e-Invoicing is becoming an integral advantage to transform the growth potential of any business. The business and the Government recognize the financial gains of going digital in their invoicing process.

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The traditional paper-based processes can no longer keep up, the companies today are increasingly implementing automated invoice processing to scale their financial operations, optimize invoice management and enhance the cash flow.  Examine e-Invoicing benefits for any sized organization to improve the quality of invoice data and generate cost savings in the process.


The automation of invoicing processes yield results such as:

  • -70% lower processing costs
  • -55% faster-processing cycle time

What seems to hold the capital controls and increase operational efficiency? When you’re looking to unlock capital controls, manage working capital and increase operational efficiency, create a single solution to automate payments.

e-invoicing significantly reduces the supply chain friction, maximizes efficiency by eliminating manual processes and much error-prone intervention. The automation of paper-based can cut costs and improve efficiency in the receivable business.  The e-invoicing solution manages efficiency, transparency, control, finance and working capital management.

The adoption of e-invoicing solution accelerates global invoice process. e-Invoicing allows to pay its suppliers faster, generate revenue in a way and significant cost reductions.


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The introduction of e-Invoicing enables for more efficient and transparent processes. The trend is moving towards e-Invoicing among the Government and Public bodies and also effectively minimizing tax leakage.


Select the automation solution like Invoicera that best fits your business model, whether be transition from manual processes or web based online in the cloud without disrupting the IT infrastructure.

How does Invoicera do it?

Invoicera AP process helps improve the visibility and control the entire invoice handling process.  Invoicera offers optimized solutions for the businesses of all sizes and gives agility to your business running effectively.

The automation in payment solutions driven by e-invoicing like Invoicera has been proven viable and beneficial between the customers and the suppliers.

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