Invoice templates are very useful in sending online invoices professionally! Now, they simply make your invoices look beautiful and that’s very important for your business billing. The invoice templates from Invoicera help you add your company logo and your address too. In short, they make you look really professional. Read More

Estimates are very useful in understanding what the client requirement is and sending him an overview of the kind of budget he needs to have for the product or the service. It helps you in getting cost approvals from the client or getting his views on the same before the final approvals. Estimates are very important while you are invoicing clients online. Read More

Last year’s harvest is this year’s Thanksgiving – that’s the meaning of this popular festival. In the US, the festival is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of every November. Read More

Celebrating and having fun at work is a pretty common phenomenon at Invoicera. Today was one such day filled with unabated excitement. At Invoicera, today was the monthly celebration day and the team went out and partied like anything. There was music, dance food and games to keep all laughing and rolling throughout the day.

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iTransact has a virtual terminal that lets you seamlessly accept payments online. It is payment gateway that also allows the option to receive payments via checks. iTransact provides additional security features for its customers. Read More

Invoicera helps you create invoices with utmost ease and send them to clients with equal ease. With Invoicera, you can also convert your invoices into PDF files and save them to your computer for future use. Here is the simple process:

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This type of invoice errors could be a common mistake and one should know how to use credit notes to rectify the errors. You can write a credit memo on the reverse side of the sales invoice and it may include the following three sections: Header, Body & Footer.

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Invoicera as a product goes a long way in making your invoicing much simpler. There are a host of features that Invoicera provides, like multiple payment gateways and multiple currencies so you can invoice easily, worldwide. Invoicera also enables you to receive subscription payments online with the help of its recurring feature. Read More

The Braintree payment gateway is known for its transparency and features. It is a ‘full stack’ payment gateway suitable for all types of businesses. Braintree supports the recurring billing feature and helps you automatically receive payments for your recurring bills. It is a value for money feature and provides a host of features to its users. Braintree comes with extensive customer support and a massive knowledge base at your disposal. Read More

When you have implemented an ERP in your organization, it could be sensible as well as profitable to automate your invoicing system. An automated invoicing process has several benefits over a manual process and it helps save both time and money. Since most organizations of the modern times are seeking for ways of cost cutting, a paperless, automated invoicing solution could be their priority. Read More