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Improve Productivity and Accountability With Easy Staff Management

  • Create New Staff Members

    New staff members can be added and their hourly rate can be set. Add the billable time of staff members to project invoices.

  • Control Staff Activity

    All staff members can be managed from a single dashboard. Details of their last login can be checked. Estimate to invoice ratio of each staff member can be viewed.

  • Team Time Management

    Detailed time sheets of staff members can be viewed on a weekly and monthly basis. Staff members can thus be helped to manage their time better.

Staff Management Application - Image - 1
Staff Management Application - Image - 2
  • Manage Tasks Assigned To Staff

    Tasks can be managed effectively and efficiently. Appropriate tasks can be assigned to respective staff members. Staff productivity can be measured and feedback can be provided.

  • Approve or Reject Expenses

    Staff members can record their expenses on a regular basis. These expenses can be approved by account admins, as desired.

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