Customization has always been unique to Invoicera. We emphasize more on providing invoicing solutions that can at best manage your complete business. Each business has its own challenges and unique features through which it works. Therefore it becomes our foremost responsibility to keep in mind your practices and design a solution that is not complicated and time consuming.


For each of our client  we have kept a wide window open for customization to sort the most basic needs of cash flow management. It is important to understand that the value of technology lies in its user friendly approach and providing solutions to errors that human might make. Keeping in mind the value and importance of its clients’ business Invoicera once again came up with a solution to build strong relationships. Invoicera is proudly associated with one of the major travel company and is handling its invoices and finances.The client is an award-winning global travel resource powered by a diverse community of local experts on the ground, providing unrivaled local knowledge and unique local deals. The client has an online presence with over a 100 destinations around the globe and is headquartered in London and Marbella.


They wanted an invoicing and billing solution to automate the process of invoicing and payments. The client provides travel services across the globe to customers and they needed to send invoices for the services used by the customers across the globe and receive payments online.


The process was quite challenging as it looked and involved a lot of brainstorming at first and major changes in the software after that. Personalization, sometimes is not as easy as it says. So here is a list of all the challenges we faced and our solutions to conquer the same.            

The client serves in over a 100 destinations across the globe so we required customizing the invoices to achieve the solution. Invoices have to be customized based on each destination i.e. billing rate of destination, tax for the destination etc. in the invoices.  

Additionally, the client has its own pool of corporate customers for whom the billing is done every month automatically with the recurring billing feature of Invoicera as implemented in the solution that is provided to the client.


After finding out all the possible solutions available a customized solution of Invoicera is provided to the client with the following features:





Base on a study conducted online, it has been found out that out of all the customers that use your products, only 5% of them will share their valuable feedback. It is important to understand the value of such customers and work on it to make the user experience better. Invoicera has become a part of more than 3 million businesses and is successfully working with some of the major businesses in the world.