How Does Online Invoicing Work?

Online Invoicing is performed using an Online Invoicing and billing Software, which automates all kinds of invoicing operations for your business. It is user-administered and therefore can be easily customized by your in-house staff according to your business needs. It can handle a vast database of your clients and makes your job easy through its smart work and job systems.

The best feature of Online Invoicing and billing Software is that its Auto Invoice Process executes all your outstanding invoicing tasks by a single click.

The process of Online Invoicing

The online invoicing software uses the database inside the system and pulls out the unbilled work items. The intelligent software has the ability to differentiate between the invoice work and the unbilled one. The next thing it does is to retrieve all the unbilled work, organize it according to the clients, and project it in one screenshot so that you can edit various factors such as hours, description and bill rates. It allows you to review it within a few minutes. Now, the software is ready to invoice every unbilled item instantly.

invoicing-software and billing

Invoicera, which is an intelligent online invoicing and billing software, provides Seamless Online Invoicing Solutions. It is a web-based software and can be easily downloaded on your system.

Why Online Invoicing?

The online invoicing software is a powerful tool that makes your recurring tasks easier, ensures accuracy, manages subscriptions and receive payments online in a matter of minutes. Gone are the days when hours of your precious time were wasted in estimation and preparing quotes into live invoices. After using Invoicera, you’d wonder why you were wasting so much time and energy in this process earlier.

Makes things easier and reduces costs for you and your clients
Invoicera is a smart software that executes many of your tasks automatically. It enables you to use your Company Logo for Branding and send notifications and Customized e-mails. The best part is that it enables your clients to create their own Dashboard, which helps them track and monitor all the payments and invoices on one screen.

It also enables your clients to instantly make payments on “Anywhere….Anytime” basis using more than 25 Payment Gateways. The beauty of this software is that it enables your clients to make payments through Smartphone as well. Invoicera Mobile App can easily be downloaded on your Smartphone and it helps you and your clients to track and monitor the invoices, even when you’re not in the office.

It can also convert your invoices into PDF files and can send them by e-mail. Follow-up reminders can be sent through Automated settings. If you want to send it by normal post or courier services, you have a local print option available in the system.

Online invoicing is User-Friendly and it keeps both you and your business clients updated with the status of Payments and Invoices. Therefore, it helps you to be relieved of the invoicing part and pay more attention to the Core Business Operations and Marketing.

Online Invoicing Software: Features and Highlights

An Online Invoice Management system not only helps businesses in invoice management but also offers Client management, Staff management, Vendor management, Project management, Credit note management and Inventory management. It also enables you to perform Time Tracking and Expense Tracking.

  1. Invoice Management

We’ve already seen how we can go for invoice management using online invoice management software. The use helps in better cost-reduction, enhanced visibility, and efficiency of operations. Automate your invoicing process with online billing software. Also,  improve your cash flow by getting paid faster. You can get complete satisfaction anywhere anytime.  Say Goodbye to the manual processes and automate your business.


2. Time tracking

The online billing software takes away the worries and hassles of time tracking. The automated time tracking software helps to get every business minutes billed effectively.  It has the timesheet feature which allows you to bill and track time. It also saves your time by taking online approvals from your clients and staff members. The online billing software helps to analyze time tracking reports, generate tracked time to invoices, save time with automated entries and much more.


3. Online Payments:

The online billing and invoicing software support 25+ payment gateway for your business. Start accepting online payments and remove the unexpected delays in payments that occur through it. Experience efficient management, timely payments, and dispute management with online billing software.


4. Expense Management

The manual expense processes appear to be time-consuming and have errors. The online invoicing software allows different users to update expenses online and retrieves it at a central location, whenever required. Using expense management software provides an easy solution for all your expenses and also analyze loss, profit, and cash flow.


5. Financial Forecasting

Streamline business finances with online billing software. Go for right financial management tool for your business that gives the useful insights on the way the business run. Keep a close eye on the growth of the business with the best financial management software. Revenue, expenses, overheads are all important for every business needs.


6. Staff Management

Online Invoicing Software helps you optimize the size of your department while automating many tasks that you might be doing manually. Now a single-user can effectively deal with all the invoicing tasks such as sending e-mails, reminders and specific PDF files. The online staff management solution proves effective when tracking the actual hours worked. Build a staff schedule, add new staff members, set up permissions and approval processes and more that appears changeable. Conquer the flexible business with the online invoicing and billing software the way you want. Run the workforce with complete staff schedule, communication, reporting and beyond.


7. Client and Vendor management

It helps you manage all your clients in one place. You can easily upload the databases related to your clients and instantly track how much they’re supposed to pay you. Furthermore, it is all centralized and accessed from anywhere. The Automated Online Invoicing Software enables vendor management as well. It can manage all the details you need related to the vendors. Therefore, it strengthens the Vendor Relations and enables you to access latest and accurate vendor information.


8. Multicurrency -multilingual

The online invoicing and billing software provides the multilingual and multicurrency support to help your business grow globally. Let your customers generate the invoice in languages and currency of choice.


9. Integrate with Legacy systems

Keep the business growing with the integration of existing system to the online invoicing and billing software. Integrated business software transforms companies to the next level of profitable growth. The online billing software helps in the tremendous growth and improves business productivity.


10. AR & AP management

AR and AP management are all about business credit.  Implementing an online billing and invoicing system help you optimize working capital and transform into healthy businesses.


11. Create custom workflow

Manage to invoice workflow and get paid faster for the products or services sold. Create workflows for everything from approval processes to tracking and more. Make the process more efficient and fruitful to simplify the business processes. Manage the invoicing workflow in a cloud anytime anywhere.

create your custom workflow

12. Estimate management

Easy conversion of estimates into invoices for improved business. Get faster estimate approval and invoice process. The online billing software provides easy maintenance for better client relationships. Exact status can be known for each of the actions traced from the single dashboard.

estimate to invoice-1

13. Task management

The online task management adds every task. Improve team collaboration and productivity for better work division and management. Important documents can easily be shared on the priority basis.


14. Project management

Online Invoicing Software helps you in increasing visibility and efficiency and therefore makes it easy for you to collaborate with your clients and employees on different projects. It can set milestones and sub-projects to get things done according to your schedule.

project management

15. Purchase order & Credit note management

When you’re dealing with a lot of vendors, you receive several purchase orders and also credit notes for the returned goods. Manually entering those credit notes is a difficult task. Online invoicing software makes it easy to manage credit notes shared with you for a record.


Online Invoicing Software like Invoicera is the need of the time. It helps you concentrate more on your core business Activities. It is definitely worth giving a Trial!



Veronika Tondon is a business enthusiast with extensive experience in Invoicing & Payment Process. She has 6+ years of experience in Invoicera, the leading cloud-based invoicing solution as Invoicing Consultant. Sound knowledge in business process execution, offers end to end solutions for complete automation of business processes and AR/AP processes. Contact Veronica for your invoicing requirement.

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