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Control your hotel business expenses and productivity online. Use this software for billing, expense, staff and vendor management. Customise to integrate with existing solutions.

  • Add and Manage Expenses

    The total project expenses can be easily tracked and added to invoices, helping you to get paid in full

  • Assign Tasks

    Add tasks and assign those to different staff and projects. Delegate tasks and responsibilities to employees

  • Edit Invoices with Ease

    Edit your invoices if the client negotiates on prices or products. Check the invoice status

  • Manage staff permissions

    Manage permissions for your staff to do or not to do particular tasks

  • Staff Timesheets

    Keep a track of the work done by each employee through daily time-sheets

  • Manage Vendors

    Management of vendors to save time in adding repetitive details. View and preview vendor details and edit them when required

  • Manage Inventory

    Manage and track inventory levels or orders. You can back your orders subsequently

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