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  • Jun 1, 2011
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Since the launch of Invoicera, our users were asking us to provide an option to host Invoicera on their own server so that they can customize and integrate it with their existing system. So, finally here it is. Invoicera announces the launch of its new Self-Hosted Invoicing & Time Tracking Plan that allows you to download & install the entire Invoicera application on your own server. So, whether you are looking towards CMMI level compliance, or, you’re looking towards security of your Invoicing details, Invoicera provides an Invoicing solution in your control. Invoicera’s Self-Hosted Plan is aimed at Enterprise Class users who need to extensively use and integrate Invoicera’s billing features into their business and it would allow them to fully implement any company specific regulatory restrictions on the Invoicing Platform.

Hosting Invoicera at your premises is actually cheaper too! The yearly cost towards hosting Invoicera yourself is actually less than taking up a plan (with similar features) on!

What’s more, (almost) everything is unlimited! . . . Well almost.

Unlimited Invoices!
Unlimited Clients!
Unlimited Recurring Profiles…
… and more.

This Self-Hosted Plan works on a (single-site) Purchase model with an optional Maintenance cost that allows you unlimited Enhancement updates.

Server Requirements:

Invoicera being an Invoicing solution, its server requirements are not on the high-end (however, this may vary from company to company, owing to their usage patterns). Besides most basic requirements, the only special Invoicera related requirement is that of an Apache Web Server environment with PHP Version 5.2.17 (with Mod-Rewrite enabled)

Pricing Details:

We’ve kept the pricing quite competitive compared to the pool of features we are offering in our self-hosted plan. You can host Invoicera on your own server for just $2999, this would be one time fee and you would not need to make any other monthly/yearly payment to use it. In our Self-Hosted plan, almost everything is unlimited except the staff members. You can have maximum 15 staff members in your Invoicera account. In case, you need more staffs in your account, you can add them for just $199 per additional staff.

Once you purchase this plan, our technical team would get in touch with you to install the application on your server. The Invoicera Application zipped along with the Setup Details would be at your disposal, in case you wish to delegate this to your technical team instead.

The Invoicera Promise:

In case you’re not satisfied, for whichever reason, within 90 days you get a 100% refund. No questions asked!


Veronika Tondon is a business enthusiast with extensive experience in Invoicing & Payment Process. She has 6+ years of experience in Invoicera, the leading cloud-based invoicing solution as Invoicing Consultant. Sound knowledge in business process execution, offers end to end solutions for complete automation of business processes and AR/AP processes. Contact Veronica for your invoicing requirement.

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