Now Export Invoice Templates to PDF in Their Respective Colors

Over the past few months we have been making enhancements and bringing you updates at rate of knots and look to keep the juggernaut rolling for at least sometime. These enhancements and updates are a result of feedback that we receive in numbers (we are fortunate to have users who work behind the scenes for us) and meticulous brainstorming sessions conducted in our chamber. These updates, however diminutive they seem to be, have big impact not only in the functionality of the application but also connect with the users’ requirements.

Therefore, in our latest update it would now be possible to export all invoice templates to PDF in their respective colors. There were those who requested to have invoice PDF to be in the same color as invoice template, while other just wondered why PDF would have only green color (no matter which color the invoice template was). Hence, this update carries a lot of significance as it intends to meet the invoicing requirements of many while washing away the suspicion of some.

There would be lot many updates, changes and enhancements in the days to come. So don’t hold back any feedback that you would like to be implemented. Just drop it in our mail box and leave the rest to us. Till then stay tuned for our next update!


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