It’s a challenge to establish a start-up or a small business. Young entrepreneurs often miss out or flunk in some crucial aspects in the initial stages, which is obviously understandable. Starting your own business is always like a tempting delicacy that is not that sweet.


The business plan that sounded exciting at first could well be a pain in the back while implementing. Moreover, plans do not explode, they take time to evolve. What adds to the misery is the inexperience of the young, making it almost impossible to carry-on the proceedings any further.

Eventually, the small business you dreamt of, takes a back seat and refuses to grow. This is where a question springs up –


“How to make your small business grow?”


Well, the plan might sound just so simple to hear. However, it’s no piece of cake. What it demands is execution. Nevertheless, the following tit-bits could help you get some great business ideas and eventually help you grow your small business:


– Understanding the business, as to how the activities are to be carried out. How could it be made more profitable?


– Finding out as to whom the business is to be targeted. Is it meant for students, or for professionals? How willing would they be to have a go at your venture?


– The strategy with which the business has to be developed. Business development relies heavily on the structure of activities carried out everyday to complete the desired tasks.


– Rigorous ongoing research and track of market condition.


– Customer relationship management, proactive collection of data of the existing customers, offering perks and giveaways.


– Implementing frequent delivery of newsletters to increase business prospects and retain exisiting customers.


– Keeping track of direct or indirect competition. Regular assessment of their activities.


– Maintaining uniformity in sales pipeline.


– Regular up gradations in the current suite of services/products. Adding or removing whenever necessary.


– Assessing marketing channels and pieces to pick out the one that would suit you the most.


– Organizing and re-organizing the up sell activities for existing clients.


– Post purchase services, ensuring satisfaction and other assistance, if required.



A word of Caution Mere reading won’t help. We tried giving some of the most basic things that you could take care of and set yourself a free flight. So, don;t let your small business always be a small one. Make your small business grow!