When Shakespeare said, ‘Better three hours too soon, than one minute too late’ he would have never thought how easy it would get with time to manage and keep a track of it. With technological advancements, there have easier ways to track time. But we are not going to discuss what and how we can do it but, we would rather focus on the why and how it helps.



Not only is it a valuable resource but once lost, it can’t be replenished or compensated. So here are few pointer to elaborate ‘why’ you must use online time tracking.


Know where did the time fly by
Many a times you would have realized that the entire day passes by and you are still left with pending assignments which you could have easily cleared. And than you start wondering, where did the entire day go? What was I doing? Well this is perhaps the prime reason as to why you should and you must use time tracking. It allows you to know what all you have exactly been doing and for how long.


Know what to improve
Once you know what all you have to do all through the day and how much time does each of the tasks demands, you can easily make a framework around it. Evaluate and analyze if the amount of time you have been investing on a particular topic is worth the time invested or not. This way you can prepare a actual duration vs ideal duration chart and decide whether there are any areas which need improvement. The areas where the actual duration exceeds your ideal duration are the areas which need improvement.


Know how to budget your time
For each activity you can thus individually budget the time. You spend a specific amount of time for each activity and waste lesser time. This way you can also push yourself to do more number of things and in lesser amount of time. Time tracker like Invoicera help you monitor your progress throughout the day.


Be more effective and efficient
Out of the many reasons, another important reason to use time tracking is to become more responsible. Since it enables you to report and study how much time you spend and where, it lets you be more responsible. To all of us time means money and no one would want to earn less, thus tracking time not only quantifies how much time you have utilized or could have utilized but it also pushes you to ensure that more and more of it could be materialized to do productive things.


So if you have been whining away your time on unproductive things yet are unable to identify what all has been occupying you, try time tracking and see yourself become more productive.


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