Starting fresh as a freelancer? You might live in the fear that slow down is around the corner and that clients are hard to come-by and that any client that comes your way is your only hope; and similar things…


That’s inexperience! Taking up random projects that do not suit your business equals to nothing. Did you ever say ‘no’ to a client yet?


If you’re still reading this, chances are that you never did or perhaps just once or may be two. By saying ‘yes’ to projects that only fill up your time and make you feel frustrated, do no good to your business reputation. You should learn to turn down the opportunity when it’s not right. Here are a few situations you Clients say ‘no’ to..


The Start-up Client That Seek Free Work

There are clients that look for people who can do their projects for free against some really good exposure. It’s a good idea when you begin your freelance career, but not when you have already spent some time in the field. Top of all, the client is making money, so why shouldn’t you?




The Client Asks You For Unethical Procedures to Drive Results

The prospective client pesters you to take up his project that involves unethical techniques to fetch results. Would you still take it up? Doing things that don’t compliment your business principles for a few bucks is bad for your overall reputation.



The Client Treats You Like Puppet

Your client wants you to design a website with some specific features that you think might distract the users and cause drop-offs. When you suggest, the client tells you to do as he say. When the end result is not good, the only person to be blamed will be ‘you’ who did the work. Moral is that you can’t just do it with tied hands or let’s say with default template personality.



The Autumn-Leaf Client

Did you ever get flaked on by a client? Like you discussed everything; the project, pricing, and the time required and suddenly the client starts to disappear. The project comes to a level where it cannot be finished. Clearly, the client doesn’t earn a space in your list.


Well, I hope these situations help and you learn to say ‘No’ to clients that do the above or perhaps something different. There could be numerous situations, though. Have you come across one yet?



Author Reference

This post is contributed by one of the admins at Invoicera. Invoicera is a leading SaaS, well known for online billing and invoicing.