The Braintree payment gateway is known for its transparency and features. It is a ‘full stack’ payment gateway suitable for all types of businesses. Braintree supports the recurring billing feature and helps you automatically receive payments for your recurring bills. It is a value for money feature and provides a host of features to its users. Braintree comes with extensive customer support and a massive knowledge base at your disposal. Read More

When you have implemented an ERP in your organization, it could be sensible as well as profitable to automate your invoicing system. An automated invoicing process has several benefits over a manual process and it helps save both time and money. Since most organizations of the modern times are seeking for ways of cost cutting, a paperless, automated invoicing solution could be their priority. Read More

Halloween may be about collecting candies and scaring friends and we at Invoicera celebrate with great enthusiasm. Costumes, games quizzes and much more, it all happens at the Invoicera office on every 31st of October. Halloween also known as the ‘All Saints Eve’ is one of the most celebrated festivals in the United States. The roots of Halloween lie in the old Celtic festival which marks the end of the harvest season. The festival is also celebrated with bonfires and masks are worn to please the spirits. Read More

An automated accounts payable solution can greatly speed up the invoice approval process and can make the payment mechanism more efficient and smooth. Invoice automation solutions are fast becoming a part of the enterprise across the world, and the AP department is gaining a significant level of competence using such solutions.

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Every business needs tools that help improving productivity and conveniences. With the mobile phone becoming more and more prevalent, a mobile invoicing app surely helps businesses to save time and effort in sending invoices to clients. Invoicera’s latest version of Android and iOS Apps are now live. As a freelancer or a business owner, one is always preoccupied with the work and many a times travelling as well. If you are travelling for a business meeting and wish to use this time to send invoices to your customer you can simply login to your account on your Android/iOS phone and send in the invoices, while you utilize this time as well. Read More

The process of Work-flow Automation can significantly expedite the task of creating, handling and also ensuring approval of invoices. In the true sense, it is a technology solution that automates the tasks to form the process that can be completed in a more automated environment, eliminating or reducing manual efforts. In the process, many small or big tasks are linked together to achieve the desired results of Work-flow Automation.

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Cost-cutting is an important measure for many businesses to stay profitable in the recessionary economic period. This is the reason why organizations are always open to ideas that can enable them to operate their business functions in an efficient and inexpensive manner.

In the endeavour to keep the business costs at a manageable level, the accounts payable department could prove to be an important sector to implement some cost-cutting ideas. Here are the 30 practical cost-cutting ways for your AP department, helping you to reduce your business costs to a significant level: Read More

A company often deals with a number of vendors to procure a variety of goods and services to run business operations. The procurement departments of a company release Purchase Orders in order to procure goods from a vendor. The vendor supplies goods and raise Invoices against the supplied goods.

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Off late, many business organizations have clearly understood that co-ordinating between departments in a structured format has become quite difficult. They can no more operate in a well-defined format, as the complexity also has improved proportionally. Such lack of coordinated process can make the business decline. Hence it is vital that each department involved in the work-flow not only understands properly, the benefits that they are contributing, but also they are at par with the business objectives as expected. In such a close interaction between accounts payable and procurement team, Procure to Pay process gets enabled through handful collaboration.

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Traditional methods have always paved way for complicating the invoicing process, irrespective of the business reach. More paper work, more human calculations have always tended to contribute errors in invoicing. Engaging business customers with E-Invoicing Solutions not only help to negate human errors, but also eliminate unwanted costs and complexities involved in the entire invoicing work-flow. E-Invoicing helps to scan paper invoices in single touch, comply reviews and approve them and also help to settle users more efficiently and engage with discounts applicable on payments. Read More