Frequently Asked Questions: Billing and Pricing

Here's everything about Invoicera's pricing plans, payment options, and more. For any query beyond the FAQs, feel free to reach out to us. Our team will be happy to assist you.

1. What are the pricing plans offered by Invoicera?

Invoicera offers a range of pricing plans to cater to different business needs. We have four main plans: Free, Starter, Business, and Infinite.

  • The Free plan is suitable for startups and small businesses with basic invoicing needs.
  • The Starter plan is perfect for growing businesses.
  • The Business plan is suitable for larger enterprises
  • The Infinite plan is tailored for businesses with advanced needs and a high volume of transactions.

You can explore detailed pricing and features on our Pricing page.

2. Is there a free trial available before I switch to a paid plan?

Yes, we offer a 7-day free trial plan. This allows you to explore the features and functionalities offered in the Starter plan before making a commitment. During the trial period, you have access to all the features available in the Starter plan.

Once your trial period is over, you will not be able to access Starter plan features and will have a limited feature access.

3. How is the pricing determined for each plan?

The pricing for each plan is determined based on the features and capabilities offered in that specific plan.

The Free plan is, as the name suggests, free of charge.

The Starter, Business, and Infinite plans have different pricing tiers based on the level of features, the number of users, and the volume of transactions that each plan supports.

You can choose the plan that best fits your business needs and upgrade or downgrade as required.

4. Can I change my plan after I have subscribed?

Yes, you can change your plan at any time. If you wish to upgrade to a higher plan for additional features or downgrade to a lower plan to align with your business requirements, you can easily do so within your Invoicera account.

The changes will be reflected in your billing accordingly.

5. How is payment processed for the selected plan?

Invoicera offers convenient and secure payment options. Payment for your selected plan is typically processed monthly or annually, depending on your chosen billing cycle. We accept credit cards for International clients.

For Indian clients, we accept payments through Credit cards/ Net banking/ UPI/ Wallet.

Your billing details and payments are securely handled through our trusted payment gateway.

6. Are there any setup fees associated with the plans?

No, there are no setup fees for any of our plans. The pricing you see for each plan is all-inclusive, covering the features and services mentioned for that plan. You only pay the subscription fee based on the plan you select.

7. Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Invoicera does not have any long-term commitments, and you can cancel your subscription before the next billing cycle to avoid future charges.

If you wish to request a refund for the unused portion of your subscription plan, please reach out to our support team.

8. Can I customize my plan to include only the features I need?

Currently, we offer predefined plans with specific features allocated to each plan. However, you can choose a plan that closely aligns with your needs.

If you require additional features, you may contact our support team to guide you.

9. Are there any discounts available for annual subscriptions?

Yes, we offer 20% discount for annual subscriptions. By choosing an annual subscription, you can enjoy cost savings compared to a monthly subscription for the same plan.

10. Is there a limit on the number of clients or invoices I can have in my plan?

You can manage 3 clients and send 50 invoices in the free plan.

For higher-tier plans like Business and Infinite, you enjoy unlimited clients and invoices. You can choose a plan that suits your business volume and requirements.

11. Can I switch plans multiple times within a billing cycle?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time, but multiple plan changes within a billing cycle may lead to complications in billing and usage tracking.

We recommend evaluating your needs and choosing a plan that best fits your requirements to minimize plan changes.


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