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  • Jul 24, 2009
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In this round of updates we have made several changes and introduced some exciting new features. The new feature that we have introduced this week is ‘Set Reminders’. This will allow the Invoicera users to stay on top of their invoicing and never miss out on important tasks and dates. You can use it as a business alert where you can set reminders for sending invoices/estimates, receiving payments and meetings amongst many.

As busy entrepreneurs, hectic businessmen, demanding freelancers, busy consultants and assiduous professionals, we all have had our moment of forgetting crucial things. These slip-ups always end up in regrets. To avoid such instances you can set personal reminders for birthdays, anniversaries, to do’s, etc.

With Invoicera’s alerts and reminders feature you stay connected with your customers, partners, suppliers, employees and even your loved ones. Now you can be rest assured to be on the pinnacle of things that you would have only hoped to remember.

Hold on to your excitement, there is much more to come. Each week will bring along a new feature. Stay Hooked!

Online invoicing is evolving, are you?

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