Invoice and Business Management System

Client Requirements

The client required an online invoicing and business management solution. They wanted to provide invoicing and business management solutions to their own customers. These would enable the customers to sign up on the website and create invoices, send quotes, generate statements, manage their books, track inventory, trade in multiple currencies, and more. The client also wanted bank-level security over transactions in the software or through the software, along with detailed reporting.


We were required to provide a world-class invoicing solution so that the client could cater to his own customers and provide them with online invoicing services. Most of the features that the client required were already present in Invoicera, but some features required customization, such as payment reminders from customers. We also needed to provide high-level security and encryption for online transactions through the online invoicing software.


We provided a self-hosted plan to the client with all the existing features of Invoicera so that the customers can sign up through his instance of Invoicera and use the online invoicing services. The solution we offered included the following features:

  • Fee sign-up for all users
  • Invoice creation
  • Send invoices to clients over the client portal in the existing software
  • Send invoices over e-mail
  • Track expenses and inventory
  • Track time
  • Create and assign projects to staff


The implemented self-hosted plan successfully integrated all existing Invoicera features, enabling customer sign-ups and utilization of online invoicing services through the client’s instance. The client’s customers can now benefit from fee sign-ups, easy invoice creation, client portal communication, email invoicing, expense and inventory tracking, time management, and project assignment capabilities.