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If coffee can be made instantly, then why not invoices and bills. Perhaps the comparison is too hypothetical. But the point here is not to argue about whether the comparison is worth mentioning or not. The larger point that is being put across is that even generating invoices can be as instantaneous as making a coffee.

By following just a few easy steps, the entire unwieldy process of generating invoices is compressed into a simple and easily interpreted process. Unlike for many other online billing and invoicing softwares, one does not need any accounting experience to use Invoicera 7.0. The application has been kept simple on purpose and deliberately, so you can get organized and get the desired job done faster. On one side of the table, online softwares boast of being efficient and effectual but on the other hand are governed by complexity and head scratching steps. With our billing solution, you can easily create and send invoices while being able to see the customers that have paid and those who still owe you money.

Our detailed dashboard (which I will be talking about in the next post) allows every businessman, consultant, freelancer, etc to remain on top of their payment tracking. Spending less time on calculating down payments and accounts receivables enables you to spend more time virtually on every aspect of your business, which would ultimately result in overall development and expansion.

If you are still skeptical about the instantaneity of generating invoices, then what better way to try it yourself? Register for the free beta version on the homepage and experience the difference.