There is no place for philanthropy in business, especially when it comes to charging your clients for the service or product you have delivered. Getting paid for even the microscopic piece of work is every business’s right. So why make this procedure an enigmatic one. As an Invoicera team our aim is to infect the world with the virus of online billing and get addicted to smart way of sending invoices. It is this thought that has prompted us to create an application that lets you generate invoices with utmost ease and simplicity.

With Invoicera 7.0, invoices can be generated with just a click of a mouse. We give the option to not only charge for the products but also for rendering services. VAT amount can be added to individual products and sales tax can be added to service that had been offered. If the invoice is being sent to a worthy client, then even discounts can be given either on individual product or service cost or on the entire bill amount. While generating invoices, clients account summary can also be viewed and the gross amount can be adjusted to advance funds or overdue funds, as the case may be. That’s not it, after compiling the invoice, if additional charges like packaging, transportation, etc. have missed out, then even those can be included for a particular product /service or on the entire bill amount.

Well, we all would agree that strong firm-client relationship is the fundamental attribute of any business, so why not give some liberty to the client as well. Yes, with Invoicera 7.0, client can not only view the invoice but also make required correction (if needed).

With Invoicera 7.0, generating invoices is indeed a walk in the park. We have thrown open a pathway for contemporary billing, to do away with traditional and manual billing.