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Improve Team Productivity On a Day-to-Day Basis

  • Create New Tasks On The Go

    Every new task can be promptly added and completed tasks can be marked as complete. Estimated time for task completion can be decided.

  • Choose Billable or Non-Billable Option

    Billable tasks can be billed to clients promptly. Tasks can be assigned as billable or non-billable and to the respective clients.

  • Attach Important Documents

    Important word documents, spreadsheets or powerpoint presentations can be attached to tasks. Improved team collaboration and productivity.

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Online Task Management Software - Image - 2
  • Set Task Priorities

    Priorities for completion of important tasks can be set. All urgent tasks get completed on time.

  • Work Division and Task Assignment

    Tasks can be assigned to projects and staff. Better work division and management. Important documents can be shared for better teamwork and collaboration.

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