It could be such a pain in the back to analyze and strategize the business expenses, irrespective of its size. While it’s really necessary to analyze, it’s hard to find someone who is born with a dollar. It’s even tough for a business owner to step-up on the boat and volunteer everything solely.


Though, it’s not impossible, but you got to have the cojones to face the upcoming. If you have the services of a chief financial officer who has been doing the job, he must have a great eye. The task requires proactive skills, which is way beyond the skills and experience of an accountant or a bookkeeper.

It’s no piece of cake being an entrepreneur. Be firm when you decide who’s going to do it? Is it you or someone else? It doesn’t really matter who it is…know what one should be doing –

Make sure you read this to know how do you keep tabs on your expenses. Here’s the plan:


‘Actual’ to budget comparison – Any business would create a budget at the beginning. Creating a budget gets you in a thinking mode. You foresee your expenses and estimate an amount, however, it will most of the times be off-target. But, if you see a line item goig over the board, you would know when to fix it.



Encourage cash flow – A smart businessman would encourage his clients to pay in cash instead of credit. The owner saves a fortune by saving credit card fees. To do this, he could reward the clients with cash back incentive or something to get positive response. This is a great way to deal with clients and at the same time bettering the position of the business.

Pricing Analysis – Establsihment of pricing strategies and analysis is as important as the business. The pricing part differentiates your product from the usual lot. Assessing a price of a product must involve consideration of several factors including those of pricing objectives, regulatory, guidelines, and more.


Industry comparisons – The most obvious and critical point of all. A business owner must know these numbers to influence his own business. Make asking a habit. Maintain contacts with those with more or less the same size as yours and share data within. Doing this would give you an idea of the several costs involved.



A Dashboard – Compile your actuals to a user-friendly dashboard. Make it easy to read. There are dashboard in your online invoicing software (Invoicera) that extract the data and put in a systematic way. This way, you can sort out problems and keep-up with trends on a regular basis. After all, it’s your business; knowing the technicalities would help you be at ease and peace.


Nevertheless, a start-up is like a rookie that usually depends on its creator. So, it’s the creator who must make a move and do a word of good to the enterprise. Analyzing small business expenses is a hard-nut to crack. The aforementioned tips would be futile if just read and forgotten. It requires an action. Take a pledge; start the action right here..