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Improve Team Productivity With Simplified Time Tracking

  • Use The Timer To Track Tasks in Real Time

    Time spent on tasks in can be tracked in real time. Time entries can be tracked more accurately, for better productivity.

  • Manual Time Logs

    Manual time entries save time and make the system more flexible. Can be added on a daily basis.

  • Assign Work

    Hours worked, can be assigned to tasks, clients and projects. Time devoted to each task, client or project can be analysed.

Time Tracking Application - Image - 1
Time Tracking Application - Image - 2
  • Add Notes

    Time entries can be made more descriptive. Nature of work performed and reasons for taking the required time can be stated.

  • Manage Anytime Anywhere

    Time entries can be recorded and time data can be tracked from anytime anywhere. Daily, weekly and monthly timesheets can be managed.

  • View Detailed Reports

    View reports to understand the time spent on projects and tasks. Also gauge employee productivity and manpower requirements.