Invoicing Solution For Telecom Invoicing

Client Requirements

Our client is based in the telecom industry and deals with a large customer base. Managing CDRS and a large customer base was one of the most crucial tasks. Apart from all the other requirements, the above two had the most emphasis.


Our journey started with creating an independent hosted platform, ensuring to embed all the requirements mentioned in the course of the discussions. We were shared with all the requirements that needed precision and attention.

Here is all that we were asked to customize:

  • To synchronize a VOIP system to fetch data from CDRS easily.
  • CDRS Data Upload: A system to directly & conveniently upload data through CDRS.
  • Manage Pricing or Rate: To make dynamic billing easy.
  • Send Invoice as Per CDRS Data: Automatically calculate charges based on CDRS and include them in invoices.
  • Manage tax as per VOIP: Managing invoices and billing based on resellers and end clients directly.
  • Recurring billing system: Automatically generating bills each month and shooting them to clients directly.


Keeping in mind all the requirements shared with us, we created a completely self-hosted system for our client. Listed below is a quick overview of every customization Invoicera did:
The scope of work with Invoicera included the implementation of an offline mode in integration with existing features of the application and incorporating it with a customized workflow intended to convert the raw data from CDRS into a readable, detailed bill for each client.

CDRS to Invoice Conversion

1. CDRS Data Upload:
This module helps the admin manually upload all raw data of CDRS in CSV or .xls formats.

2. Generate & View All Bills for Single Customers:
Choose a single customer and access all of its raw data from CDRS to upload. Admin can easily access the bills and shoot them to clients via mail.

 Invoice Management

1. Customized Invoices:

As requested, additional columns were added to make the invoice template even more detailed and descriptive. A few such columns were:

This module helps the admin manually upload all raw data of CDRS in CSV or .xls formats.

  • Customer CLI
  • Telephone Number
  • Call Date
  • Call Time
  • Country of origin, etc.

2. Recurring Invoice Management:
1. This module was created in order to make recurring invoicing convenient. An automated invoicing setup to allow admin to pre-schedule invoice dates and let automatically created invoices be delivered on the same.

Client Management

1. Add New Clients/Customers:
This solution enables the effortless addition of new clients or customers through a streamlined reference process.

2. View, Filter List of Clients:
Enhancing client management, this module allows easy viewing and filtering of client lists for improved organization.

3. Edit Client, Go to Details, Add Credit:
Facilitating client customization, the system supports seamless editing, detailed exploration, and the addition of credit to client profiles.

 Staff Management:

This section was created to allow the admin to:

  • Add staff members
  • Define permissions for each Staff

Technical Assistance:

Invoicera aims at building long-term relationships. Focussing on this motive, Invoicera helps its clients proactively even after sales.


Invoicera achieved another milestone in less than a month by creating a completely customized setup for our client from the telecom industry. Easy CDRs and data management with convenient invoicing were some of our client’s most focused requirements. Complete precision to detail and requirements made this software work.
Invoicera is efficient in making any customization request possible. Write down to us for your invoice software customization requests. Our client support will assist you the best.
Hoping to hear from you soon!