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Manage Expenses and Take Control Of Business Finances

  • Create New Expenses

    New expenses can be assigned to vendors/clients/projects. Expenses can be recorded, as and when they occur.

  • Import Lists

    A list of expenses from an Excel file can be easily imported and time can be saved.

  • Create Categories

    Searchable categories can be created and category-wise analysis done. Most important ones can be searched for and cleared.

  • Assign Expenses

    Staff members can be assigned expenses they are responsible for. Expense guidelines can be communicated for better management of expenses.

Expense Management Solution - Image - 1
Expense Management Solution - Image - 2
  • Create Recurring

    Periodical expenses can be managed by setting as recurring. Helps in maintaining a record of expenses that happen weekly or monthly.

  • Attaching Receipts

    Receipts are important for authenticating expenses. Proper record maintenance helps in getting tax deduction.

  • Approve or reject expenses with ease

    No duplicate or unnecessary expense would now get approved. Account admin to approves or reject expenses from the expense dashboard.

  • Control Expenses With Reports

    Detailed reports to forecast expenses and manage business finances better. A control mechanism for better expense management.