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A freelancer’s kit should have the inclusion of some important tools. The incorporation of a time tracking software in the kit is an utmost necessary one. Putting in a lot of hours for your projects and not getting the desired payments is a total loss. Lack of accurate measurement of the time spent on the project hurts more. This results in invoices being made on guesswork.


Piling-up some vague numbers in the hours category can be profitable for a short-term criteria, but might eventually lead to some serious issues with the client. Your reputation and virtue is at stake and might get into a fire-line position. Any harm done to your reputation might linger and come back to haunt you later on.


The perfect way then, is to ensure that the invoices you send, are accurate to the best of your knowledge. Using time tracking apps to make sure the invoices get generated properly is only one of the features you are exploring. There are some more features incorporated that you are unaware of. Let’s take a dive and keep ourselves engaged and profusely creative.


Get There, Get Motivated


Finishing a task at hand can increase your mental stress levels and might require motivation and skills to finish the work at hand. Setting yourself a countdown with the help of the time tracking app can be very helpful in achieving the feat.

Setting yourself a target over a specified period of time can boost your energy levels and make you perform that task within the stipulated time. All you need to do is to start the count on your time tracker. The technique is a highly effective one and finds an implementation of it coined with a name as well- the Pomodoro Technique.

However, if you are working from anywhere other than your workstation, the mobile GPS tracking system will help you track each and every hour you spend working while exploring the world. In this way, you can also record places you had a tour of.

There are specific softwares present in the market available that cater to this utility.




Track your entire work schedule and the way in which you carry out your freelancing. A closer look , a self-analysis will give you the results. The entire process of your carrying out your work should be noted and accounted for. Be it professional or personal work, track everything and keep the related records.


An entire-day synopsis will give you an insight into where you are spending more time or misusing your time. The trends will start making a presence, perhaps after a week. No matter how efficient you are, facts will have other revelations to make.


Optimizing the Price


Every business task you spend time on, should be tracked. This should be done irrespective of the billing style, i.e. by the hour or by the project. A budding business or a novice freelancer can have unrealistic price estimates, which might be less than the standards. You might come to a conclusion that you are charging way below than the ideal rate prevalent in the market and the project takes more time to complete, as well.


A better understanding of the time taken to complete a task on a daily basis helps you optimize the estimates more simply and does not require guesswork.


Tracking Overheads and Estimation


There are various overheads that you will perform while completing the tasks. Be it a businessman, a freelancer or anyone, you spend time keeping books, checking your inbox, and perform various other tasks that are not related to your client’s project. The only option out is to spread the cost of spending the entire time amongst all your clients and that too uniformly. But, for that you need to have a detailed analysis.




A time tracking software is at your disposal to help you cater your clients in a better way and also to help you get rewarded with the best remuneration. Get out, get yourself this software and explore the various benefits. Happy Time-Tracking…!!!