Having an extraordinary product is futile if you can not use it to your benefit. Your product or service must echo your goals, it must reiterate your core values and believes. In crux, positioning and creating a unique brand identity is equally if not more important like having a great/good product.


Your brand identity is the combined effect of all the visual elements in your marketing strategy. From your website to your business card to a professional invoices, everything is responsible for creating an effective brand identity.
A successful brand identity revolves around the following 5 key characteristics:

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1.Be different from the league: We tend to look and follow the same wire frame as that of our competitors’. So do ensure that your market positioning is different from your competitors’. Your approach in terms of design and content should be very different from your likes so that you aren’t confused with your competitor.
2.Convey the same message but with a different approach every time: Experts say that it takes 6 to 12 impressions for a customer to truly register a brand. Do not presume that your customer already knows what all you do. Keep repeatedly telling them what and how they can benefit from you via various ways. Prepare customer engagement mails and activities to keep them involved. This comforts your potential and current customers and makes them believe that they aren’t forgotten as you are listening.
3.Use your logo and tagline wherever possible: Your logo and your tagline help you establish a strong visual and verbal brand identity. Consistently using them across various platforms helps you build stronger. Try implementing and incorporating all the marketing materials and properties that you are using at as many places as possible. Be it a blog or an email or your invoice, place your logo and tagline around a prominent place so that your brand is hammered and rooted deep inside the consumers’ mind.
4.Be visually and textually pleasing: Create a unique logo which is vibrant and attractive. Many of us do not spend much on the graphics and are not experimental or creative enough, in that case being textually strong would help you sail through and would make your brand distinct and memorable. It would let you customers know how serious you are. At the same time, your textual or visual content should not be formal or typical enough that people get confused or move away. The theme and the consistency both in terms of graphics/visuals and content should be consistent across all the platforms.
5.Have a corporate brand Identity: Your clients should immediately be able to identify you. They should be able to distinguish between you and your likes. Your graphics and content should be crisp, simple and catchy. It should have the ability to hold audiences and must convey what you want your target group to know. Your brand personality defines your audiences. You can have an out and out professional feel or can have a casual, personalized touch to your brand.

When you incorporate all the above mentioned tips into your branding, you will leverage your business outlook. Your marketing messages will be taken more seriously and would have a lasting brand recall.

Like mentioned in the third point, using your logo and tagline across all your marketing properties is a really important thing. We, being an online invoicing service, believe that even invoicing isn’t only about getting paid faster, it also helps in building a brand identity. Having realized this, we have included the option of customizing your invoicing needs.



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With Invoicera you can thus create  customized invoices where you get to decide where you brand name and logo should be displayed on the invoice. So the next time you send an invoice, it won’t be about a payment only. With a customized invoice, you will market your brand too.