How to Become a Great Leader: 6 Techniques to Imbibe Today

Have you ever come across a brilliant leader? They have a vibe that can awestruck you at every possible instance. Ever tried to take some of their traits? Does the constant thought of evolving like your favourite leaders at the office, world leaders, or successful entrepreneurs inspire you? 

Our favourite one is from the most humble and successful entrepreneur, Mr. Rata Tata “None can destroy iron, but its own rust can! Likewise, none can destroy a person, but its own mindset can!”

It is your mindset that destroys or builds you. To become a successful entrepreneur and an amicable leader, here are the few traits that you must steal away from the leaders.

Make your team move forward and look up to you. 

6 Ways to Lay the Groundwork As A Great Leader for A Winning Team 


1. Work Consciously on Your Leadership Skills

You’re lucky enough if you’re able to attract some of the most talented bunch of employees in your organization who are willing to share the same vision as yours. To materialize your imagination, cultivate some of these skills in your organization: 

  • Create a shared vision for everyone to relate to.
  • Allow your employees to be free and be themselves
  • Imbibe connections and respect 
  • Never stop mentoring your employees
  • Be a solid visionary yourself
  • Don’t just lead, guide.   

While some people are instinctively strong at managing and leading, others have to develop skills to become great leaders. Whichever way it suits, practising leadership can be imbibed with regular learnings and practice. Read books, experiences, failures, and some valuable techniques to becoming a great leader. It is a kind of learning that will pay you off much higher dividends in the longer run. 


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2. Be A Fantastic Communicator 

Imagine going out on a treasure hunt, and you’re the only sailor who exactly knows the way out. To do your job well, in this case, you would need to explain:

  • Where you’re heading to?
  • What will the journey look like?
  • Explain the blueprint of the plan
  • What is the ultimate goal?
  • Role of each member in the hunt
  • The survival strategy(in case of urgency)
  • And the aftermath of the hunt

Similarly, in a business, every project is a treasure hunt. Again, clear communication with a strong vision is the foundation of achieving the goals. 

But also, this does not state that you will have to communicate minutiae in your meetings. A good leader will only speak what’s essential for everyone to know and leave the rest to the team’s vision. Build a connection amongst your team members and the goals you’re trying to achieve. State the connection and communication to mark it as a common goal for all. Let your team personalize this goal. And you’ll see the results like never before. 

3. Don’t Worry, Delegate Tasks!

Your business is your brainchild. And handling some tasks to others can be tricky. So even when you realize to be a leader, you need to step back a little and let your workforce come into the forefront of the action. 

But remember, in this process, the worst thing you can expect from your team members is to do things exactly like you would’ve done them. So, practically, it is okay to orient your employees to process tasks in the structure you decide, but give them the freedom to conduct tasks more comfortably or uniquely. 

As the manager/boss, your job is to work on the business, then working in it. So let your team build their communication, be willing to manage their workload, and get tasks done, while you’re mapping the road to the final destination. 

4. Always Be Respectful

Nothing demotivates an employee more than a disrespectful manager. This often comes in the form of constant poking, unhealthy tracking, constant questioning, micro-management, severely blaming them for mistakes, and reprimanding them publicly. All of this together makes the work-life difficult and unpleasant for your employees. 

A great leader’s one very impressive trait is to create the most respectful environment inside the organization. Emphasize putting out positive interactions, emphasize creating a highly respectful environment, and value your employees’ vision, growth, and personal space. 

Discourage negative behaviour, gossips, and mean attitude amongst employees. Instead, help them be more respectful and showcase only solidarity inside of the organization. 


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5. Make your Team Accountable

In a team, having members who are proactive doers is a blessing. It is beneficial to encourage new ideas and get supported in carrying them out well. Give explicit instruction for everyone to carry it on their shoulders and be accountable for the weight they’re holding. 

But, don’t over-trust! To keep control over the activities of your team member, keep them in monitoring. This will ensure you’re able to track, scrutinize and share feedback for improvised performance regularly. 

For this, invest in an automated employee monitoring software and productivity tracking software that can seamlessly track your employees and give you a clear picture of their everyday activities without constantly interfering in tasks. 

A software like Workstatus tracks time, monitors productivity, helps you schedule tasks and creates separate reports for you to have access to activities and regular reports of every employee. 

6. Listen to Roadblocks

Roadblocks and mundane routines are two of the most common reasons behind employees getting frustrated with their jobs. Most of them will not even say it themselves, but their work will start reflecting the same. It is easy to track upset employees with changes in their productivity and final products. Errors, delays, and quality can speak volumes about how your employees are feeling right now. 

Try to build communication with your employees, give them room for discussion, be approachable enough to let them share their roadblocks. 

And as an employer, it becomes your first responsibility to free up your employees from recurring administrative tasks. So that the creative aspect of them never falls off. Automate recurring tasks if possible. Take help from virtual assistance or AI (Artificial Intelligence) to streamline these processes. Focus on streamlining as much cash flow and workflow as possible with automated AI to let your team stay detangled from managing only clerical tasks. 

Online invoicing software like Invoicera can be your aid in improvising processes at your workplace. Invoicera comes with features like automated online invoicing, reporting, payments management, client management, project management, time tracking, task scheduling, task management, and more. 

Once set, it can streamline workflow and cash flow for the entire business, letting most problems fade away instantly. 


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Influential Leaders are Not Born, They’re Made!

It is okay if leadership does not come to you naturally. You can always learn and evolve as a team leader. Humanity is one of the most important factors of becoming a leader. A mindset of growing as a team can make your employees trust your leadership and give you the rope to slay them to the right destination.

Start by exhibiting loyalty, trust, respect, integrity, and communication in your team to become the leader you’ve always visioned yourself as. 



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