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Undoubtedly, business management is a difficult task and those who are successful in managing that, always stand in front as commercial leads. Supply chain management (SCM) is one of the major parts of business management that is supposed to be performed with perfection. Nothing in the business will operate well if management neglects the SCM part. In order to ease supply chain management, various SCM software suppliers have introduced different applications to regulate and monitor business activities.

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Here is a list of top 20 supply chain management software suppliers

3.JDA Software
4.Manhattan Associates
7.Descartes Systems Group
10.Kewill Systems
11.HighJump Software
18.Inspur Genersoft

Companies like Basware ($124 million), SciQuest ($68 million), IQNavigator ($58 million), GEP ($45 million) and Bravo Solution ($55 million), which primarily concentrate on earning or investment management.
According to the latest business trends followed by the top 20 SCM companies, the Supply Chain Management Software applications being used by them are categorized as –

ERP (Enterprise resource planning) / SCP (supply chain planning)

The ERP application is popular these days because of its outstanding performance in handling inventory supply chain planning and management. In last few years, marketers have handled the sales operations perfectly with ERP and SCP. SAP, Oracle, JDA Software, Quintiq and Epicor are the leading SCP application suppliers. Here are some features of ERP and SCP software applications –

  • They cover inventory operations
  • Better sales and operation planning
  • Multi business platform collaboration – One of the major advantage of using it is improved supplier and customer network. This helps the manufacturers and the suppliers to know the customer needs directly for better production and supply strategy.
  • Strengthening the ERP
  • Allow better planning of work
  • Combine the WMS (warehouse management system)and WCS (warehouse house control systems)

SCM Technology has improved and mobilized all business activities and cloud computing plays a major role in accomplishing that. The use of mobile computing has increased to 25% since the last few years as more and more organizations are switching to cloud. It has simplified the ERP and SCP by providing access to business data to sales managers globally. This further helped a lot in handling sales and purchase of products. Cloud computing has enabled sharing through centralized data business data management. By a simple login, the user can monitor and manage entire process from manufacturing to supply of product to the end user.

TMS (Transportation management software)

The TMS is used to manage and control transportation business. This business is all about moving from one place to other, so the software has revolutionized the management of transportation business activities. Here are some features of TMS –

  • Helps in structuring an effective strategy to serve shippers in any size of business market
  • Offer tools to handle situations beyond traditional planning horizon. It is a logical method to analyze capacity requirements in advance. The advance planning helps in better negotiations.
  • The best thing about TMS is the mobility that allows the supply chain managers to handle everything on their smartphone or system installed inside the vehicle.
  • Cloud computing has helped in managing the business data at one place, which is accessible through authentication from anywhere in the world.

MES (Manufacturing execution software)

Manufacturing processes are never same in two different companies. So, manufacturing execution software used in those organizations will be having different features and tools to handle the supply chain management accordingly. The most important evolution being noticed in the market is the manufacturing intelligence. The MES implementations have offered better traceability and visibility to the manufacturing process.
Companies are developing their supply chain management strategies by using applications. Business owners or SCM users are focusing on maintaining their existing manufacturing and supply networks rather than building new ones.


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