Download 3D Illustration and Animation Invoice Template

Bringing ideas to life through animation takes skill. Don’t get bogged down by invoices! Download our free 3D animation invoice template and get paid faster for creating stunning visuals that captivate audiences.


3D Illustration and Animation Invoice Template

Specify project type (animation, modeling, etc.), hourly rates, and revision rounds for a comprehensive cost breakdown.


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3D illustration and animation involve creating visual content for movies, games, and advertising. Whether you’re creating 3D models or animations, the invoice template for this industry helps you invoice for your creative work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of projects does this template cover?

This template is designed to handle invoicing for a wide range of 3D illustration and animation projects, including explainer videos, product visualizations, character design, and more.

Can I customize the template to fit my specific services?

Absolutely! The template allows you to add or remove line items to reflect the services you typically offer, such as concept art, rigging, animation revisions, etc.

Does the template include options for hourly rates or project-based pricing?

The template is flexible and can accommodate both hourly and project-based pricing structures. You can define your rates and estimate project hours or set a fixed price for the entire project.

How can I track time spent on a project using this template?

While Invoicera doesn’t offer direct time tracking within the template itself, you can integrate it with external time tracking tools to seamlessly capture and bill for your hours.

Can I showcase my portfolio within the invoice itself?

Invoicera doesn’t currently allow embedding portfolios directly into invoices. However, you can include a link to your portfolio website within the invoice description or footer.

Does the template offer any features for managing client approvals?

Invoicera offers features to send invoices for online approval. Clients can review and approve the invoice electronically, streamlining the workflow and ensuring faster payments.


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