New Client Preview Section Available for Comprehensive Reporting

Over the past few days we have been meticulously working on prioritizing and preparing a list of upgrades/feedback that have been long due and need to be implemented on immediate grounds. One of the most important and significant section of the application is the ‘client preview’ section. Ideally it should give us the bird’s eye view of even the minutest of details pertaining to any specific clients. Therefore, after reviewing this section of the application from the user perspective almost countless times followed by as many deliberations, we decided to necessitate the required enhancements.

The new client preview section will now become your one stop shop for everything you are required to know about your client. Not only this, you can also perform any required action without having to move around the application. The drill down capability for sections like invoices, estimates, expenses and payment history would allow you to view and analyze key metrics of business performance. Since this section has been recently introduced we would be further improving it with additional functionalities.

There is one minor enhancement which has been done on the manage invoices section as well. The status of the invoices would now be highlighted with two separate colors. The light yellow color represents those invoices which have not been sent to your clients while the light orange color represents those invoices which have been sent to your clients. On the invoice status, mouse hover will display a one liner detail about the status. Also while previewing the invoice a notification would display on the top stating on which date the invoice was last sent and when the payment was done for the invoice.

All these upgrades are intended to improve the overall functionality of the application without diluting our underlying principle of simplicity. There is an unending list of feedback/enhancements that we have with us which makes our roadmap unambiguous and uncomplicated. We look forward to your valuable suggestions which have been instrumental in making the application one of the best!


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