Over the past few weeks we have been making improvements and bringing you updates. We are always on the path to enhance Invoicera in such a manner so as to make it incredible for our customers while continually offering a great quality app with lots of astonishing features anticipated from an online invoicing tool. These improvements and updates are a consequence of feedback that we get in numbers and scrupulous brainstorming sessions performed in our chamber.

Invoicera is nearly 4 years old and serving thousands of clients world over for their invoicing tasks. It’s great to be in this position, but with a large user base comes the liability of receiving many feature requests. Requests flow in via support requests, email, blog comments, Twitter, Facebook etc. This week we continue with our series of development updates and enrichments to carry on with our responsibility of frequently improving the application’s functionality and adding all of the goodies that our customers have desired for.

In our latest updates we proffer with the following:

Account Merging

We have just managed to cross the threshold of limitations by introducing one of the biggest changes in Invoicera. As observed many users own multiple accounts with one common id and each account contains multiple invoices. Prior to the innovation of our new upgrade, If any user wants to view any invoice, then they have to login into a particular account. This doesn’t go well with some of our users who have multiple accounts with same email id. This is time consuming. But with out new update, it is now possible for users to merge their accounts if they are having more than one account with a same email id in order to view their invoices of different accounts at one common place. This will not only be time saving but help in streamlining their workflow as well.

Invitation to Join Invoicera

We believe in benefiting the client in the best way possible and keeping this in mind we came up with yet another innovative idea of invitations. With this new feature it is possible to invite your clients to join Invoicera for free and once they sign up, users will become their clients and the Invoices/estimates sent by them would be displayed in your ‘RECEIVED Invoices/estimates’ section. This will enable your clients to create professional invoices rather than wasting time in creating invoices manually on MS word or calculating your invoice totals in Excel.

Magento Extension’s New Feature

Earlier magento store owners were not allowed to import those orders into their invoicera’s account which were placed before installing magento extension to their magento store. But with this feature update, it is possible for magento store owners to import those orders also which were placed earlier before installing magento extension to their store.

Task Assign to Staff

Project contains many tasks and each task needs to be assigned to specific projects. Previously users were allowed to assign their tasks to projects only. Users who are managing team members were earlier not having the freedom to assign any particular tasks to their staff members. But with this new feature introduced by Invoicera they get an option to assign any particular task of any project to any of its staff members as per requirement.

Expense Assign to Project

Earlier, users were only allowed to assign their expenses of the project to their clients only, but now with this latest update, users are allowed to assign expenses to their projects as well along with clients.

Preview Button on Template Customization

Earlier, there was no option to preview the customized Invoice/Estimate template but in this update, a preview button has been added on template customization page. By clicking the ‘Preview button’ users can preview their customized templates while customizing or after the completion template customization.

All these features are designed to help our clients with ease of managing their invoices. But wait, we are not done yet, there are lots more, we don’t want to give the game away just yet! So stay tuned as we keep trying to bring you the best invoicing experience. In coming times you will be able to see a lot many updates, changes and enhancements and use them to your advantage as well. It is thorough your valuable inputs, suggestions and feedback that we make changes accordingly. Just drop your mail/feature request at support@invoicera.com and leave the rest to us.