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  • Dec 29, 2014
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Every time you send a new invoice or make a new sale to a client, you may be worried about the outstanding from that client. Now, this is very natural from any business owner’s perspective. All of us, as providers of products and services are doing business to get on time payments . We also need to make sure that the outstanding for each client stays within a certain limit.

At Invoicera, the idea is to help you receive your payments on time. We help you know about the status of each client’s payments so you can follow up on time.

As your business grows and you have more clients, you can’t remember the outstanding invoices of each client. Your accountant may or may not remember that, at all times.

outstanding Invoices_

This latest update helps you preview all your client specific outstanding invoices while you’re raising a fresh invoice for that client. You can also check the date of these invoices and analyse if these are due already.

As shown in the image above, you can preview all the details at the bottom of the new invoice.


Veronika Tondon is a business enthusiast with extensive experience in Invoicing & Payment Process. She has 6+ years of experience in Invoicera, the leading cloud-based invoicing solution as Invoicing Consultant. Sound knowledge in business process execution, offers end to end solutions for complete automation of business processes and AR/AP processes. Contact Veronica for your invoicing requirement.

One thought on “Now Preview Outstanding Invoices

  1. I run my own business and I know it becomes very difficult to remember the outstanding for every client. By providing this detail with the invoice itself will help us to remember the accurate amount and bill more efficiently.

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