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Juggling itineraries, managing tours, and ensuring unforgettable experiences—travel agents have their hands full. Skip the invoice headache with our free, professional travel agency invoice template. Download it today and spend more time crafting dream vacations!


Travel and Tourism Invoice Template

Clearly outline trip details, accommodation, activities, and transportation costs for effortless expense tracking.


Free Online Templates Tailored To Your Industry

Travel and tourism can encompass a wide variety of services, from flight and hotel bookings to tour packages and transportation. Whether you’re organizing trips or working as a travel agent, invoice templates for the travel and tourism industry makes it easy to bill clients for different services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I itemize different services on the Invoicera travel invoice template?

Yes, the Invoicera travel invoice template allows you to itemize various services like accommodation, transportation, activities, tours, and any additional fees or charges related to your travel packages or services.

How can I include taxes and fees specific to the travel industry?

Invoicera’s travel invoice template provides dedicated fields for you to add relevant taxes and fees commonly applied in the travel and tourism industry, such as hotel taxes, airport fees, or local service charges.

Can I customize the invoice template with my travel agency's branding?

Absolutely! With Invoicera’s customization options, you can easily upload your travel agency’s logo, change the color scheme, and modify other design elements to ensure your invoices reflect your brand identity.

How can I manage invoices for group bookings or packages?

Invoicera allows you to create separate line items for each component of a group booking or travel package. This way, you can provide a detailed breakdown of charges for accommodation, transportation, activities, and any other services included.

Is it possible to accept online payments through the invoices?

Yes, Invoicera integrates with 14+ popular payment gateways, enabling you to include a secure payment link on your travel invoices. Clients can conveniently make online payments directly from the invoices you send them.

Can I set up recurring invoices for regular customers or subscriptions?

Invoicera offers the ability to set up recurring invoices, which can be particularly useful for travel agencies with clients who book regular trips or have subscriptions for services like travel memberships or loyalty programs.


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