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The fact which can’t be denied is that there are so many services in the online market which provide solutions for invoicing your clients but when it comes to understanding their needs, we think that we have added something extra to this context. Invoicera has recently launched a new feature for its users through which they can customize their invoice templates as per their needs and requirements. This step was inspired with a sole objective to provide online entrepreneurs, a invoice which best suits their requirements.

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The online industry depends much upon how presentable are you in front of your clients and what special you can offer to them for the price they are paying to you. So for this, Invoicera will now allow its users to make any kind of necessary changes in their respective invoice template. The good thing about this concept is that it is very simple to perform or make any changes to your invoice template, therefore, if you are not much tech savvy, then also you can avail this facility. You just need to follow a simple process to make whatever changes you want to make. Therefore, read carefully the steps which are mentioned below:

1: The first step is to open your Invoicera account and after you land on the homepage, you will see a “settings” option on the upside right corner of your homepage. Click on the”settings” option and go to “general preferences”, after clicking on that you will come to the next page where you can find “template customization” option again on the upside right corner of that page. You need to click on that option and it will take you to the page where you can see the whole format of your invoice.

2: Now whatever field you want to change in your invoice or you do not want that field to be displayed on your invoice, you can easily make changes by simply selecting the field which you want to change or edit and then going to the source code. Now, make sure while you deal with the coding part, if you want to delete some section from your template then you also have to delete the “tbody id” from the source code. You just have to copy these codes into your HTML editor and then make changes in the coding of their respective fields. Also if you want to delete some of the unnecessary rows or columns from your template, you can easily delete them with just a right click on the desired field and you will find an option to remove rows and columns.

Customized Templates for invoicing in Invoicera

3: If you want to make some changes in the font size, color or modify the tables of your templates, all these functions can be performed by simply making necessary changes in the CSS coding.

Online invoicing software Invoicera

4: Once you are done with the editing part, come back to your invoice format and you will find that changes have occurred in your template.

Customised template Preview

See, how simple and incredible is that. You can change color of your template, add your own company logo to your invoice, add or delete any field like, discount, VAT, additional charges, unit cost or it can be anything. When your client will receive an invoice which is quite clear to him, he will also make his best effort to make your payment as soon as possible and we don’t need to describe here that what importance these payments keeps for your business. So, be a part of Invoicera and experience the unmatched quality of billing services provided by it.