A Global Travel Solutions Company

Client Requirements

The client is an award-winning global travel resource powered by a diverse community of local experts on the ground, providing unrivaled local knowledge and unique local deals. The client has an online presence with over 100 global destinations and is headquartered in London and Marbella.

The client wanted an invoicing and billing solution to automate the process of invoicing and payments. The client provides travel services across the globe to customers, and they needed to send invoices for the services used by the customers across the globe and receive payments online.


The client serves over 100 destinations across the globe so we required customizing the invoices to achieve the solution. Invoices have to be customized based on each destination, i.e., billing rate of destination, tax for the destination, etc. in the invoices.

Additionally, the client has its own pool of corporate customers for whom the billing is done automatically every month with the recurring billing feature of Invoicera as implemented in the solution that is provided to the client.


A customized solution of Invoicera is provided to the client with the following features:

  • Automated billing
  • Customized invoices based on the selected destination
  • Automated calculation of taxes and fees
  • Recurring billing
  • Online payments
  • Reports generation


Invoicera made invoicing easier for our global travel client. Now, invoices are automated and customized for each place, and the client’s corporate customers get billed easily every month. We also improved tax accuracy, added recurring billing, online payments, and handy reports.