Now, why would any employee like to give you data on how many times he/she has been out of the office for a coffee break? You need to give them solid reasons that make them feel that they are helping the company as well as themselves while maintaining time records by filling in the timesheets. There are a plethora of issues faced by employers when they are trying to track their employees. The two most common reasons given by employees to dodge time tracking are:

Employee Time Tracking
Employee Time Tracking

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1. Time tracking is breaching my privacy.
2. I have worked for so many years in the company, and the employer still does not trust me with time.

You have to nullify these two reasons with solid points from your side.

1. Time-trackers track the time you are in and out of the office and not when you are headed outside the office.
2. It is just a way of improving the efficiency of the company and identifying employees who extremely valuable.

Issues Faced By The Employer

Employee Time Tracking
Employee Time Tracking

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Since the employer is busy in a board meeting that decides the future of the company, he/she cannot keep track of all its employees. They cannot know what projects they are working on and how much time they are spending on useless projects. But, before the employer introduces time tracker, he/she should be aware of the fact that the introduction does not seem bossy at all. There are two ways of saying it:

1. “We are going to introduce time tracking in the office, to make sure that you guys follow the rules of the company and we will deduct a certain amount from the salary if any of you is found to be wasting time in the office or frequently exiting the office for no reason”.
2. “We are going to introduce time tracking in the office space so that we can show our clients how hard our employees work to complete their projects and provide them seamless service. These trackers are also going to help us pay you what you deserve. Please co-operate with us in improving the efficiency of the company”.

The aforementioned points mean the same thing, but one is a positive approach while the other one is a negative and bossy approach. Late completion of projects not only hurts the financial aspects of a company but also its corporate image. Too many mistakes may finally result in the company not getting any new projects because of its image of delivering each project after the deadline.

Getting Employees to fill in Timesheets

There should be some solid and positive which make the employees fulfil the timesheets willingly. You do not have to force the employees to fill in the timesheets; you have to make them understand that it is for their benefit too. When you link time and invoice, you not only enable yourself to bill your clients properly but also let the employees who deserve more recognition and pay, get what they actually should be getting.

Tracking Time
Tracking Time

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1. Linking time and invoice will save you from creating an attendance register which so passé. Nobody likes to tally with the attendance register at the end of the month to calculate what employees should be getting as salary.

2. A software that links time and invoice, automatically creates an invoice during the end of the month. This invoice will include all bonuses and deductions and also help you in billing your clients.

No big firm in the world maintains an attendance register. Getting an automated system eliminates the role of a timekeeper and also helps the payroll department. This is going to save the firm a lot of time and money, and it can focus on other important aspects of the business.
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