In this fast evolving world, each sector is growing leaps and bounds in no time. Economic sector is seeing the massive growth now and is expected to have a boom in near future. Every day a new business is seen either entering the market or a new idea succeeding and taking the market by a storm.

Technology is playing a vital role here, giving them chances to grow faster. Starting from managing employees to generating invoices for clients, businesses are making optimum use of the ace technology available.

Invoicing has always been an important part of businesses as it enables the cash flow for the service/product you have offered. Started with paper invoicing now maximum businesses have shifted to online invoicing, the reason being the intelligence of work the technology is providing. It has become easier for businesses to manage the critical task of taxation and invoicing with available web based invoicing system.

Once your business is set you begin to have a large base of customers, your number of invoices will also increase and you start feeling stressed out filling invoices on paper. Invoicing software such as Invoicera then become a great help for you to effectively manage your business. It helps you in generating online invoices, sending them to clients via emails, real-time mail tracking, and the 30+ online payment gateways let you receive payments globally in multi-currency without any hurdle.

Therefore, instead of using the traditional way of writing papers Invoice on pre-printed papers which can be time-consuming and error-prone, you can make use of an Invoicing tool that will give you more time to relate with your customers, less tasking and has a low error rate.

Listed below are some of the important reasons why you need an Online Invoicing tool:

  • Effective cash flow management

    While using web based invoicing system one can easily track and keep a record cash flow in the business. Your account payables and account receivables can be easily accessed and tracked. Keeping a clear track record of your account payables and receivables helps you maintain a healthy relationship with clients and vendors in the market.

  • Manage Global Clientele

    online-invoicing-systemAuto invoicing system such as Invoicera lets you manage your global clientele at an ease of a click. You no more have to worry about the the currency exchange or the language your clients speaks or works in. Easily create invoices in the language you want to with Invoicera’s multi lingual feature. And accept payment online with more than 30 online payment gateways available. It lets you easily accept payments without the hassle of currency exchange. Invoices can be send in real time and payments can be received quickly.

  • Save Time & Efforts

    The universal saying “Time is money” is directly related when it comes to businesses. A minute wasted can never be earned back. And the minutes or hours saved can help you earn even more. The Invoicing tool like Invoicera helps you save your time and efforts, that can be used in other productive activities.

  • Send Professional-Looking Invoices

    Small businesses/startups are always confused with the way they deal with clients. They always run to maintain professionalism but lack of experience can sometimes give them a run for their cash. This is one of the many reasons small businesses/startups need an invoicing tool because with it your invoice can contain your logo, business description and even general terms and conditions without wasting time and also makes the company look more professional.

  • Minimum possibilities of errors

    It is true that with an online invoicing system the number of human errors can be reduced to the minimum. Writing out an invoice with other available tasks in day to day business is a tedious thing to do. Hurriedly done invoices can lead up to some major crisis. But when you use an online invoicing tool the system is automated and there are little chances of making the error.

  • Send Automated Reminders

    The online invoicing tool will help your invoices to be paid quickly as you’ll able to set up automated reminders. Unlike, the traditional system where you need to follow up yourself for the unpaid invoices, here you can send gentle automatic reminders for the unpaid invoices.

  • Easy access to business finances

    While using an online invoicing tool you can save all your cash flow information and easily access it anywhere. It makes managing finances easy. The convenience of cloud-based accounting lets you save all your data in a single place and access it all at once. It is not only safe from physical damage but also secure from any kind of thefts. Evolved technology lets you use the system securely.

  • Ease of access

    It is one of the main reason that businesses love to use the online invoicing system. You do not require to carry your invoice notes with you all the time. But, a mobile app built in with Invoicera lets you use it at ease of a click. Save your invoices, generate some on the go or even analyze your finances. It is accessible to you 24/7.

  • Safety of Information

    You might be wondering about the safety of your information, but yes the information saved in your online invoicing system is completely safe. Developers keeping in mind the sensitivity of the data that you will be storing online take extra measures to keep it safe and secure.

  • Cuts on massive added costs

    You might think that setting up an online invoicing tool will cost you bombs. But, the fact is setting up an online invoicing system saves you from salary of two extra employees, working space and bills adding up to 8,000 USD per month.


Moreover, the world of business is evolving and you wouldn’t want to be left behind. With the increasing competition in the market, any left or weak step can pull you back. With the massive growth in technology, businesses have welcomed it with open arms. Online invoicing tools are becoming the latest smart keys for businesses to grow. Invoicera, the Online Invoicing system does not only create and send invoices but also manages your business efficiently. With features that are specific to your type of business i.e. a customized invoicing software for freelancers, small businesses and large enterprises, it makes the usage more convenient. One can easily customize it according to their business needs and conveniently use the software.