The coming year 2017 inches on implementing electronic invoicing in France.

The system will be mandatory for large companies, central and regional bodies.

Until 2020, the process will incorporate for small and medium sized companies.

The thousand of taxpayers will be affected by this system. The taxpayers are confused on how to issue invoices to the public sector to comply with Ordinance N 2014-697.

Distinguish around the two main typologies for different e-invoice sending options as automated solutions and manual solutions.

Let’s take a look at how it works?

changes in e-invoices in france

Manual Solutions:

The solution works well for low billing volume and very limited technological capacity.

The different ways of manually issuing e-invoicing:

Web portal:

  • – Widely used by businesses issuing fewer than 100 invoices annually
  • – Requires time
  • – Give rise to errors
  • – Taxpayers who choose this option need to key in the invoice twice: once in the accounting and other in Chorus Portal

Choose a custom invoicing solution like Invoicera that provides a host of business features that are apt for SaaS products: The features include:

  • – Custom workflow management solutions
  • – Multiple languages and multicurrency support
  • – Online payments and recurring billing
  • – Automated billing solutions

electronic invoicing europe

Importing to Chorus Portal:

  • – Instead of keying in the options, taxpayers can directly import from their own systems
  • – Recommended for companies who generates 100 – 1000 invoices annually
  • – Security is low and unstructured

Automated solutions:

  • – Solutions for multinational Corporations
  • – Recommended for the companies who issues more than 1000 bills annually

EDI Solutions by EDICOM for France

The solution for businesses who implement e-invoicing but need to adjust the current requirements.

Here are the phases that are carried out during e-invoice issuing process:

  • – Capture the data automatically from the company’s ERP
  • – Turn the information into the XML format
  • – Validate the data to ensure that the file contains all the information required by the recipient administration
  • – Then the EDICOM connects with the Chorus Portal so that invoices can be transmitted automatically
  • – Chorus link ensures traceability of the e-invoices.

e-invoicing in france

The spread of e-invoicing would lead to the total yearly savings around 710 million Euro.

Trust Invoicera for chosen account payable and receivable solutions. The list of advantages includes:

  • – Advanced analytics and automated reports
  • – Bespoke automated solutions
  • – Early payment options for improved cash flow
  • – Integrate with legacy CRM and ERP solutions
  • – Complete B2B communication management
  • – Automated invoicing solutions

The system of e-invoicing lowers the economic costs compared to the traditional billing process. REQUEST A FREE DEMO