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A portfolio is one of the most important places for a designer, developer, or photographer on the web. This is the way you can get new clients, be seen by companies looking for a new team member, and a way to present yourself and your work to other designers or developers.

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When making a portfolio it is important to ensure that you are careful to make it clear, concise, and to the point. Read More

1) Am I Truly Passionate About This Idea?


If you want to be successful, your business idea must be your own. It can’t be a great idea that someone else told you that you should do. Read More

You work all your life in hope of a comfortable retirement. However, unless planned carefully, retirement can be all your nightmares coming true-your salary, the regular stream of income would dried up while expenses, such as health care and living, would have only shot up. Here are four simple keys to ensure your golden years are spent comfortably.

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Every entrepreneurial venture starts with a good idea, evolves to a bunch of amazing ideas, and with any luck, ends up as a successful business.

But how do you move from that first idea to your final success?

Here are 10 steps to move your dreams into reality:

1. Define the Difference

You need to be clear about how your product is unlike other competitors.Suppose your dream involves a new type of social media that lets you create online collections of visuals that people can share. Are you talking about Pinterest? Slideshare? Instagram? You need to set yourself apart. If your idea is not clearly defined, people may have a “been there, done that” view of it.

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The Greatest Business Secret in the World:

When we think of success in business, most of us think in terms of dollars, cents, statistics, facts, and figures. Yet all those measures of success are determined by the behavior of customers and the employees who serve them. Reward customers, and you’ll create and keep them. Fail to reward customers and you’re out of business. That’s the Greatest Business Secret in the World. So simple, so obvious, and so ignored.

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Online Invoicing is performed using an Online Invoicing Software, which is developed to facilitate you to Conduct, Streamline and Automate all kinds of invoicing operations for your business. It is user-administered and therefore can be easily customized by your in-house staff according to your business needs. It can handle a vast database of your clients and makes your job easy through its smart work and job systems. The best feature of Online Invoicing Software is that its Auto Invoice Process executes all your outstanding invoicing tasks by a single click. Invoicera, which is an intelligent online invoicing and billing software, provides Seamless Online Invoicing Solutions. It is a web-based software and can be easily downloaded on your system. Read More

Everybody wants to be productive, but they find themselves struggling to manage time to finish the day-to-day tasks/activities. The problems are varied and some of them are related to psychology. In the absence of time management, individuals find themselves floating, without being able to concentrate on a single task, till it gets completed. Scientology calls it, “bad control”. It creates confusion, chaos, distraction, procrastination and many other issues and you end up without being able to finish any task, at the end of the day. It is also called the butterfly mind, which keeps on wandering here and there.

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Most of the customer service operations have moved from call centers to social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.  Because of the popularity of Twitter for business purposes, it becomes very important for the companies to maintain their page on Twitter and run their customer services through it.  There are many customers on Twitter, who like to query and get answered on Twitter itself and there are very few people these days, who actually contact the call centers to get their queries resolved.  The trend is changing.  That is the reason we should take the following steps to improve our customer services through interaction on Twitter:

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Social Media is undoubtedly the most powerful marketing platform in the world. This phenomenon is set to get even bigger in 2014 with millions of businesses using this platform to market their products and services. Managing social media presence and your various campaigns can be tricky and tiring especially when we are talking about multiple platforms. It takes a lot of quality time and if you don’t have dedicated resource, you can hire manpower to handle campaigns so that you don’t fall flat and get a denial for the edge you were looking for.

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