must be reviewed very carefully before it gets finalized.

Many organizations are now realizing the importance of Buyer-Supplier Relationship Management. Efforts have to made on a continuous basis to build harmonious Buyer-supplier relationships. SRM is a long-term approach to sustained success.


Invoicera is an Online Invoicing Tool that Provides a Host of Features to Effectively Manage Buyer-Supplier Relationship :

Invoicera offers an array of features to ensure the convenience of management and precision with data. Now, no more hustling around and wasting your precious time with little executions that can be automated easily.

  • Send and Schedule Invoices to the buyers on time.
  • Buyers can send purchase orders in a timely manner.
  • Suppliers can send in estimates for buyer approval.
  • In the case of a price settlement, the buyer can send inappropriate credit not.
  • The buyer can get a free log-in to access all invoices and account statements online.


Opt for Invoicera to manage your account payable and receivable effectively. Keep a record of all your finances and invoices together in cloud-based accounting software.  FREE SIGN UP.



custom billing software



The Difference Between Accounts Payable and Notes Payable


Liabilities often considered dreadful are the company’s legal obligations that occur for a business during its course of operations. Liabilities, a.k.a accounts are the money that a business needs to pay to its vendors and investors for the services and supplies. They are an important factor for business and reflect on the left side of a balance sheet. Such liabilities are classified as current or short term liabilities. Under the common liabilities that exist in any business, there exist two payables: accounts payable and notes payable.


What are Accounts Payable?

Accounts payable are the money that your company owes to the suppliers in against of the goods/services purchased on credit basis. These are the short term liabilities that the company needs to pay to its suppliers in a smaller span of time.

Most companies follow a trend of paying or getting paid in 30 days and do not opt for generating interest payments. To analyze how well a company pays its accounts payable, some companies calculate and find their accounts payable turnover ratio. The formula to calculate the ratio is as follows: divide total supplier purchases by the average accounts payable for the period. This information is very important to managers and investors as they calculate in a given time period how many times a company pays its account payables.


What are Notes Payable?

Notes payable are the written promissory notes that a company receives when it borrows money. For example, a company borrows $10,000 from a bank. The company posts a credit to its notes payable account for $10,000 and a debit to its cash account for $10,000. If a company plans to repay its notes payable within one year, it includes it in the balance sheet as a current liability. If the note is due after one year, the company lists the notes payable as a long-term liability.



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Interest Amount on Notes Payable

The promissory note issued to the borrower states a specific amount of interest to be paid on the money borrowed. In Most cases, software consulting companies pay interest on the amount of money borrowed from the lender. Some of the common interest terms ask companies to pay interests every six months. A company is required to keep an account of all the interests paid to the lender and the outstanding amount that is yet to be paid. When a company accrues interest, it debits interest expense and credits interest payable. When a company makes a payment on the principal balance and interest, it debits notes payable, interest expense and interest payable and credits cash.




The Balance Sheet

Both, accounts payable and notes payable are listed on a company’s balance sheet as a part of its liabilities. The balance sheet is a reflection of a company’s financial position at a given point. It is very important to managers and investors as they use the balance sheet to make important financial decisions regarding a company. Accounts payable and notes payable are used in coordination with other accounts on financial statements to calculate important financial ratios.



About Invoicera

Invoicera, the online invoicing software is specifically designed to cater to individual needs of each all types of enterprise, small business, and freelancers. With 14+ years of experience into the industry of online invoicing, we understand the needs and cater to different business aspects with different pricing plans.

From invoicing to tracking business expenses or managing staff tasks, you can easily manage every single business activity. The custom invoice software for your business for Accounts receivable and accounts payable management lets you keep a track of every penny that is either owed to you or that your business owes. It makes calculating and analyzing important financial ratios super easy. 30+ online payment gateways help to receive payments from the global clientele without much hassle and cash flow super smooth. The additional features of grouping taxes or sending invoices in any language that your client prefers help retaining an interest in the business and road to success a little less of a hassle.


Accounts payable



Multi-Business: Boon to CEOs Managing Many Businesses at Once


Managing more than one business at the same time can be nerve wrenching. Businesses dread the horror of managing them. We have often seen accountants and manager juggling between invoicing and cash flow management for multiple businesses the company handles. It is a lot more confusing and struggling.

While we claim to make your invoicing experience smooth, it is our another milestone to ensure your invoicing experience is away from all the hassles. We’re introducing an all-new Multi-business feature to let you handle all your different business verticals in the same account under different dashboards.

Most companies handling many business verticals at once are facing challenges you will relate to. Let us look at the common challenges businesses are prone to:


  • Struggled invoice management

Managing multiple invoices are tedious, and when you are asked to handle invoices for different verticals it becomes even more cumbersome.


  • Scattered Client Communications

Handling entire clients communication in one place for different verticals can be hazardous when one mistake can take a toll on your entire business. Miscommunication of documents and invoices can leave a very negative impact on your business.


  • Confused teams with lapsed communications

Signing in differently for each business can leave employees confused. It can also lead to higher chances of committing mistakes and errors while the entire course of activities.


  • Indisciplined expense management

Separately managing multiple businesses with different accounts is frustrating. Juggling between separate accounts for invoices of different verticals can leave your employees frustrated and processes delayed.

You related to most of the business problems. Didn’t you? We empathize you. Therefore, here is a solution you were waiting for.

A whole new Multi-business feature in Invoicera. Now, add all your different business verticals in the same account with different dashboards. And, you can simply switch dashboards to manage different accounts.


You’re just one step away from setting up the revolutionary multi-business account for your business.


  • Add Multiple Business

Add different businesses in the same account and easily switch dashboards to create invoices and track cash flow.


  • Globally Manage Multiple Clients

Manage all your different clients from all around the globe in the same accounts under different dashboards. It is quick, simple and convenient.



How exciting it is to handle all your business activities in one place. We promised on making invoicing convenient for you and here we are crossing steps each day to ensure your business conveniently and upgrade intelligently.

Multi-Business plans to start with your current pricing plans.

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How Custom Workflow Makes Your Invoices Smartly Outstanding?



Earlier in the past, creating correct invoices was not less than a cumbersome task! The reason lies behind the manual creation of invoices which was quite error prone and time taking. Not only this, in that case, it was too tiring to complete the invoice review process.


Sending incorrect invoices can put bad impact on the brand image. Moreover, It can result in a payment delay. Not only this, but it can also hamper your relationship with the client. Suppose, invoices have the incorrect address, then it will lead to the product delivery at the wrong address. And this instance will obviously make the client angry and frustrated.


Sometimes, companies forget to mention due date in their invoices. When there is no due date, clients pay according to their convenience. Moreover, mentioning a single payment option can also result in payment delay.


Also, Incorrect invoices can result in increased cost of rework as more people within the organization will be utilized for reviewing the invoice.


So, Invoice review is a crucial part of the Invoice approval process as it adds more accuracy to your invoice. When the same invoice is reviewed by other authorized members, it reduces the chances of mistakes in the invoice.


The invoice approval software should be quite fast, accurate and simple. Only then, we can have correct invoices that lead to quick payment and enhanced client satisfaction.


With the passage of time, various invoicing software came into existence. These software claims to offer better invoice management. There are several invoicing software available in the market. These are used for creating and managing invoices for Small to Large Enterprises.


Invoicing software creates invoices and customer records. Moreover, it allows you to send quotes to your customers. Not only this, a good invoicing software allows you to perform tax reporting within it.


Furthermore, it becomes almost impossible and quite complicated to create invoices for hundreds of clients manually. However, Invoicing software provides a better and easy to use alternative for bulk invoicing.


Plenty of invoicing software provides several features. But still, it is found that few people using these invoicing software send incorrect invoices. A better option can be an invoicing software having a customized workflow.


Invoicera is the only invoicing software having the feature of the Invoice approval workflow. Custom workflow feature allows you to add team members or authorized people from your organization which can review the invoice.


This feature reduces the time consumed in the back and forth movement of invoices from one person to another for rechecking. With the help of custom workflow feature, people can add one or more members for reviewing their part in the invoices.


Each member looks at invoice and checks about the record he/she is accountable for. And as Invoicera is a software based on cloud technology, each added member can look at records they are responsible for at the same time.


Once all the members review it and approve from their side, the invoice is automatically sent to the client. Hence, online invoice approval system facilitates the invoice transfer with enhanced accuracy and leads to increased client satisfaction.


Here you can take a quick look at Steps of an invoice approval process:

  1. Vendor submits Invoice through an online portal to accounting or accounts payable.
  2. Invoice review for compliance.
  3. Invoice is put in the payment queue and sent to the submitter.




However, companies are shifting towards usage of automated Invoice approval software as a manual invoice approval system is comparatively slow. For more clarity, you can look at the benefits of an automated invoice approval system:

  • Saves time
  • Maximizes efficiency
  • Standardizes time
  • Improves transparency
  • Improves compliance
  • Improve decision making


Furthermore, Invoicera is the only software with invoice approval system that allows you to avoid all the invoicing mistakes and helps you to create invoices that are correct and highly professional.


Invoicera is available as a web app as well as the mobile app. Moreover, Invoicera mobile apps are made for iOS and Android platforms. One can download these apps in their smartphones and can access, create, alter, review or send invoices from any location and at any instant of time.



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Summing Up:

Since creating correct invoices can help you to save time used in correcting mistaken invoices, It is a good decision to use Invoicera- only invoicing software that has a special feature of the custom workflow. Make correct invoices every time and get paid early!




The 7 Essential Elements of a Small Business Invoice


Today is the day to discuss one of the most essential components of running your small business: The Invoice

You already know that an invoice is one of your most crucial communications which ensures the inflow of cash into the company. But, how does the document should exactly look like?

Too Formal? How much is enough? How to reflect your brand efficiently in it?

Let us now get into the blog and see the important components you must include in an invoice:


The Basic Connectors of a Small Business Invoice:


Designing an invoice is always considered as self-explanatory. Entrepreneurs who know already do not focus much on explaining the details of an invoice, rather expect you to have the same level of expertise. Do not worry more! Here we will explain completely the components of a fully professional invoice and their importance of placement too.


1. Company’s Name And Contact Details

At the very top of your invoice mention your company’s name and just beneath that your complete contact details. Fill all of your information easily with a pre-designed template available in your small business invoice software. It is easy, reliable and smooth.


2. Fill in Your Client’s Name and Contact Information

How will you send an invoice, if you’ll not fill in the client information? It is crucial to fill the information, moreover the right information of your client and their billing address. Include all the relevant information including mail id, physical address and contact details in the pre-designed invoice template available in your invoicing software for small business.


3. Number your Invoice

Make sure each invoice that you’re creating has a unique number associated to it. It will be easy for you to recognize it and payments related to it.

Generally, an invoice is numbered as: ‘Invoice #0001’ or you can even use a more unique code such as #CLIENTA0023.


4. The Important Dates- Sent and Due




Not just mention due date on the invoice, but the issue date of the invoice too. As missing any one of it will make the other date vague and client clueless about how to take further actions.

You can specifically mention the invoice due date upon receipt, upon completion of a project or delivery of a product, on a specific date in the future, and so on.


5. Provide a breakdown of products/services offered

It is important to provide an itemized list of all the product and services offered. It gives your client a clearer view of everything that you have offered your clients. It reduces the chances of consequences and fallouts later in the course of time.

For example, if you sell a product, include in your invoice should list each item purchased, the purchased quantity, the cost per sold item, and then the final price. If you’re providing a service, your invoice should list the flat fee you charge for that service, or the hourly fee you charge and the total hours worked. Also clearly note the date when that service was provided (or will be provided in the future).


6. Specify Payment Terms

In your invoice, clearly specify payment terms. Apart from the due date, tell your clients about various payment gateways and other instructions about payments. Include late payment fees details and other instructions to make your payment process transparent and clear. 

Each type of business has different industry standards for payments and terms. look closely for the standards your industry is following and adopt them.

Also, earning some extra income is not even a bad idea. check out the top 30 Small Business Ideas to make money in 2019 and add them to your same Invoicera account. It will help you manage multiple businesses in the same account without any hassle.


7. Add Personal Notes

It is nice to leave a brief personal message for your customer, even if it is just a thank you note for doing the business with you.

A personal note will give your entire personal communication a bit more personal touch and avoid your client getting the feelings of a money vending machine. You will then be building relations and such relations will work for you in the future.


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Finally, pay high attention to how your small business invoice looks. Critically design it on templates available with Invoicera’s billing software for small business. It’s an extension of your brand, after all! You cannot simply play around vaguely. Add business logo, colors and fonts to clearly state it as your extension. Let your invoice stand out amongst others with the help of billing software for small business.  

It is where Invoicera’s small business invoice software can help you simplify the invoicing process. At Invoicera, we have everything you need to create and manage to invoice for small business. Send professional invoices via email or even save them as PDF for future.






Is it true that your calculations that are being spent on your projects are getting too much time to get managed? Actually, it is because the calculations are well known as a tedious task which if done by human beings manually may prone to a lot of errors.

So, do you really want that your calculations should be error free and be done on time? Then stop making use of expense management system that you are managing on your excel sheets. It’s time to adopt something new which will be time-saving and error free.

Well, this something new and smart has been arrived and is ready to help you out with your error-free calculations. So, here we are talking about the Expense management software that is based on a smart technology of artificial intelligence.


Why choose Expense Management software?

If you want to see your business as established one then you are required to make use of this smart software that is known for managing the expense of your business up to the mark.

Because it is known that finance is the foundation of every business success, so it is mandatory to manage the finance of the business foremost. That is why the need for this expense management software arises.

Now without wasting too much time, let’s concentrate on the various steps which focus on the idea that how expense management software helps the business to get flourished:


Keeps the manual delays and errors away

The manual or the traditional system of managing expense was done on papers. And for the verification of the expense details, the accountants and the managers used to share spreadsheets within the office in order to review it properly so that any error may not be left.

So, it could be said that the whole process of manual expense management used to have the involvement of a lot of papers and labor which is indeed costly and time-consuming.

Now with the coming of Online Expense Management, you are able to avoid the manual delays which were caused by the involvement of various individuals. Moreover, this software keeps the capacity to manage your expense without committing errors.


It reinforces compliance

According to the Study by Arden Group, Stat Compliance with the organization’s T & E policies is the leading factor why companies adopt an automated expense management system. According to a report, companies spend more than $2 billion annually for approving fraudulent expense reports.


Expense management


The major benefit of using online expense tracker is that it is able enough to check submissions for non-compliance automatically. The submissions can be determined in order to check whether they lack further documentation or to check if they are not according to the qualifications that are fixed by the business for travel expense.


Corporate credit card monitoring

There is various online expenses software that is particularly customized for corporate credit cards which can help managers to handle risks as well as look for that which activity is being done. You are allowed to accommodate expenses as well as permanent, and Revenue Service compliant automated data can be created by clicking once.


Reduces processing cost

According to the pixmettle Stat Study reveal that business who manually process expense reports spent an average of $31.4 per report. This amount even increased to $41.12.

You can see in the above-given figure which clearly shows that manual expense management is more expensive in comparison with the automated expense software. So, it is understood that if your company makes hundreds of reports every month, then it means you definitely spend a lot.


Watch this Video on Youtube and Subscribe to our channel for more Insightful videos:

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Final words

If your company is still growing, but with the passage of time it will be an established one and this is fact. And when the company will establish that expenses will automatically increase. And at that time it will be difficult to manage the expense of a lot of employees manually.

But with the implementation of expense management software, your management will be automated and you can save your time without the commitment of a lot of errors.

So, do not think too much and step forward to implement the expense management software based on the latest technology that will help to manage the finance of your company without having a lot of pressure.




Keen On Managing Client Relationship Effectively? Follow The Best Practices


Learning to hit the right chord with the client is an ongoing process. You tend to learn each day the new techniques of making things merrier. A happy client management setup ensures you have smoother processes. Increased trust and growing reputation are some of the other major perks attached to happy clients.

Our brainstorming sessions were quite fruitful, like us at Invoicera which is the best client management software, came up with the best tips you can use to maintain healthy relationships with the client.


Keep on reading to find out the best solutions:


Communication is the key!

Maintaining healthy communication with the clients should hold a high priority. Do not over-invest time on communications with the clients. Just make sure you’re right on top of it and available for your clients for every issue that they face. It reflects your dedication and importance of client satisfaction for your business.

Just as important it is to maintain timely communication with the client, honesty in communication builds trust and makes clients comfortable. Help them know that their ideas and concerns are taken care of seriously.


Maintain a Positive Attitude

As a responsible professional, you carry out a number of responsibilities. You might feel stressed or overwhelmed at times, but that should not take a toll on your attitude towards your business and clients. Display the energy you want your clients to believe about you. Enthusiasm and zeal are attractive personality traits that people enjoy being around and that clients enjoy working with.


Acknowledge Your Client More Than Just Pay Check.

While your clients and you share a very professional relationship. Make sure you acknowledge them as a person and not just rewards to your services. You have a long way to go, walking alone will not lead you to carry for long distances.

The amount of personal communication depends upon business to business, client to client and client’s individuality. If you know your client is a parent to lovely kids, you can simply start by asking how their children are doing. If you have a closer relationship with your client, something more personal such as emailing them an industry news article or some interesting picks will be appropriate and appreciated.


Share Knowledge

Your client might come to you as a fresher with least gathering of knowledge, while you having all the expertise in the line. Instead of just selling products or services, educate your clients with the best of benefits and standards. It will empower them to take better decisions and ensure trust in your company. It will improve the relationship, build trust and confidence.

Explain to your clients the reasons behind what you did, why you did it, and how you came to your decisions will help them feel knowledgeable and in-the-loop.



A little extrovert

Do you know? Your clients rely on you as an expert. Make sure you are able to keep their trust. Keeping a clear glass ensures the transparency of communication without any hindrance. It is now more crucial that you maintain a policy of complete openness when it comes to any kind of business communication and sales. Clearly quote your clients on every aspect of your business.

It might look tempting to sugarcoat facts to your clients, but ultimately the truth gets revealed and it will create problems later in the course. No matter how disturbing the fact is, clearly describe the picture in order to avoid higher disappointments later on.

Constant dishonesty can hamper your current relationship with clients and even your reputation in the long run. You don’t want this. Obviously!


Use the best mediums to communicate

Maintain the standards of professionalism in the course of your communications. Make sure each of your communication is able to represent and reflect your brand and its values. Stop wasting time on manually conducting processes. Manual processes are error-prone, rather focus opting for best client management software to amp up your game of invoicing and communications.


Invoices are your key communicators therefore, you should present them well. Opt for pre-designed templates and customize them as per your requirements.


A client management software like Invoicera ensures you have all your data and records in one place without the fear of loss and theft.

You can easily manage invoices, cash flow, payments, reports and analysis at one place. The simple login is 3 layers protected and the account is 300% more secure to use.

Watch this Video on Youtube and Please subscribe to our channel for more Insightful videos:



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By now, you know the best tips to have a healthy relationship with clients. Easy to implement and easier to follow. Just make sure you do everything in your bandwidth to keep your clients happy and motivated to reach out to you whenever you need them.



Benefits of Online Invoicing for freelancers that you cannot miss!



Are you still living in the older days? The era where sending communication on paper was the only option. And, E-mailers and internet communications were a far fetched dream.

The past had nothing but dreams, it is today that the world has all the possibilities built in front of us.

It was those old days when working as a freelancer was tough. Manual invoicing and communication were the toughest to manage. The new generation allows you to work smartly with freelance billing software.


Keep on reading to know the ninja benefits of  freelancer invoicing:


Rejoice With Cloud:

No more fluffy balls in the sky, clouds can now save your data too. No, We’re not joking!  Freelancers invoice software like Invoicera helps you save all of your information on the cloud and access it however you want to.

Now, you can create invoices, save and send them easily. Also, manage your entire group of information without stacking up piles of papers.

Saving your data on the cloud makes sure you never get furious about getting it stolen and misuse. Your data is safe with you, without you leaving any physical proof of it.


Quicker Invoice Generation

Writing up an invoice on paper is lethargic. And sending it via snail-mail take it eternity to reach. When you’re sending an invoice via snail-mail there are a list of activities that you need to conduct manually. The manual processes are not only slower but error prone too.

A software for freelancers Invoicing takes all your hassle away. It lets you create invoices in less than 3 minutes. Add items from dropdowns and calculate taxes automatically. The system will automatically select values from the drop-down avoiding you to create additional steps. Invoicing software for freelancers remember the information for each customer, so once you set up a client is in the system, all you need to do is input the valued amount to invoice. The system remembers who to send the invoice to, so with just a click of a button, your invoice is on its way to the right person’s inbox.


Visibly Reduced Errors

When using online billing software for freelance billing, you know your mistakes are getting reduced visibly. No more typos, over-writing and missing out details. Easily create and edit invoices without wasting time on re-writing invoices again and again.

Typos can end up costing you time and money, so the more automated the process is the lower the risk.


Automate your entire recurring invoice process

Many freelancers in the industry work on clients that they bill monthly for continuous projects. Freelancers are one of the highest parts in the industry who works with clients on a recurring basis. You bill your clients on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. Easily set your digital invoicing system to automatically send out a payment request at the end of each period. It will make invoicing hassle-free for you and completely reliable.


Get paid quicker

You must be wondering how? Let’s clear the air! Getting an invoice paid early starts from the very first step that you take. As early as you will create the invoice and send it to the client, your chances of getting paid early will rise.

Any invoice delayed more than 60 days loses its significance more than 75%. You even lose the chances of getting paid half the amount.

Also, when you send an invoice via email it gets delivered 99% quicker than any other snail-mail. Allowing you to ask clients to process payments quicker.

It is more professional, convenient and reliable.


Impress Clients With Invoices




Maybe as a freelancer, you might not feel the need to create communications professionally as you’re not a company. But let us explain one thing for you no matter how big or small your company is, your clients expect you to be extremely professional. Invoices are one of the ways to explain to your clients about your professionalism. Do not fuss about, opt for Invoicera and start creating invoices with pre-designed invoice templates. Add logo, messages, and colors for a more personalized and professional look.


Omni-Access Your Account

Forget carrying the entire paper load on your back! The one device in your palm can now support all of your information. Simply log in and get started! As we know you’re on the go all the time. Sitting back and creating invoices becomes a tedious task. To simplify the invoicing process Invoicera has made sure you can access your account from anywhere on your mobile device. Download Invoicera on your Android and iOS device to get started. Easily create invoices, track payments and analyze reports to improve business productivity.

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Invoicera is a leading choice of more than 3 million business around the globe. Freelancers, small businesses and even enterprises have shown tremendous love for us.

Invoicera has a completely free plan for freelancers just like you to create invoices online and manage your business activities efficiently. All you need to do is simply sign up and create your company. Don’t forget! Invoicera has 3-layered super security to keep your account secure and away from any intrusion.




Top 10 Tips to Create Estimate Costs Effectively | Estimate Management



Do you know? Accurate project estimation is more important than creating invoices itself. It is your ticket to grabbing your desired project.

An estimate is your first official communication with your client. It needs to be perfect. It is the first impression you will be leaving on your clients, make sure you avoid any errors.

The project estimate is not only affected by known factors like budget, resources, type of project and its scope, but also unknown variables and risks. The project manager faces several challenges while estimating. However, accurate project estimate is essential for the success of the project and the organization. With the right project estimation techniques, the project manager can accurately make the estimations.




Here are a few tips for accurate project estimation.
1. Discussing the project priorities

To create accurate estimation for the project, you need to elucidate the project priorities. For instance, in a project, you can afford to incur more cost but cannot extend the time period. You have to let your team know the priority so that they can create an effective project estimate on estimating software to accomplish the project successfully.
2. Negotiate over and over!

Keeping the numbers in the budget given by clients is not possible at times. The tendency of project managers to keep numbers as per budget might appeal on paper but the practical world may change the entire game. Always keep your risk factors in mind and create estimates accordingly. This will save you from any hassle later on. Try expanding the budget. And If, the budget cannot be altered, try to find out what can be done within the limited budget. Create proper cost estimates with cost estimate software and share them with clients for real digits.

3. Consider the risk factor

There are inherent risks in projects. Some of the risks are known to your team and some of them will be hidden. A quick risk assessment is not fruitful in such cases. Your team has to be aware of risk management to create an accurate project estimate. You have to implement the proper risk mitigation plan in your project estimate. Your invoice and estimate software has a specific column set for mentioning risks. Don’t overlook them!
4. Detailed breakdown

Make sure to perform detailed breakdown analysis of the project. The more detailed breakdown will result in a more accurate estimation.
5. Follow the proper planning process

After breaking down the project in smaller components, the three scenarios for each component must be analyzed – worst case scenario, best case scenario and most likely scenario. This analysis should be done especially for those components which are relatively risky or new for the team.

6. Clarify assumptions

Make sure that you and your team are on the same page when creating project estimates. For instance, if your team gives you an estimate of successfully completing a task in a given time, make sure that their assumptions of the task match yours. Create your estimates on invoice estimates software such as Invoicera and share it on the dashboard with staff. It will help keep you all on the same dashboard.
7. Include contingency

Always include the contingency in your project estimates. Contingency can be in terms of cost, man-hours, and resources.


8. Include common activities

When making project estimations, the project manager usually overlooks common activities like meetings, edits etc. However, these activities are quite frequent in any project and must be considered in project estimation.


9. Use the lessons and data from previous projects

Reviewing the information from similar projects you have done before will help in creating better project estimates. If there is a task you have done before, you will have a clear idea about how much cost, resources and hours it will take to complete the task. Herein, an estimate management software will help you save all your projects in the same dashboard and accessible.


10. More than one project estimation technique

Always use more than one project estimation technique to create project estimations. This will help you make your project estimation more accurately. Learn from the past experience and analyze your projects saved in the estimate software.


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Besides creating accurate project estimates, it is essential to send out and manage estimates on time. This would help in getting timely approval and starting of the project. Managing estimates well is important for every business for its smooth functioning and payment cycles.
Using invoice and estimate software like Invoicera helps in managing estimates in an efficient manner and get paid in a timely manner.



Step 1: Login to Invoicera account

Step 2: Go to billing >> estimate management section


Step 3: Click on Create Estimate tab: Fill in details including client name, estimate title, estimate number, estimate date, select the product/service, mention terms and conditions.


Step 4: Click on Send by Email or Save as Draft

After you’ve created or saved an estimate
– You can easily send an invoice for the estimate
– Print the invoice
– Export as PDF
– Add e-mail client attachment
– Choose the file and click on send


Balance on what you do and what can you afford to reach a milestone. Use your invoice estimate software as the baseline for how much funding you will need. It is common for the startups to estimate costs, raise what you need as the capital efficiency and the capital assets of the company’s success.