Earn like A Boss With Invoicera's Affiliate Program!

Invoicera Partnership Program

You could be a publisher, individual or a product owner, we have a partnership program that helps you get rewarded. Just refer Invoicera and get 30% commision for the lifetime, everytime your referral renews his/her plan.

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Why should you partner with Invoicera?

  • Invoicera has over 3 Million satisfied customers and growing
  • A complete invoicing solutions company preferred by small and large businesses alike
  • Get one month's subscription fee as commission
  • Unlimited earning potential
  • Automatic re-imbursement
  • Quick and simple process (No training required)
  • As a business owner you get reverse referrals
  • Individuals
  • Publisher
  • Product Owners

For Individual’s Process

For individuals, it is a simple process to refer Invoicera to your family and friends. Just share the referral link on social media or through email and if they sign up you get rewarded. One time refer and earn program to grow revenue year after year.

    The process is very simple!

  • Sign up and generate your referral link
  • Share the link with your friends on social platforms or through E-mail
  • Use our easy share buttons to refer to multiple friends in one go
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For Publishers

Your readers would like to use Invoicera and we reward you for each referral. Top content networks have partnered with invoicera and are earning huge commissions from us on a regular basis. Refer and earn program aims on long term growth and success for our partners.

    Here is the process!

  • Place a text/banner ad on your website, based on your preference
  • To make it simple for you, we provide you with the text/banner ads
  • Just sign up for the program and place the ad on your website
refer and earn program

For Product Owners

Invoicera could be a very useful product for your customers. Invoicera Affiliate program powers your business through unprecedented profits. Numerous small and large businesses have partnered with Invoicera and are benefitting from us in a big way.

    Here is how you can partner and profit from us!

  • Sign up for our partnership program by sharing your company details
  • Promote our product details on your add-ons and integrations section
  • Do contact us on in case of any queries.
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Develop A Roadmap To Efficient Partnerships

This is a great thing especially when you can make off the recurring earnings without making any efforts. Invoicera Affiliate Program will make it easier for you to get started because it automatically views how many people have taken up a free trial or signed up for our paid plans and can also track your recurring earnings in real time. Our goal is to enable partners to build long-lasting connections around the Invoicera platform that delivers value to our mutual customers.

Frequently Asked Question

  • When can I withdraw the amount credited into my Invoicera account?
    You can withdraw your referral commission after a month provided you hit our minimum threshold limit of $50
  • For how long can I be an Invoicera partner?
    There is no limit to the time period, for you to be an Invoicera partner.
  • As a partner, do I get to see the number of referrals I generated.
    You can see the number of referrals achieved by logging in, to your Invoicera partnership account.
  • Is there a minimum number of required referrals, to qualify as an Invoicera partner?
    No. There is no minimum no. of required referrals.
  • What are my responsibilities as an Invoicera Partner?
    You are only responsible for using links and creative’s (marketing materials) provided by us that enable you to create and place links on your site or other channels listed in our terms. We handle everything else.
  • Where may I place these affiliate links on my site?
    Please place your Affiliate link where they’re easy for your visitors to find: Your site’s home page, navigation bar, and any other high traffic areas. Placing your links on easily accessible site locations will more likely lead to a purchase.
  • Can I earn commissions on my own purchases?
    No, this is a violation of our terms as you will be using our affiliate program to acquire our packages at discounted rate
  • Who processes orders and handles customer service?
    We handle all sales, order processing, and customer service issues for any individual you refer to our site. All you need to do is to promote our products and services through your link and we will take care of the rest.
  • Whom should I contact if I have questions about Invoicera affiliate program?
    For questions about the Affiliate program, please contact Alec Mwali the Affiliate Manager at, he is always available to help.
  • Is the Invoicera partnership program free?
    Yes! We do not charge anything to make you an Invoicera partner.
  • Is there a limit to the payout that Invoicera gives to a partner?
    There is no limit to the amount paid out to an Invoicera partner.
  • How can I see the amount credited into my account?
    You can see the amount credited into your account by logging in to your Invoicera account.
  • Which Payment methods do you allow during the withdrawal process?
    We allow wire transfers, paypal, skrill, and stripe as well
  • After I join the affiliate program, how do I get the ads and links to put onto my site?
    Login to your Affiliate account, go to the “marketing materials,” section, choose which link or banner ad you would like to place on your site, copy the HTML code provided below the banner and simply paste it on your blog.
  • Is there a certain number of links I am obliged to place on my website?
    No, you may use as many links as you like. We encourage you to try a variety of links to learn which will increase your click-rates and commission earnings.
  • What about product returns/refunds?
    If a customer’s refund request is granted, or if credit card charges are reversed due to a dispute or credit card fraud, your account will be debited for any commission earned on that transaction.
  • How will the merchant know that the orders came from my site?
    The link that you set up on your site identifies you as having referred the customer. We track all related information for the customers which you refer to our site.

If you are a product owner or a publisher,
then do send us your details and we shall get back to you.


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